Solvent & Drain Cleaners

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Drain Clean Hair Unclogger

Latest review: Living with 5 females with long hair our drains get as clogged as Homer Simpson’s arteries. The last time I snaked the bath drain it looked like I had removed an ewok, that had been laying in soap r

Mr Muscle Drano Ultra Gel

Latest review: Used half bottle down shower drain as per directions but forgot and left for longer than recommended rises with hot water seemed to be worse first. Repeated and put some in connecting basin and

Mr Muscle Drano Crystals Tub

Latest review: It only gives bad smell and bubble, and nothing worth. Now my bathtub is completely blocked. The smell was so bad that I could not enter my toilet and repeat the steps. But anyway I repeat it with my

Diggers Paint Stripper

Latest review: I can't believe how ineffectual this stripper is. At best the gel becomes slightly coloured with the paint, that it. Other I have used (in the UK) so not sure what to buy here blistered the paint

Orange Power Sticky Spot and Goo Dissolver

Latest review: My husband was gluing models together and the glue leaked through the paper and left a large gluey inky mark on our stone benchtop. I used a cotton tip to wipe it away with the this product and it


Latest review: House inspections come every 6 months and doing a major clean is tough especially on those kitchen grease on top of the stove vent. This solution cuts through it and leaves a nice orange smell since

Drain Clean Liquid

Latest review: Had a blocked toilet and sink thanks to a drunk mate trying to do the cooking. God knows what he was dumping down both (i'm guessing fat). Next day, my floater almost reached my sack and my sink

Diggers Brush and Roller Restorer

Latest review: The Brush and Roller cleaner I'm talking about is the one in a transparent bottle. It looks like Turpentine, smells like Turpentine and has the same effect on hardened brushes that Turps has, namely

Diggers Methylated Spirits

Latest review: I use metho watered down for cleaning everything (except wood) but I'm finding bottles stink like dirty feet once opened. I feel like an idiot opening and smelling them before I buy to make sure it

Drain Clean Liquid Enzyme

Latest review: This stuff didn't unblock our sink, oh no it just blocked it more! Now we have a puddle in the sink of what looks like baby's vomit. Don't waste your

Diggers White Spirits

Latest review: Have used Digger surface cleaner for a long time , loved it and recommended it to friends BUT......... I don’t know what on earth they have done to it recently but it absolutely stinks. Makes us feel

Turbo Snake

Latest review: Complete waste of money. On first use abrasive ends on both tools came completely detached! Used on shower plug so very good unimpeded access. No reason for failure other than useless feeble

White Knight Rust Guard

Latest review: Used this as per directions on my cast iron birdbath thinking there was something in its name. I used a wire brush then metal primer as directed then followed with two coats of this enamel. The

Coles Smart Buy Methylated Spirits / Turpentine

Latest review: Thats all not good at all..I try this because it cheap but the worst thing is its smell so bad and different.so bad product..cheap but bad quality.Better to buy more expensive