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Paradise Plain Sweet

Paradise Plain Sweet

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Paradise malt biscuits

These would have to be the most disgusting things you could buy, looks like they rubbed them through a black grease pot and they don't return calls to customers.


Paradise Plain Sweet biscuits are great value biscuits, with a pleasant sweet, flavour that goes perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee, with the shortbread being my favourite variety. There are many other flavours available such as malt and butterscotch shortbread to suit a variety of tastes and are very good value for money compared to some of the other biscuits on the market. The shortbread biscuits are deliciously sweet with just a hint of buttery goodness. If you are looking for a good value but very tasty biscuit treat, Paradise plain sweet biscuits are definitely worth giving a try.
Very good for money


These are a inexpensive tasty biscuit which can be had with a cup of strong coffee or tea. They are not too sweet and they do the job of filling me up when I am hungry. I have kept a couple in a small ziplock bag in my handbag and have had them at work or when I am waiting for the train to come, so they are handy to have when you are feeling peckish.
These are yummy biscuits to have with tea. They are not too heavy and I have had them dunked into a hot cup of Milo too. They are filling if you eat a couple when you are feeling a bit hungry.
As with all biscuits, there are healthier choices for snacks, but these are a tasty option to have when I am hungry and want a tasty biscuit.

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Paradise Malt biscuit , I haven't been able to find on the shelf in Woolworths. Have these been deleted
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Paradise Plain Sweet
Release dateJan 2011

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