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Olympus OM-D E-M5

Olympus OM-D E-M5

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Awesome camera it packs a punch for its size

I have switched to Micro 4/3 for work use and the E-M5 will handle most jobs at ease. I shoot a lot of product indoors with studio lights and also outdoor architectural work. The small size makes it easy to transport and carry but you do get the occasional heckler that thinks bigger is better. Yes I agree the kit lenses are not the best, try the fast primes 45mm F1.8 or 12mm 2.0 and you will be pleasantly surprised. The pro lens from the E-M1 release is also great but could make the E-M5 a bit harder to hold if you don't have the battery grip.
The retro design, size and portability. It is well built and feels solid. Plenty of lenses to choose from now for Micro 4/3 systems.
The grip could be difficult for people with bigger hands.

Kit lenses are poor, no inbuilt flash

Adding to the other review. Yes the camera is lightweight which is great but indoor performance with the kit lenses (I have tried the 12-50, 14-42 & 40-150) is not great and the supplied compact flash is very poor. You need to remove two seals from the camera and one from the flash to mount it and the results from the flash are just awful compared to even entry level DSLR's for half the price.

Without the flash, Indoors with decent lighting (eight halogen down lights) pushes the camera to ISO 1600 to take a photo and the shutter speed is so slow at this light level that your subject will need to remain perfectly still to avoid motion blur.

Focusing is low light is very poor compared to me Canon 650D. Anything 2.5M (say at a outdoor party) and you won't be able to focus in auto. The Canon has no problem as it uses a pulse of flash to illuminate the target, Nikon also can handle this easily.

IF you only intend to take photo's outside in good light then this camera is fine. Otherwise you will need to purchase and attach a decent flash or compliment this camera with a point and shoot and leave this one at home.

FL-600R System Flash for example is >$300 is 100mm high and weighs around 300g including batteries.

Problem is reduced with a faster lenses. I have 47mm 0.8 but you are starting to add to the cost of the camera. To buy a faster telephoto lens from Panasonic for example you are looking at around $1000 per lense (Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm f 2.8 & 35-100)
Light , Easy to use
Poor indoors, poor in low light, supplied flash is useless

At the time of it's release, your OMD was the fastest focusing camera in production in the world. If you are have issues in low light I would think you have a problem with your camera. They should be lighting fast in low light compared to a 650D.Hi Nick. It is fast in adequate light only as it needs to see contrast to be able to focus. low light, no joy unless using one of the fast lenses or a decent flash. Cheers

Love it

When I have travelled in the past my whole carryon luggage was camera equipment + passport and wallet. Canon 5DSLR a few lenses, batteries and flash and gorilla pod( the large one) all in a crumpler back pack. This is seven to ten kilos depending on the lenses. Every time I go through customs, they spend ages looking at the lenses. I needed to find a decent camera which would take decent pictures and be as adaptable as my 5D and be lightweight. This was all a tall order but the OMD EM5 is the real deal. It is small, It is quite good in low light, the image stabilization was impressive and the 12-50mm lens is OK. It took me a while to get used to the ring which you move back and forward to go between different modes (macro , ezoom ,mzoom )of the lens This is the only lens that is splash proof and dustproof The other kit lenses are not. I initially ordered the dual lens kit and then changed my order when I realised this after more research. For travel I wanted a tougher lens.
There are a lot of micro four thirds lenses you can buy, (they all are a standard mount) but the auto focus will only work with the Olympus lenses (with the others you need to manually focus) they range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the lens.
It comes with a little flash which you can attach to the hot shoe- which is small and I am not a fan of direct fired flash. You can however buy an Olympus flash which you can use and aim the flash to the ceiling etc. I have taken lots of photos indoors at night and in daylight and not used the flash once.
I liked the macro setting and tried it out on some orchids I have which are flowering and the results were very good with the 12- 50 mm lens. I like the manual zoom as well.
I did have a little trouble with the OLED screen when I got the camera as I could see nothing , but when I looked through the view finder it was all there. When I looked in the manual- there is a button on the side of the viewfinder which turns off the screen so you do not waste power.
The autofocus is as advertised – lightning fast and that is independent of whether you focus using the screen or the viewfinder.
I have only had it for a week so far and very pleased with it
Small lightweight and takes a good picture. Excellent image stabilization, Very fast autofocus and splash proof and water prooff
I think I need a spare battery - chews through quickly- probably due to the OLED view finder.

Thanks for your thorough and candid review. I have an Olympus PL after having had Pentax, Canon, Nikon SLRs and a Nikon DSLR (with a 50mm f1.8). Thinking about another DSLR and this is on the list (of course).I also have a Canon 5D and bought the Olympus OM -D E-M5 after a recent trip to Europe - the whole thing weighs less than the DO 70-300 zoom let alone the camera. Another advantage is that the image stabilizer is in the Olympus camera body so works with other lens, so I believe. Apparently some of the Panasonic four thirds lenses can be a good substitute. I found the 12-50 (24-100 mm - 35 mm equiv) to be a most useful everyday lens with a very smooth power zoom.

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Olympus OM-D E-M5
CategoryMirrorless Cameras
Price (RRP)$1199
Built-In FlashYes
Release dateJan 2012
Replaced byOlympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II

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