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Panasonic EP30002KW

Panasonic EP30002KW

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This is a great machine for people who want to intensify the massage or make it soft & relaxing, or to pinpoint a specific area.
Has so many different things that you can do with this. Main programs are The Shiatsu" (for pressure point stimulation), "the Deep-tissue" (for moderately deep stiffness), "the Swedish massager" (for a body that is sluggish and loaded with toxic build-up) and "the Stretching" (for stress and tension that are lodged in muscles). you end up with the right massage for you
Expensive but still cheaper than Niagara that doesn't work half as well


Tried the Sanyo & I-Medics chairs but our personal preference was definately the Panasonic. We were after a chair with deep intense massage that could handle the neck and shoulder area through to feet and felt this one was the best. Only had for 2 days and the difference it has made is fantastic. Our family has a huge range of needs from sporting and work related issues and this chair seems to cover it all. After years of going to Chiropractor this machine definately just does that bit extra that the human hand can't do. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.
Has so many different options. Main programs are "the Shiatsu" (for severe stiffness), "the Deep-tissue" (for slight or moderate stiffness), "the Swedish massage" (When the body is sluggish) and "the Stretching" (for aching muscles).
Has so many different options so you can get the type of massage you want where you want with options to intensify the massage or make it soft & relaxing and to pinpoint a specific area.
Pricing - but well worth the investment

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy this chair in Melbourne I have tried Harvey Norman and they don't stock them.
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Try the company website to see if this is still stocked by anybody

What is price of this chair in Sydne? Will it be delivered free in Eastwood (NSW Post code 2122)? Is there any warrantee for this product. Pl,response. Regards Supriya
2 answers
suggest you phone or google the companyI bought mine from Harvey Norman.

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