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Omron HEM-7130

Omron HEM-7130

5.0 from 3 reviews

the best monitor for me .

the ease of use is very good no explanation needed buttons and screen perfect and batteries for self contained no messy wires, nice clean easy to read blood pressure monitor.

Easy to use

I purchased this BP monitor to monitor my BP after being diagnosed with hypotension this unit is so easy to use and helps keep me on track with what happens to BP during the day.

Easy to use and very portable

After being diagnosed with high blood pressure I wanted to buy a monitor that I didn't need a medical degree to operate and this was my choice, easy to understand and very easy to use, there's a cuff wrapping guide lamp, body detection movement, blood pressure level indicator, 60 memory with date and time, average of last 3 readings, irregular heartbeat detection and more and great peace of mind knowing it has a 5 year warranty.

Questions & Answers

What is the difference of omron hem-7130 from the other omron blood pressure monitors? What great feature does it have? Thank you
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They all do the same thing which is read your BP, just that some models have memory of up to 60 readings motion detectors etc, Make Google your friend. https://www.conzumr.com/br/BPMONITOR/groups/omron_hem_7130_vs_hem_7132

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