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Pepsi Max

Pepsi Max

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Pepsi max cans

Last two cases of papsi max cans exp.20 apr 19 2 3237. Tasted stale. Was surprised to find use by date very close. Is this normal. Not the usual standard.

Purchased in April 2019 at IGA.

Dislike the taste of the new Pepsi max. Good way to kick my habit .

I thought my taste buds were deceiving me when i have had the last 2 cartons of Pepsi max. Unfortunately, I loved the stuff. However, the last two or three cartons i have over the last months have left me with a tinnie taste feel in the mouth as well. I thought it must of been me and i was going to write to Pepsi to see if they had changed the formulas or if it was possible the cartons had been stored incorrectly. I have seen on this forum that they have changed the formula. Good for me I guess. Now i may be able to kick the habit because i do not enjoy drinking it anymore. I will have to find something else. Sorry Pepsi but it wasn't broken you should have left the original alone

Purchased in February 2018 at Sydney Wide Chiropractic for $32.00.

Pepsi Max has changed it's taste in Australia

Pepsi Max has changes taste Cans from Woolworths and Coles different batches a week apart both taste wrong. Both were 30 pack I brought a 1.25 from IGA didn't taste is bad but still tastes wrong anybody else having the same issue.

Purchased in March 2019 for $14.00.

Make like a egg and scramble with Pepsi

I like cheese
Merry Christmas
Make like a tree and split
Make like Pepsi and fiss
I like eggs
I Iike Pepsi

Pepsi Max - My Most Satisfying Drink in the Australian Outback

Over 12 years, annually, I have ridden 12,000 kms through the Australian Outback on my motorbike. Pepsi Max hits THE SPOT when I arrive at my overnight stops. Nothing else comes near it.

Pepsimax rasberry

Taste great...want to get a couple boxes for home. Good to see something different.
Wish there was a lot more low sugar flavours

finally a no sugar cola I love

please, I beg you don't ever take this off the market, it out does anything else I have been made to try

Great new flavour.

Pepsi max raspberry is so refreshing and thirst quenching , great taste with a distinct raspberry flavour , Thank You Pepsi .

Pepsi Max Raspberry

I LOVE Pepsi Max, I buy cartons of it. But I bought a 10 pack of Pepsi Max Raspberry, and I'm struggling to finish it. It is horrible and disgusting. The best variation of Pepsi Max was Pepsi Max Lime.

Vanilla Pepsi Max weirds taste

Recent Vanilla Pepsi Max 1.25L (from Coles) doesn't taste the same. Has a weird after taste. The 2L (from Woolies) still taste the same. Are they manufactured at different plants? has anyone else noticed this and who do we contact about this.

Great taste

Loyal consumer of Pepsi Max, adding Vanilla is great: nice taste and feels like a ice cream sundae in my mouth. Well done.

original Pepsi Max GOOD Vanilla Pepsi MAX GOOD

Long time enjoyer of Pepsi Max ..my favorite drink and just discovered the newly brought out Pepsi Max vanilla (New to New Zealand or my area of New Zealand) it has a nice enticing light vanilla smell and a just right taste that is enjoyable to drink. I will buy vanilla as well as the original pepsi max ..both different ..both good.

The taste has changed

Dont know what Pepsi have done but recently the 2L bottles we always buy have tasted very different, sort of flat and a bit bitter
Pity, makes the booze not as pleasant so back to coke!

pepsi max now tastes wrong is anyone else finding the same problem (Australia)

Used to be an avid coke drinker who changed over to be an avid pepsi max drinker for many years now as it was my preferred sugar free option and i drink at least 2.0lt a day and have found lately to be getting some really crap tasting pepsi max flat or pretty tasteless and just not enjoyable wrong tasting bottles of max at all nearly ready to give it up all together as im getting over it.
I mean first time it happened it was one box of 1.25 bottles i got around 6 months ago out of 4 boxes and it was bad flat and crap but i thought it was just the one time thing (it was different date to other 3 boxes but was still in date the others 3 were fine, so as im not just around the corner from the coles/woolworths Supermarkets i shop at, i had to put up with it and slowly got through it but was glad when it was gone).
Lately it is happening more and this last of loose lot of 2lt bottles i just bought the other day i drank the first bottle and have finally just finished that and it was fizzy but tasted so wrong and then ive opened this next bottle and its not much different but the dates are different on both bottles the othe one was 14 May 18 and the new bottle is 07 July 18 where is the pepsi max flavour gone i have had others taste it with me and they say it is wrong too they are also pepsi max drinkers. I dont know if pepsi are changing things in the pepsi max or not keeping the proper mix to scratch or theres something wrong with the plastic in the bottle doing something to the taste but something is definately wrong and im sure im not the only one thinking this. So from a five star pepsi max drinker, atm im nearly ready to give it in.

The only soft drink worth getting!

The only soft drink that literally is sugarless, still has the great taste and isnt that sugary stuff that hurts your throat or gives you stomach cramps from sugar overdose

Get this only and nothing else (maybe carbonated flavor water instead) its the only soft drink worth drinking

Now thats a diet cola

A few years ago I couldn't get my usual sugarless cola, so I went for a Pepsi Max. I have been drinking it since as it has real taste and doesn't have a after taste like a bottled chemical factory like some other sugarless soft drinks on the market. Tried the vanilla version, but it wasn't drinkable, tasted like cheap vanilla essence was just poured into the vat. Ended up tossing it away and getting a sickly gut for my troubles.

Pepsi max is great

Ive been drinking Pepsi Max for 8 years now, and it tastes great, since being diagnosed with T2 diabetes, this is all I drink now

Pepsi max vanilla

The vanilla Pepsi max is the best drink on the market. Absolutely love it. Always have cans in my fridge and have converted all my friends. We are now addicted to the deliciously smooth vanilla taste. Big bonus no sugar

Love the Pepsi max Vanilla

Absolutely nothing better .. I was always disappointed that vanilla was only available with coke


Pepsi max Vanilla is delicious. Just finished my 1st can and cant wait to have another. Seriously addictive! Just the best Please keep it in your range Love it :)

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Pepsi max is no longer the best taste why?
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Pepsi max has changed over the last few weeks. Tasteless and flat. Disappointing for a 3 - 4 cans per day over 10 years. Checked the use by dates which are June and August this year. Any reason for this as I just can't drink it now?
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Has Pepsi Max changed in anyway as it’s giving me indigestion of lately it’s happening to some of my mates as well?
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