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Organature Organic Cotton

Organature Organic Cotton

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Not so great pillows

Several years ago I purchased sheets and pillows from Organature. The medium pillows didn't take long to go as flat as a pancake and were totally unusable. The sheets are nice and I'm still using them but being natural cotton they sort of suction together.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

so warm; so soothing; and free of any chemicals whilst sleeping.

After hunting on many websites for flannette (organic) sheets, found Organature RAW ORGANIC COSY FLANNEL sheet sets. THANK YOU very much for these very warm, clean; wonderful winter sheets. (made in Victoria). Go to bed early and read a book; feel contentment and warmth; sleep peacefully. You must try these sheets. They are so thick and warm and strong Please keep making them (with the raw cotton). Many thanks Narelle "cold climate"

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Cotton futon worst bed ever slept on

I ordered a cotton futon queen mattress online. Couldn't go to try before buy because I live too far away. When I first got it it was comfy enough for a few days then the cotton squished right down to almost nothing and I could feel the wooden bed slats underneath. I slept terribly and woke up with sore joints. It took a week for someone to come see the mattress to verify what I was telling them. I was given a refund and an email clarifying that "the mattress was indeed too thin"...I wrote back asking why I was sold a product that was too thin and didn't serve its purpose. I never got a reply. Massive inconvenience and terrible experience. Bought a cotton pillow with the same issue. Like sleeping on a towel after a few days because the cotton flattens so much.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

I love these products!

Over the last two years we have gradually decked out our whole bedroom with Organature products. Starting just with sheets and pillows we found the sheets very washable and soft. The pillows did compress over time but we added another one and finally bought the hi profile ones and they are perfect.
Our mattress is firm, and the company told us it would be medium to firm, so as expected. When my sensitivities set in this year again i felt I needed a softer surface and they recommended a topper. Best thing ever!!!!!
I can only suggest you try the mattress first without topper and if need buy one. You will be mush more comfortable.
Calico sheets can be made to order and they are undyed, unbleached and a bit firm till washed a few times.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Hit and Miss

These sheets are so hit and miss that I cannot recommend them for people suffering from chemical allergies despite the company touting their suitability for these people - even to the extent of saying they don't need to be pre-washed. I purchased multiple sets and the first set was good. The second, in natural colour, took about six washes to become usable - but another set in the same colour has not yet become usable. The last colour, a green colour, is so horrible that it burns both of our skin despite having been subjected to 13 washes, two soaks in hot water with bicarb soda and soap plus numerous days baking in the hot sun. Obviously the material - which is sourced from various overseas companies - is not as organic as the company would have us believe. I have wasted so much money and had so much discomfort from these sheets. Worse, I tried to tell the company and got ignored. So I left an honest review on their website. It was removed. I now feel compelled to warn other chemically intolerant people not to trust these sheets.
*Update* The company has now refunded the cost of the green sheets. This was appreciated.

OK For Foreign Fabric. Shame It Ain't Aussie!!

Have been totally flabbergasted for the past 3 years to NOT be able to own Aussie grown/made sheets in a country which supposedly grows the world's best cotton! We're thinking it's probably all exported and we then are expected to use the rubbish grown elsewhere!! Just shows us as the total mugs we are I guess!!

Anyway it seemed that we were obliged to either buy Aussie made from foreign fabric (a la Organature) or foreign made from fabric loosely described as Aussie (a la Aust Weaving Mills).

Since we are at a total loss to understand the gross stupidity of sending fabric 15000KM to have a seam stitched onto it, we ended up choosing the lesser of the two evils and settled for Organature. It is said to be Aussie made from organic fabric from Indonesia only 3500KM much better, isn't it?

Now given that the thing Indonesia is most famous for on the world stage is corruption, we will accept the "organic" claim with a bit of a grain of salt but let's face it, we had been agonizing about this for over 3 years as we watched our existing doona cover slowly rot before our eyes so we knew what we were getting.

We chose a king sized doona cover in "Teal", and a sheet set in "Natural" - hoping this would mean an unbleached, untreated fabric to have close to our skin.

The items were priced a little higher than we would have liked considering the fabric would in all probability have cost a few bob and the postage costs mind blowingly exorbitant (the company would have received a far larger order had they been more reasonable!) with no discount for larger purchases whatsoever.

This is called "disincentive", Organature!!!

If we were to buy their stuff again it would probably be worth our while to visit the store when next on holidays and do a large order - almost seems cheaper to drive there from QLD than pay their postage costs!

Anyway the items seem no frills and well made just how we like it. The "Teal" is in reality aquamarine blue and it would have been nice had the description simply said so. This is fine, we love the colour. "Teal" can be extremely subjective. The "Natural" of the sheets appears to be "white" in reality not the unbleached "calico" we would have expected "natural" to be.

All in all, good stuff without the nonsensical bells and whistles that other mobs focus on. The fabric is noticeably comfortable, and we would have bought far more had the costs been more realistic, and yes we will most certainly use them again. But not until we or somebody we know is going down that way.

STOP PRESS ... as at now (mid-late 2016), Organature seems to be charging a flat postage fee of $20!! Their website seems a bit iffy though. We did an order a few weeks back, and patiently waited for our products ... which never arrived!!! At least it wasn't billed to our credit card ... You may have to monitor and ring to follow up if you do an order ... and it doesn't show up!!

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Good quality poor description

I bought an organature quilt cover recently. Fabric is very nice and quality is good but item was not as expected. 3 of the edges are finished with overlocked seam side exposed. Not the look I was after. Pictures are low resolution and don't really show this detail. Not too hard to fix if you have a sewing machine.

Organic Baby Bedding and Materials!!!

I purchased a baby bedroom package and could not be happier with every single piece of the package. From finishings on the cot that are safe and non-toxic, to the beautiful soft organic cotton used in the bedding (and the complimentary luxurious face washer). Communication was excellent and any questions were answered fully and promptly. I also purchased organic cotton jersey which is beautiful and soft for making all sorts of items. I highly recommend this business.

Great products for avoiding the normal chemicals soup usually in bedding

I've just brought two organature winter weight cotton duvets and they are great. Last year we brought two low chemical beds from Organature and futons and mattress toppers. We have two girls with a rare medical condition where symptoms are triggered by many things including chemicals. Since moving to Organature products we have seem massive improvements in sleep. Every time I've ring with questions Kayla has been awesome. I would highly recommend their products.
Super low chemical
Organic cotton beds can have a "smell" to it at first but on airing the smell dissipates fast. On the plus side I think most places use chemicals to mask the natural smell so appreciate how natural the Organature products are

Wonderful stuff

A set of beautiful new sheets was at the top of my list the last time I set off to Melbourne on a shopping trip. I found a beautiful Egyptian cotton sateen set in a popular linen store then got then home & washed them, then washed them again. Then soaked them in bicarb. Washed them in a super hot wash. Then again with more bicarb and essential oil in the final rinse. Seven times in total, but nothing could get rid of the horrible chemical 'fragrance'. I decided that I didn't want to be inhaling whatever the chemical finish is on the sheets while I slept and although I always search out organic food I had never thought about organic linen and bedding before now. An internet search came up with Organature and like the previous reviewer I wish I'd come across them sooner. I have bought sheets, pillowcases and doona covers online and they all look, feel and smell wonderful. And they are around the same price as good quality chemical infested linen too. I can't wait to eventually replace all of my bedding with organic products.
Free of chemical fragrance, reasonably priced, very prompt online delivery & a small free gift in every order I have received.
Be aware that their 'white' shade is a creamier white compared to non organic products - but still blends in quite well in my all white bedroom


I shouldve bought one earlier, i just love the feel of my quilt and it just smells so good. No actual scent but it smells fresh and clean. I feel so much better when i wake up in the mornings. Highly recommend.
It is free from nasty chemicals, it feels great to sleep under and it comes in a choice of winter or summer weight so it can be used in a warmer or cooler climate. Mine is a winter weight and i just love it. Its so snuggly and comfortable. It doesnt cause any perspiration like my old synthetic quilt.
There are no cons to this product in my opinion.

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Having discovered Organature a couple of years ago, I now go nowhere else for their type of product. Their friendly service is second to none, prices extremely reasonable for such a quality product. I have just ordered a range of baby products for my soon to arrive grandchild.

Questions & Answers

I am thinking of buying a double bed mattress from Organature and would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has experience with one. I have chemical sensitivities, and also need support for comfort due to having fibromyalgia.
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Don't buy their mattress it is the most uncomfortable thing ever unless you like super hard. Also the bed base is also terribly overpriced for what it is!Hello Loretta, I ended up buying the Organature double bed mattress, and am using it with a Blessed Earth wool super topper, and the Organature mattress protector - BLISS!!!! I am sleeping SO well :)Hi Annie, Is that the futon mattress you bought? How does it feel now? Just looking into them and want to make the right decision. Thanks! Yvette :)

Hi. I'm thinking about buying an Organature futon for my 4 year old. Has anyone got any feedback for me on the comfort of this for their children? I'm wondering about whether they have gotten lumpy with the body imprints and how firm/soft they might be? many thanks. ps i spoke to them on the phone today and they were so so helpful and lovely
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My 4 year old is on one of the Organature futons with a 5cm organic cotton mattress topper from Organature on top of it. We have both mattresses so we can still use a breathing monitor on her due to earlier apnea issues. She's very comfortable with her bed although I find it too hard for me to sleep with her regularly. My 7 year old has an old mattress with a 5cm cotton topper from Organature on it and its made her bed so much more comfortable. At some stage the plan is to buy an organic cotton Mattress from Organature for her as I believe it will be much more comfortable than the futon. Both girls have the mattresses on an Organature bed and they are just lovely. It had made such a difference to their sleep but they have a very rare medical condition causing allergic symptoms to almost anything and normal bedding is too heavily sprayed for them to tolerate it.

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