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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70

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2.8 from 13 reviews

Best camera ever

Unable to carry heavy cameras anymore, I bought my first Lumix, loved it and upgraded. Mostly take seascapes and seabirds, that need minimal editing and are used for publication. People are amazed by the zoom in such a small camera and the quality of my pictures. Am looking forward to upgrading to a TZ90 next.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Awesome picture

Bought this camera from a relative 2 years ago who had it for about year themselves, picture quality is perfect. Any reviews saying otherwise either needs their eyes checked or have a faulty unit. Optical zoom is really good at 30x. Had a Nikon before this but the shutter broke but the images were really grainy. Would highly recommend if it is still available.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Not a good experience- but a silver lining

I bought this camera from Diamonds in Adelaide Feb 16. Bought a Lumix as had my last one for 15 years!!! Worked well initially but now won't turn on. Only used intermittently when away on holidays so really disappointed. Took to Diamonds who couldn't really be bothered and suggested I go to a battery shop. I did- battery and charger fine- so really disappointed in this Lumix.

Addition June 2018- I emailed Panasonic and they arranged for me to have the camera assessed by TechWorks in Sydney. I was apprehensive as I had to post it from adelaide and if a part not faulty pay for assessment. As I'm going away I wanted to take a camera and given the price of the new cameras I decided to send my camera for repair. The camera was repaired free of charge and posted back the same day by techworks so I cannot fault this service

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Extremely disappointed. Not fit for purpose

Camera has an intermittent fault where the screen blanks out, also has trouble with focus if zoom is used in sunset mode. Purchased from Diamonds in Adelaide, they would not go in to bat for me at all in terms of replacement, however agreed to send back to Panasonic which they did. Unsurprisingly it came back with Panasonic saying they could not replicate the faults. Also (equally unsurprising) when the camera came back to me the faults remained
Panasonic warranty is not worth the paper it is written on and from now on I will never purchase another of their products, and also I will never again purchase from Diamonds.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Great camera. Excellent photos.

I write travel reports and use this camera to post. I get frequent comments on how good the camera is. I have no idea why people are rating it so poorly. Makes no sense to me. I really enjoy using it. I give it 5 stars. It's compact and easily used.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Very poor

Delivered today. Going back tomorrow. Tested it and I'm shocked. I'm so shocked my One plus 3T picture quality is better than the 70's intelligent Auto. This camera is really poor.... I honestly couldn't believe it. I also recorded some Video the sound is poor. I took some zooms with it. Then with my Cannon powershot. On my cannon you can read the make of padlock easily on the shed at the bottom of my garden. On the 70 it's just a blur. Impossible to read. It's absolutely poor. All the reviews giving it 9 out of 10 and 4.5 out of 5. OMG. The Google Pixle phone has a better camera than my phone. It would kill the Panasonic. And you can save directly to the cloud no need to WIFI. Etc Etc.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Very disappointed.

I purchased this camera to use on an overseas trip as I have 2 for work and they were fantastic. I was looking forward to the wifi capability of this camera so I could upload to my iPhone and ipad to let family and friends know where I was.
The camera started to play up half way through my trip (50days) and I had to buy another camera to get me through the trip. The camera doesn't turn off without the battery being removed, when I upload photos there appears to be a curtain across the photos and I cant move through the photos on the camera. At times I cant turn the camera on, other times it comes on but no photos can be taken.
It has been back twice to get fixed, the first time it was returned I'm sure nothing was done, it was away a few more days a second time and still it appears nothing has been done. When I contacted Panasonic they said I'd have to have it looked at again and it will cost more money. The camera was expensive, repairs expensive all for something that doesn't do what it should do. I purchased a Sony in the States so here's hoping I have more success with a different brand.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Great little point and shoot

I bought this camera to take overseas with me. I didn't want to lug my SLR around while hiking and sightseeing, and I didn't want to just rely on my phone for photos.
This camera has excellent zoom and the wide angle made it a perfect replacement for my SLR. I am really happy with the quality of my zoomed photos. It also had the Wifi capability, which meant that I could still share my photos on social media while I was travelling without too much hassle.
The camera has some good auto features which came in handy, when you just wanted to capture a simple moment. It also has some artsy features that I enjoyed playing with. But, it can also be as manual as you like, if you want more control.
Like someone else mentioned, the wheels can move if you put the camera in your pocket, so the settings can change without you noticing, but you get use to checking this, and you notice straight away when you photo doesn't look right.
Also, the flash is exactly where my middle finger rests when I take photos, so I had to be careful to move it out of the way when using the flash.
It has the manual sight function, which was near useless, every time I tried to use it, I couldn't see what I was trying to take a photo of at all. It was like looking through a wonky magnifying glass. Seems to just be a tiny version of the digital screen, and not a manual sight at all. I didn't use this function at all.
All in all, I was very happy with this camera. It was simple to use, small enough to carry around, looks nice, took quite good photos for what I wanted.


I bought this camera after my previous canon failed based on reading many reviews highlighting great technical specs. Like another reviewer here, I am about to go on an overseas trip and cannot risk taking this camera due to the high likelihood of poor looking photos. As per other comments, some photos look blurry with washed out, water colour looking effects. Does not seem to handle bright / dark contrasts well, either saturated or too dark. Just returned from remote hiking trip and deleted a lot of treasured memories captured in totally useless photos. Waste of money. Oh and I'm already on the second unit after the first one failed (luckily on the last day of the holiday) and was replaced.

Best ever Compact Camera

I bought this after seeing results from a friend's DMC-TZ70.
Has the option of 30 x Optical Zoom at 12Mp or 60 x Optical Zoom at 5Mp. I was amazed at the clarity of the photo at 60 x Optical Zoom HANDHELD. I could clearly make out figures 4Km away.
The camera has excellent low light features.
I am not a photography expert but the results from this camera using the INTELLIGENT AUTO are brilliant.
Camera is great for all round use and excellent to take on holidays.

First time let down by Panasonic

I am a Panasonic fan, have had TV's, Stereo's, car stereo and even older LUMIX cameras over the years and always found their products to be top notch.

I therefore decided to spend the money and buy the latest LUMIX, the TZ70 for our upcoming US trip.

I have been let down by Panasonic with this one, its almost as if it wasn't built by them, but of course I don't know where it was built etc and that shouldn't matter ...it carries the Panasonic name and that should mean quality.

Anyway, first issue was the print on the mode selector wore off in 2 weeks flat. It must be really crappy paint if it wears off that quickly. The result is that you don't know what mode your in unless you look at the LCD display screen. Not good but doesn't stop the show.

2nd issue is that that same sector knob rotates quiet easily as you have the camera in you pocket or bag. So you might be in "P" mode before you put it in your pocket, then you wanna take a quick shot, pull it out of the bag turn it on and shoot, not realizing that it might have shifted to "M" mode or something else and the picture may not have turned out as a result. This issue come up dozens of times until we eventually got used to always checking what mode it was on after turning it on (and since the knob print had worn off you need to check on the display)
Starting to get annoying now for a relatively expensive camera.

3rd and deal breaker issue came after 2 month in the US at Monument Valley. A slight wind had blown a bit of sand into the car and the zoom after that started to play up. Somehow the seal is so crappy that sand managed to find it way into the mechanic and the zoom didn't move in or out after that. It stopped the camera in its tracks as the 30x zoom is the reason I bought this, otherwise I can take no-zoom pics with my smartphone, which we ended up doing after it completely refused to even start.
Now we are not talking about taken this thing deliberately into the Sahara desert in the middle of a sand storm. This is normal holiday location in the US and a camera needs to be able to deal with a wind gust and not stuff up straight away. Very disappointing since I couldn't take zoom pics for the last 4 weeks of my US trip.

But the disappointment doesn't end there. On my return I took the camera back to the dealer (thankfully I didn't buy it on ebay) and after 2 month have not heard a peep from them. This morning I called and was told that they are waiting on parts to repair it and it will be another 4 weeks, if not longer. If it happens it will take 3 month to repair......ridiculous !! Thank god I don't need it at the moment

Not good enough Panasonic, get your act together ....

Sooo... disappointed

I bought this camera recently and was expecting fine things having read the reviews on several sites on the internet. It was given 4.5 for image quality and touted as an excellent travel camera. I have found that the camera produces dull lifeless photos regardless of what settings are used. There are few settings to adjust the colour - only one which allows a "warming" of the photo. The photos while technically may be an okay just lack vibrancy and punch. I took photos at a restaurant for a family function and was shocked at the smoothing effects used by the camera in the low light - the photos were terrible and dark and made the faces of the subjects clown-like with the smoothing effects. I expect a camera such as this to be able to produce an excellent photo with good saturation in most situations. This just isn't the case and I am about to buy another camera for an overseas trip that I'm doing soon. I have wasted my money on this camera as I was enticed by the 30X zoom. I have had a Panasonic Lumix before and it took excellent photos - this camera is such a let down.

Very disappointed! Abnormal Colour tint!

I was shocked and disappointed with the issues I experienced with this camera. When I used the intelligent mode indoors or in different lighting such as (sunset, sunrise, under lamps, night), every photo I took had a noticeable diagonal dark shadow in the right corner of the photo. Nearly half of the image had a dark shadow in it. I read that this can happen with the telescopic cameras as the 30x zoom is so long it causes a shadow especially when using the flash.

The images were also noticeably very dark in low light. The only time the camera took a good photo was in perfect lighting or outdoors on a clear day.

The camera also has an significant color shift which manifests as a “color cast” or “abnormal tint". When I used custom mode such as ‘soft focus’, the white balance was off and the entire photo was shaded with a red/pink tint. The camera incorrectly identified the light source for the photos, giving a significant color distortion. If I were to take a photo of the sun setting, the camera would only pick up on the ‘reddish tint’ of the sun and the entire photo was shaded red instead of giving balanced colour. The camera seemed to block out all other colours in the background such as the surrounding green trees and blue sky. Instead, the trees in the photo turned out red. The sky was shaded red! Everything was abnormally shaded red.

The photos were also blurry and at times would become grainy and showed little detail.

When I pressed the button to go back and look at my photos, the camera would intermittently skip 2 photos at a time. Very disappointing to experience these kinds of issues with a brand new camera.

I liked the look of it with the silver edges but it’s on the heavy side and not at all compact. It has way too many significant issues with it. Don't make the same mistake I did - not worth the money and hassle.

Questions & Answers

I am on my third Lumix (TZ70) and love it, especially for seascapes and sea bird pics. However, the red button for the video often turns on being too close and by the time I turn it off, the bird has flown. Is there any way to immobilise that button? People keep asking what I am using because the pics are so good. am amazed by the negative reviews above.
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Second camera where the zoom fails. Any zoom issues known to be common?
3 answers
Hi Pam, no common issues with the zoom failing. The only thing we would suggest is you ensure there is no dust on the lens as you retract it into place.Buy Canon! Never an issue have one for personal use and 2 for work and all are just fantastic My daughter is now a convert and has 2 also and can’t believe it’s taken her so long to see the light!Mine still has intermittent faults (read my review), if I was you I'd just forget Panasonic and go for Canon as Kathy has suggested I've had numerous Canon cameras over the years and no problems at all, still have a 40D that is perfect after many years of sterling service and a good old Ixus 80 that has been battered and abused all over the world and never missed a beat In purchasing the Panasonic TZ70 I was after a point and shoot camera that would provide a better image quality than the (very basic) Ixus 80, wishing I had stuck to Canon...........

I was just about to buy a Lumix TZ70, but quite a range of opinions given your experiences. If you guys were to get a camera in the same price range range as the Lumix, what would be your choice ?
4 answers
I hated that camera so much i threw it in the closet and bought a Sony HX90V - love it.Thanks Edge. What was so bad about it ?If I were you I'd go for a completely different brand of camera. I bought a TZ70 and it is a lemon. Had it back twice to get fixed still not fixed. Contacted Panasonic they gave me another contact number and said it would cost more again. So disappointed and annoyed. This was not a cheap camera and it cost me $220 for repairs not that anything was done.


Lumix DMC-TZ70
Price (RRP)$549
Optical Zoom30x
Video QualityFull HD
Replaced byPanasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80

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