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Drain Clean Liquid

Drain Clean Liquid

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11 reviews


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not the best on market


this product only remove the clog slowly and doesnt totally unblock my drain. the other one is much much better and cheaper. so try the red one first, that is good.

Purchased in November 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for A$11.50.


RGMGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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Did nothing at all!


Absolutely did nothing. Used it the first time, waited for 20 mins and flushed it, as per the instructions. I witnessed zero improvement. Then I tried again and this time waited for over an hour before flushing it and still nothing. Just a complete waste. Will try different product tomorrow.

Purchased in October 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for A$10.00.



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Worked on 1/2 blockages... so far


Had a blocked toilet and sink thanks to a drunk mate trying to do the cooking. God knows what he was dumping down both (i'm guessing fat). Next day, my floater almost reached my sack and my sink looked like a swimming hole in Chernobyl. Dumped about 500mls of this (as well as 100mls of Mr Muscle which I then read, not for toilet use, whoops) down the loo, as well as 3, timed lots, of boiling water (don't flush, you'll overflow like Exxon Valdez). After 3 hours, I can now poo. The kitchen sink isn't playing ball, but the rest of the mr muscle is down that too, so i'll give it another 3 hours and see.

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Has been my saviour on two occasions


I have used this on a blocked drain connecting to the shower and bathroom sink, and also on a severely blocked toilet (separate issues). It took a couple of bottles to complete the mission (both times the water was standing - not even slow draining), and a good dose of patience, but it works!! I would suggest following the instructions on the bottle in the first instance, and then hitting the area hard with an entire bottle, and letting it work through overnight. Initially, it may seem like the problem gets no better, or even worse, but if you keep your cool and let it ‘do its thing’ for at least 24 hours, even the most revolting clogs should dissolve.

This has done the job "OK" for me, many times.


This product, "DRAIN CLEAN, Liquid", I've used it for about two years, about every three months. It works "OK" every time . I'll be off to Bunnings, tomorrow, to get some more. Emilio Bucci.


BlakeSydney, NSW

  • 14 reviews

Helped in the process


Bathroom drain was blocked probably from a lot of hair and makeup. I was at Bunnings so got this drain cleaner (the Hair Unclogger one was out of stock also) and also a plunger as I didnt want to make a second trip in case it didn't work. I poured about 250ml down the drain and left it for 30 minutes. It definitely improved it as I could see the water passing through a little more quicker than usual but it was still blocked. I then used the plunger and I could hear it uncloggin after a couple of pumps. The water then drained from the basin as per usual. Mission complete.

Perhaps all that was needed was a plunger but I am sure the Drain Clean Liquid helped break it up and pass it through from that point onwards.

Daniel F

Daniel FSydney

Unblocked my drain!


Was looking for the Hair Unclogger which was out of stock so tried the DrainClean Liquid, as my shower drain was blocked by hair. Poured this down the drain, left it for an hour (instructions say 15-30 mins) and the drain is now unblocked!

I live in an apartment.

Didn't do a thing


Kitchen sink was blocked. Used two Bottles (approximately 12 hours apart) that I got from Bunnings and it didn't change anything. Still blocked.
Pros- it was cheap
Cons- it didn't solve the problem.


SNaikerGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Impressed. The bathroom basin seems to be a lil clogged. Was recommended by the workers in bunnings. Tried it and left it for a couple of hours then run the hot water from the tap. Works well.

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Worked perfectly!


My toilet and drains in the bathroom have been blocked for a few days and this is the only thing that's worked. I even used a drain snake which didn't help, but once I was able to use a tube to get this past the bend in the toilet, it cleared the drain in only a few minutes. Well worth it!


Ben_perthPerth, Western Australia

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Affordable, and it actually worked


Accidentally spilled a bit of fat down the old kitchen drain. None of the usual natural remedies I normally use seemed to work and to be quite honest the idea of scraping fat out of the trap didn't appeal to me. The lads a Bunnings recommended this product, and to be quite honest, it worked right away.
Too easy. Will certainly buy this again.
It actually works, quite quickly. Doesn't produce smells or bubbles, long lasting
Can't think of anything as it does what it says it will.

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