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Ozito 850W Router

Ozito 850W Router

ROU-5000 and PRR-850
2.5 from 11 reviews

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An expensive piece of rubbish

Cutting 6mm mdf and broke two 1/4" cutters due them them working loose and moving away from the base. Impossible to get bits tight. An expensive mistake $79 on the router and $60 worth of bits.

Purchased in August 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Unit flexes, won't cut straight. Was rusted in the box

On opening the box and assembling, I found the unit would not plunge as was stuck in place. After lubricating I got it to the point where it was somewhat usable. After the first 4 cuts, the unit started to flex badly resulting in ever deepening cuts in one direction and shallower cuts in the other. Put it in the bin and bought a Ryobi at nearly triple the price. No hassles.

Purchased in April 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $69.00.

useless not worth the trouble

purchased to level timber rounds for stools. First one 13/06/18 lasted about 2 hours then died, replaced 19/06/18
used it to finish original job. Cut some new rounds yesterday and managed to level off one. Half way through the second it died again, finished off that round and another 5 using my smaller Ryobi trim router without issue.
Will be asking for my money back later today.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Solid tool!

Purchased to put some edging on a chopping board and a few candle holders id made, this tool has been quite good even with my cheap 1/4 inch Roman ogee bit, im normally a makita or dewalt man but i grabbed this tool as i didn't think id use it much but ive found many uses since

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Still going strong five years later

As a Makita man through and through I was a bit hesitant to buy an Ozito tool, but I needed a backup router, and at $60 it was a cheap experiment. Five years later, and hundreds of hours of use later, it's still going strong.

Recommended? Absolutely. I never bother to write reviews, but I am taking time to write one about this Ozito router as it is probably the best $60 I have ever spent on a power tool.

Date PurchasedJan 2012


First ever router. Now, if I buy another one, and I probably will, it will (really and truly) be a mid-sized Festool. In the mean time, this is great.

It has adjustable power. The fence does not move. It does not matter if the fence is not at right angles (!), even though I think it is. The bits stay in it. It has enough power for 1/4 bits. Unless the job is too small for this router, it murders a $300 Dremel. The depth stop stops the router going deeper and deeper. The plunge mechanism is way stiff, but I have not cared enough to put WD40 on it, or, say, bearing grease. It is smooth.

If it goes in the wrong place and chops stuff up, it's my own stupid fault for moving it, having the blade bite and jerk the router, or have the blade touch something it should not.

It's square, and it stays set how you set it. How much more can you ask for? There seems to be no run out, either.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Get what you pay for.

The first router I purchased stopped working after 10 minutes rounding edges on treated pine sleepers. The full replacement warranty is the best thing about Ozito (and boy don't they need it). The second router has been fine. I've used it on hard and soft woods. It's not the smoothest piece of gear but it does the trick for relatively light usage. If I was more serious I'd spend the money for better equipment, but for $69, you can't expect miracles.

Date PurchasedMay 2015


just had to cut a bench top.lasted three minutes.plunge would not lock down .bad vibration.something loose inside then just stopped.complete waste of money.forget it. rubbish.

Waste of time and money

I used this tool for less than 5 minutes before sparks came out the top vent followed by wafts of smoke.

Alright, but not great. Fine for a beginner or light user.

It's an easy to use router with enough power to get most jobs done. I have used it off an on for about a year now and have very few complaints. However...

The dust extractor accessory (comes with the router) is a real pain, you need to disassemble the router to fit it (take the collet out, and remove the router from the base), then insert the dust extractor, re-assemble the router and then fit the router bit (which is made near impossible by the extractor). It is possible, but much more difficult than it should be.
If you decide to make a new sole plate for it (to say, mount it upside down in a table, etc) be prepared for headaches! the screws which hold on the sole plate are not symmetrical in any way! Not sure if this was intentional (to stop people messing with the tool) or just very poor design, but either way it makes mounting the router very challenging.
Cheap, decent build quality (no faults with mine as of yet), powerfull
Bad design for dust extractor. Very poor sole plate mount design!

Fragile switch mechanism.

This tool worked fine until after a few hours of actual use the switch mechanism failed. On disassembling the tool, I found that this was because part of the mechanism consisted of strip of plastic with a rectanglar hole in it, through which the on/off button is fitted. Turning the tool on puts a strain on the corners of the hole, and the plastic eventually broke, as is normal with such designs.
Worked well - when it worked.
Poor switch mechanism design leading to early failure.

Questions & Answers

Does anyone have trouble holding the collet lock button down and loosening the collet. I’m finding that the motion of undoing the collet causes the lock button to pop out. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to maintain pressure on the lock button. Any ideas? Cheers.
No answers

four clamps that hold router to ozito table 3clamps hold 4th one does not work because of turret depth stop any help would be helpful
1 answer
Hi Ronald. A fella by the name of Andy did a YouTube clip where he goes through how to fix this. https://youtu.be/jsjYfEOfevw

850w ozito router how much?
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Ozito 850W Router ROU-5000Ozito 850W Router PRR-850
CategoryRouters / Cutout ToolsRouters / Cutout Tools
Price (RRP)79
Release dateMar 2010

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