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Omron HEM-7280T

Omron HEM-7280T

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A blood pressure monitor that gives consistent, stable readings

This monitor is ideal for older folk who don't want or need high-tech embellishments. The 30 prior readings are available at the press of a button and the only detection warnings are those for irregular pulse rate or higher-than-desirable diastolic or systolic readings. These are flashed within the pulse rate window. Other symbols are shown only if the monitor's accuracy is compromised by not placing the cuff in correct location on the arm.

Perfect BP monitor

I was using an outdated Omron monitor, decided to upgrade to the best available, happy to say that this one has the lot, Bluetooth functionality makes it easy to follow and show Dr averages on iphone. Shop around as prices ranged from $159 - $249.

Nice blood pressure monitor

I'm a bit geeky, so when a recent GP visit recommend I look at watching my blood pressure, I decided to buy the fanciest blood pressure monitor I could find locally.

The Omrom HEM-7280T is a high end monitor which is unique that it has bluetooth and has Apps on Adroid and IOS. It also has internal memory for 2 users for their last 100 checks. Having the app makes it very handy to graph out every check and look over the history. The nice hidden feature is that it also has a "guest" mode which does not store into memory, so if a guest wants to use it, they can without disrupting the 2 user's data.

Everything else works as a good monitor should. It has a nice armband that is easy to use and wide range.

Only complains is that the error codes and some symbols can be a bit cryptic.

I am loving it

It's a great product which come with Bluetooth connectivity. It could syn with a mobile app and store the records in your phone. You could export the data in csv file format from your mobile to your email or your GP. This could save your time to write it down and no worry the data is not captured accurately. The only downsize is it's double of the price for the normal blood pressure monitor. If the RRP below $150, will give it 5 stars.

My Doctor Thinks Its Perfect for Collecting Data

Omron’s HEM-7280T Blood pressure meter with “Intellisense”, provides a fast, accurate and comfortable way of monitoring blood pressure, It will tell you if you have the cuff placed correctly and even tell if your heartbeat is erratic.
Your Diastolic , Systolic and Pulse is measured and when you install and activate the APP on your smartphone it will transfer the data by simply pulling down on the display and it will activate transfer automatically , It will share data with Apple Health and is really convenient when visiting the doctor.
No more writing down data collected on a piece of paper, my doctor thinks its great as it makes his job easy , you can even email the results if needed.
There is a guest function and a second person function as well so you don't get results mixed up with others.

A little on the expensive side but some healthcare insurances like Medibank will pay for it if you have the right cover and you get your doctor to write a letter recommending one as being beneficial to your health.

Overall worth considering for ease of use and regular daily data collection.

Questions & Answers

Can data be read by PC and data transferred to excel spread sheet?
No answers

I have had a HEM-704C which has served me for over 35 years but now it needs replacing, does this unit read pulse.
1 answer
Of course it does.

does this unit read pulse
1 answer
Yes it does

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