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OzTent King Goanna Chair

OzTent King Goanna Chair

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Screws falling out after 3 uses

Our friends purchased these King Goanna chairs for the caravan, we sat in them and loved them.
Immediately located some and bought them, they have been used 3 times, on very short 2 to 3 day trips.They are comfortable , great lumbar support, nice chair.on the 3 rd and last trip I unpacked them from their bags and noticed one of the legs had come out.Further inspection revealed the black self tapping screws were missing which secured the vertical support in to the feet, this was on several legs on both chairs.i searched for the screws in the bag and only found 2.
I tried to screw them back in, but it appears the weight from sitting on them taken by the screw, the threads are stripped in them and that it is why they have fallen out.
Cannot fit a bolt here as it is obstructed, Oz tent have fitted bolts in other areas on these feet, not sure what the solution is at the moment, emailing with Oztent service,see what they come up with,maybe I just have a couple of seconds in my chairs as my friends have not had an issue as yet, I will see how good the service is, for such a large company, love the product but no good if we cannot use it.
They were a lot more expensive than others I could’ve bought on special from BCF or Anaconda, wondering now if they were worth the money, if the are it going to last.

My dad loves it!

I bought this as a gift for my dad a couple of months ago. He loves the chair and always takes it with him during his outdoor trips. It's very comfortable and can be easily folded away when you need to store it. It also has other helpful features such as cup holders and side pockets.

Great Chair

I replaced my el-cheapo quad fold chair with the King Goanna and am very happy with its quality. I was between this chair and a Coleman but the adjustable lumbar support just made this chair feel so much more comfortable.

The drink holders (yes, two of them) are at the side of the seat rather than in the armrests and are made from the same material as the chair, not mesh like other chairs. There is also a pocket on either side big enough for a mobile phone.

The head rest has a zipper to open and you could probably put a small pillow inside for extra support if you wished. It was easy to setup and put away in its bag. It isn't the lightest chair out there but certainly looks durable. There are no instructions that come with the chair, not so much for setup but for product care would have been nice.

I got it on sale and it was only $25 more than the Coleman, but its the 5 year warranty that really made the difference. $25 for an extra 4 years warranty is more than worth it. The warranty is a bit old school that you must send in details to register your warranty or do it online otherwise they don't cover it (according to the product tag).

Love it

One of the few folding chairs that is high enough so you you can lean your neck back without it flopping over the edge of the top of the chair for. Perfect for people who want to sit back and relax. It has lumbar support and is very comfortable. I would definately recommend this chair to someone else.
tall back, lumbar support

King Goanna is Good not Perfect

Comfortable when the legs are fully spread, but the longer you sit in it the legs creep inwards and the seat drops lower making it hard to get out, and not as comfortable. It needs something to lock the the chair open. Price is within range of similar chairs, and you can get on special.
Reasonably comfortable.
No 'lock open' ability.

Oz Tent Goanna is worth the extra.

I was given two of these as a gift, and I was quite surprised just how great they are.
Easy to sit in and sit back in and have a quiet beer, but they do get a bit "over-comfortable" and get be a tiny bit of a hassle to get out of if you are big fellow like I am.
Overall, the nicest camp chairs we have and they rate slightly higher than our Colemans.
Looks. easy to use, easy to pack away. Quite comfortable
A bit hard to get out of if you are a big bloke.

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