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OnePath Income Protection Insurance

OnePath Income Protection Insurance

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Getting out of One Path is a mind field

My husband took out a One Path policy on the recommendation of our mortgage broker. After a year we decided that the idea of having $ taken out of husband's super on an annual basis to fund the policy seemed unethical and dodgy. It has taken numerous phone calls, emails and contact with One Path Broker over 2 years to get this policy ended. Turns out the One Path $ were placed in an ANZ account super fund and have to now apply to have this rolled over into husband's sole super fund.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeNo

Inaccurate claim processes using advice not related

The insurer uses information that works in their favour to deny claims. They work the system knowing only a very small percentage of unwell people can afford or are willing to take them to court.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim ApprovedNo

Not worth the paper there policy’s are written on

I tried to get a TPD payout been 14 months having my leg amputated yet it’s seems I don’t meet the requirements oneparth your a joke.

Insurance claim madeYes


Had this policy with this company for threeish years,had full disclosure on all my medical history,went for a health check to a doctor for them,Tried to use the policy after a few years,turned me down on the first phone call.Second call stated I had not disclosed part of my medical history.Sent back my premiums and cancelled the policy..

Insurance claim madeYes

RIP off

Pricey premiums and nothing in return.
When it comes time to claiming, not willing to engage or pay insured amount.

Insurance claim madeNo

Premiums just go up and up..

Hit by a $280 a month increase two years ago and a $200 increase this year - and thats PER MONTH! Refuse to pay $951 a month for income protection insurance so sopped around for 10 minutes and found the same level of cover for less than half.

Insurance claim madeNo

One path Anz are contempt!

Made a claim was Ok doctors wanted to extend claim re medical conditions offered and then rejected aghh I asked if I was eligible for TPD claim was bluntly refused.
List of faults about this company
Medical forms are a definition of word bullying.
They don’t verify user details I gave them incorrect Id and they continued.
Very aggressive in talking to you.
According to Medical people they get commissions.
They bullied me going back to work earlier than I should have failed miserably.
List of things can go on won’t coment
Do not use this company
Very contempt.

Insurance claim madeYes

30% Increase in Premiums in One Year!

Have been a long term customer of one path. This year they decided to put up their premium by 30% due to industry pressure. Have taken my business elsewhere.

Insurance claim madeNo

Incompetence like never seen before

Made changes to our policies a few weeks ago.(Feb18)
Letter arrived in mail today saying policies have lapsed in Jan18
Called their call center - they unable to assist or help at all

Off to Ombudsman now.

Insurance claim madeNo

Basic Theft!

Strange how there policy cost jumped 7% last year but wages did not move!. AVOID one path at all costs!
Wish I could charge my clients more every year without asking!

Insurance claim madeNo


Just had a guy ring me and ask if I received an email regarding my super coverage, started telling him I was considering moving my super fund he just got aggressive cutting me off saying “thank you that is all” repeatedly every time I spoke and hung up on me.

Insurance claim madeNo

Should be investigated. Criminal like reprehensible obvious tactics

I will spare the personal details, but this should suffice:

Indisputable medical emergency that unfortunately has had all my doctors state that I will not work again (the discrimination in society is worse).

It has been years but the insurer simply provides ostensible assurances that they are following the process to help me. In other words, the insurer delays without reprisal. Victims (like me) are usually helpless for various reasons, so the vulnerable victims cannot afford the time, stress, and cost of legal action.

I have reported this to my local, state, and federal political representatives but nothing.

I implore everyone to report IPI/TPD insurance payouts to their political representatives. We need to make insurers accountable for their promises. The insurance advertisements instill fear, so people give up their hard earned money...without knowing of this reprehensible delay tactics. Truly, it makes you question whether you can live. But if people commit suicide, the insurers don't need to pay.


Insurance claim madeYes

Make you jump through the hoops before paying out

In the past 18 months I have had to lodge 2 loss of income claims. The amount of information required from my doctors & the hospital was ridiculous, costing me over $700 before they would even consider the claim. My first claim wasn't paid out until I had returned to work.!! What was I supposed to live on for 3 months? Quick to take your money but when it comes to paying out make it as hard as possible.

Insurance claim madeYes


This company needs to be reported to consumer affairs and a class action begun.

3 members of my family have been bittern by this company. My dad had a small life insurance policy just to help with funeral costs. He died in 2005. They would not pay up. They Claim a deceased person owes over $12,000 in back payments!!! It was a life time fixed amount annual payment of $86!!!! It was "inherited" by them from several reputable companies over a 30 yr period. (Claim made. No payment).

Unfortunately I have the same policy fixed payment amount for life. Bought policy from a reputable company when 25. Now in these people's hands!!! Policy is now 35 years old!! Don't expect to see a payment ever!!! (No claim yet still alive)

3rd member had a $10,000 Super amount. Requested her Super when entitled. Guess what!! All gone in fees!!! Nothing left!! What happened to Superannuation protection!!! (Claim made).

Insurance claim madeYes

One path Don't waist your money

My mother passed away and been paying life insurance for over 25 years. When I put a claim in payed only $250 Company has no care factor. Absolute joke. thanks for that now my brother who is disabled needs more help than ever for the rest of his life. Totally disgusted. one path is a one place I won't recommend. Just because my mum is over 65. As she was caring for her disable child. He has nothing now. Hope you feel good with that one path. Terrible

Insurance claim madeYes
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Just to keep up to date they don't follow up your calls.. will be Taking this further that's for sure.

Insurer that makes u feel unsecured! Worst insurer in the nz market

I have been updating them about my claim for almost a year now. I was told they will call me back but they did not. Whenever I call to follow up and look for the case officer who handles my claim, she is always on a holiday. What kind of company is this? I have been holding on to this policy for the hope of getting a payout for my claim and seems that I won't be getting any help from this insurance company. My husband and I were both insured under this company One Path life Insurance NZ and we are calling it quits! You know, no one wants to suffer for temporary disability but this company who promised to provide great insurance to their customer really is a total disappointment. They give you unethical service amidst getting our contributions religiously on weekly basis. I was with them for about three years now and still waiting for a call back from my claim lodged from last year. I emaiked and got a reply that the claims department has received the email and will give me a call and here I am still in total awe where did it go after that? I wouldn't recomment this Insurance company! You swindle potential customers with your insurance who promises good policy cover but can't even deliver good and supportive service. One path, you left us hanging. My husband is now having doubt if you will be able to help him in worst time he will apply for claim. He pays high premium weekly and this is really alarming. This company should be removed from the market. It's scamming vulnerable clients by giving false hope. This should be taken into investigation by fairgo nz.

Super disgusted with your service.

Insurance claim madeYes

A total and utter disgrace

I made the mistake of applying for Income Protection insurance with One Path. Their staff couldn't speak or understand a word of english. I have no medical conditions, or previous injuries or anything like that. After going through their questions, they tried to tell me that I had a previous knee injury to both knees - this was totally false. They wanted details of a sprained ankle injury from 30 years ago, and wanted the details of my then GP - even through I was only 14 years old at the time and it was 30+ years ago. They finally approved my insurance and took the payment without hesitation. A week later they advised that my policy was being reviewed - this was after it had been approved and I had received the policy details. They then decided to slap an exclusion on my policy for my neck and back and based this exclusion on a single doctors visit for a stiff neck! They refused to speak with my doctor who wanted to confirm their was absolutely no medical problem. They then re-issued my policy with the neck and back exclusion. This prevented me from going elsewhere as I would have had to give details of the exclusion and my non existent medical condition that they insisted was with my back and neck. Do you're homework on this company, there is nothing good about them. Any company that is under investigation by ASIC for losing customers super, and has so many unhappy insurance customers - should be avoided like the plague! (google OnePath Asic investigation)

Insurance claim madeNo

Fantastic service and fast claim turnaround

Surprisingly very easy, fast and no questions asked claim process. I did make sure to provide every single document they asked for, it took about 2 weeks before the funds were transferred to account post the 30 day waiting period. This was for unemployment benefit post involuntary redundancy under one path comprehensive income protection insurance.

Insurance claim madeYes

Horrible insurer will never pay out

Paid high premium disclosed everything we could health wise. When it came to the pay out, they didn't pay out a cent! They fought extremely hard to fight to the claim. Absolutely disgusted by this insurer.

Insurance claim madeYes

It is easy to obtain income protection, but much more difficult to get a payout.

As a medical practitioner, I have seen first hand examples of this company refusing to pay out on valid claims.
Despite years of premiums paid in good faith, I have seen this company go to extraordinary lengths to avoid honoring its insurance commitments.
My colleagues and I now actively discourage clients from proceeding with insurance with this company.

Insurance claim madeNo

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I think One Path underwrite my income protection insurance with my super and I had a claim in mid 2017, sent all info, its now 2019 and they still haven't paid me. I've lodged a complaint. I think it will end up at court. I've had enough of banks and insurers defrauding us all while the government's do nothing to hold them account for their greedy grab at money and failures to act honestly yet we would be jailed for similiar conduct. Its not good enough for us average citizens. Where's equality?
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When are you going to ring,are you still in Sydney?no paper trail go figure mmmm
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