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Omron M10IT Digital Automatic Upper Arm

Omron M10IT Digital Automatic Upper Arm

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Cant trust these devices THEY ARE VERY INNACURATE

Before your Doctor get you to take pills for your perceived High Blood Pressure, based on OMRON Automatic BP Monitors, think again.

These devices are very inaccurate and can drive you to take pills unnecessarily, with huge side effects and cost to you.

If diagnosed by your Doctor using an OMRON BPM, ask him to send you to a specialist. Assuming the specialist has proper gear, he might find very different results... I have that experience.

Unfortunately in Australia, OMRON BPM are free to use in almost every pharmacy (I am sure provided free by Omron)... The pharmacy sells the devices as well as pills !!! The free pharmacy service is heavily advertised in radio! Probably paid by Omron.

If your pharmacist finds your BP high, they send you to a Doctor (GP) who also uses Omron (likely provided for free by Omron).!

The Doctor's nurse uses Omron as well.!!!

They all have bad readings and you are given a pill or two or three.

Then they scare you that IF you don't take the pills, you will get heart attacks and or stroke.!!!

Then you buy the pills and the Omron device to have at home...enjoying all the side effects associated with these very strong pills.

It looks like a rat, it smell like a rat, it sounds like a rat ... probably it is .....!

Be careful!

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