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Phil & Teds Navigator

Phil & Teds Navigator

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This pram has been nothing but a lifesaver! It is easy to fold down life in and out of the car and doesn’t take up too much room. It steers like a dream and goes anywhere bush track, sand, long grass with no problems.
Have owned it for 5 years now and nothing has been replaced and it hasn’t been looked after that well but still looks fairly decent.
It was worth the dollars.


Very easy to use I have two small boys and they fit in perfect and I still have room for my hand bag
Fits easily in to my car only two buttons to push and the pram fold flat easy to carry for inside or the car very happy with the quality of the pram

Terrible Pram, wouldn't recommend

We purchased this before our first child was born (in 2014) and got the second seat so we could have him facing forward after the newborn stage and we knew we would have a second child eventually. This pram has been terrible. We got it because we wanted a jogging pram but also that had 2 seats so our options were limited. We paid almost $800 for this pram and second seat, what an awful mistake! If I could go back in time I would have gotten the city select with two seats and a separate pram for jogging. I could have gotten them both second hand for cheaper than we paid for this awful pram and you wouldn't know the difference, our Phil and teds navigator looks like it's been used for 20 years even though it's only a few years old. Handle bar material completely wore off, I emailed them once and they told me it's common and to put electrical tape on it. It's rusted in some areas (and it's not kept outside!) The brake is constantly getting stuck and I have to wiggle the whole pram around before it will move again after putting the brakes on.

Once you are actually pushing it I suppose it handles well but that would be true of any pram with tyres like this one. We aren't even people that use the pram very much, at the shops I normally put the kids in the trolley and we mainly use it at the park or other outings but not as frequently as many families. The angle of the main seat of the Navigator is horrible, we always had to have a pillow or blanket underneath it because it was so uncomfortable for the child. Both my children hate sitting in it. The second seat isn't much better, our daughter screams when we try to put her in it and tries to jump into the main seat just to escape the torture of being basically on the ground. There's no shade cover for the second seat so even with her hat the sun is in her eyes but she doesn't have much of a view besides the sun. Also she's 1 year old and she doesn't even fit in the 2nd seat anymore, and forget having any room in the basket once you have a baby in the 2nd seat because you'll just be lucky if there's enough room for their legs to fit down there.

Most of the time I just give up with using the second seat and would rather carry our 12kg baby in the baby carrier even in the summer. My 3 year old still likes being in the pram when we take long walks or when he gets tired so I recently finally gave in and paid $80 for a second hand pram and it's a million times better than the Phil and Ted's and in such better condition. And both children immediately loved it, the 3 year old said it's much more comfortable and I could tell my daughter was so much more comfortable too. Plus the Phil and Teds pram wouldn't even buckle around her in the main seat so it wasn't even safe for her to be in (I have no idea why, she's a big baby but surely not too big for the strap to fit around her, and we've double checked and it's installed correctly so you must have to buy an extra strap for bigger babies/toddlers).

Phil and Teds prams are worse than the cheapest prams available but cost so much more. You can tell how horrible they are just from looking at used ones for sale on gumtree, etc. They rarely go for much money because they are so awful and parents and children all are unhappy with them. Where brands like Baby Jogger and steelcraft maintain their value much more. If you want a jogging pram get a Bob one or mountain buggy. And if you want a high quality 2 seater then get city select, steelcraft, or really anything besides Phil and Teds. I never write reviews for things but after comparing this to our "new" $80 pram I am truly shocked at how awful these are and had to warn other parents not to make our mistake! I should have never put up with this pram for so long.

Good but could be better

This pram is a good price compared to other double prams and has great tires for off road walking. My boys are now 3 and 18months and find it a bit swishy in the back. It is also extremely heavy and difficult to fold up so not easy to transport in the car. We store it in our hallway and only use it for walking the dog.

Love, love , love it!

I have a a Navigator V1 If it wasn’t for hurting my hand folding, unfolding it I’d score the navigator higher
Also the suspension isn’t as good as a mountain buggy as I changed from a Mountain Buggy to my a Navigator & noticed it was significantly bumpier going over the school playing field but those things aside I love it .
I had a plus one very briefly & changed to the Navigator with double seat & am more than happy with the manouverability, practicality, looks & quality . it’s fantastic how it can be a single one day & a double when needed .
It fits really well into my car when I couldn’t fit other doubles or even some singles .
Highly recommended one :)
My 6 month old baby love it too , I noticed she always slept on walks, so now she goes to sleep in it in my lounge straight away too , I just pop the sun shades on the front & back & she’s very content.

Love my navigator!

I love love loooove my Phil&teds navigator.. this is my second Phil&teds pram, I used to have a hand me down sport and loved that, so naturally I wanted another pram the same sort of style. The navigator was more in my price range as there was a big sale on it on the Phil&teds website and I got it at a bargain price, and it had a lot of similar features to the sport. It's compact, fairly lightweight and so beautiful to use. One click and fold to open it up, and because it folds down so small it leave heaps of room in my boot for groceries and other things.

I do lots of walking, and this pram is awesome for taking bubs on a bit of a bumpy ride, it's like a 4WD, easy to push over gutters and rocky surfaces.. it's also awesome to jog with, plenty of room for my legs and an adjustable handle so I can position it where I want so it's comfortable while jogging. I love my Phil&Teds Nav, currently looking at getting a double kit for it too so I can fit 2 kids

Great for the active parent with kids who like to see & feel the outdoors!

We bought this pram anticipating we'd have two children, so we invested in the 2nd seat and the adapter to fit the peg perego car capsule. The whole unit has been so versatile and easy to switch around. We are very outdoorsy and active so this prams ability to maneuver and roll over rough terrain has been fantastic. It is easy to fold up and throw in my Mazda 3. It's not a pram for parents who like their baby to be swaddled up, as the back is open and the seat is free to move around a bit. I'd fault the zipper system to lower the seat, it's annoying the way it's supposed to secure, but once our child was about 6 month we rarely needed to lower it. The brake has been very handy. But there's not much room for a bag once there is two kids in it. If your main priority is an smooth traveler than this pram is worth considering.

Love this pram!

This pram is light and awesome to take on walks and use in the shops!
So far everything is going really well but from time to time one of the back wheels will squeek but my partner swapped the wheels over and this has helped!
My toddler used to refuse to sit in her old pram but now with sister in bottom she loves it!
It can be tricky to get child out of bottom seat and the basket does not have much room!
I brought this pram mainly to take my girls for walks and to duck into the shops and it does that so well.
The 2nd seat can be quite tricky to put on as its so tight, but makes me feel safer that way, and the pram does not fold down with 2nd seat attached!
Overall when it comes to the push this pram is amazing and i wouldnt want another


I have had 3 prams since having my second bub a VeeBee Navigator (side by side) a Strider Plus & Strider Compact all CRAP! Way to big bulky and impossible for me a 5 foot 1 Mum with twig arms and no upper body strength at all. All 3 were near impossible to push up a hill with 2 kids in them. Than I bought brand new my Phil & Teds Navigator V2 with Auto Stop and Doubles Kit and I absolutely LOVE IT! Soooo easy to take second seat off and collapse pram to go into my boot and it's not too heavy or awkward for me at all! The Auto Stop is a great function especially as I walk up and down hills all the time which I might add this pram holds my boys weight perfectly and I don't feel like I'm pushing a truck up a hill like the old prams I had.

It's easy to recline both seats and can have my toddler reclined even when my 5 month old is in the bottom. With the main seat having 3 recline positions I only ever need to use the first 2 as he sleeps perfectly, my son is tall (2 and a half) and this is the only pram he isn't hanging over or looms too big for the seat, it's also the only pram my 5 month old doesn't hate as he can still see nicely around him when he is awake and because of the sun mesh cloth thing that comes with the doubles kit he sleeps in complete privacy! Honestly I'd give this pram 10 stars if possible!

Love it and well worth the money!

And it's easy to go from 1 to 2 seats which is a plus as I often have just my bub when my toddler is at pre school.

One more thing this is also the only pram I am able to easily get up the gutter when out waking.

I've tried a lot of prams and this is by far the best.

Really disappointed

We bought this pram to get ready for our baby. I practised folding it and unfolding it prior to her arrival and it was always really tricky with the clip on the side. You needed three hands... I thought it would just get easier with time but it didn't.. When Bub arrived and we had the seat laying flat the hole in the back let far to much sun and wind in. We then tried the adapter for the capsule however it didn't sit in level and sat in too upright so bub wasn't in a safe position.
I hated that she couldn't face me unless I bought the second seat and then with that, you had to fiddle around each time to fold and unfold... The whole pram just didn't seem well set up at all...
I ended up selling the pram when Bub was 4 weeks old as I just got so frustrated trying to fold and un fold and I constantly had bruises on my shins from it! It was SO heavy!!!

I regret buying this pram :(

A bit disappointed

I researched prams for months before deciding on the P&T Navigator V2 with auto stop. Firstly, I loved the different seating options. When my baby was a newborn, she went in the main seat, laying flat and the second seat went on top for my 4yo. But as she was a long baby, she didn't last long like that. So then my 4yo went in main seat and she went underneath. Or in the little seat, parenting facing if it was just her. But again, as she was long she didn't last long like this.

I have a bad back and found it a bit harder to push that my MB urban jungle, even with one child in it. Turning circle not as good. It's also got a long fold and is really heavy to lift in and out the car. Not something I could do myself after having a baby. Also, even after watching lots of videos on how to unfold it, still found it awkward.

There is also no material at the back of the pram when the main seat is laying completely flat. It's a big open hole. So in winter it's cold when baby is laying flat and also it's very noisy. I know you can velcro the mesh sunshade to cover it, but I feel it's a safety issue and also a bit of a silly design. If I had noticed this when I was pram shopping, I probably wouldn't have bought it.

Another issue, the front wheel made a clicking sound when we went over footpaths. It would stop if you locked the front wheel in place, but then steering was even worse. I'm assuming there is no front wheel suspension, as it was quite a bumpy ride for the kids too.

My baby is only 8mo but we have just sold this pram and are looking for a lightweight replacement. So disappointing as we spent a bit on this getting the double kit but were not happy with it.

Good, but not great.

I have owned the Phil and Teds navigator for 6 months now, it's very sturdy and strong, easy to steer, and a great size for getting around tight shops. The bassinet attachment was good for the first few months but since I changed to the seat I have had a lot of trouble with my baby crying while in the pram because he can't see me. Unfortunately their rear facing attachment only goes up to 11kgs (my baby is 9kgs already) so it's not worth me buying that attachment. I've had to now buy a new pram with rear facing options up to 22kgs which is quite frustrating. Also the Navigator is extremely heavy and awkward to lift, and having a cesarean it has been challenging. Also when the seat is in the reclined position you can't access the carry basket, very annoying if baby is asleep in reclined position and you need something from your bag. The brake lever is very tough and if in sandals or thongs it hurts your feet to unlock the brake. Also the bassinet has no belt so it's a bit dangerous walking up or down hills with newborn, I felt I had to place a hand on my baby as a barrier from falling out if on a steep hill. Overall it's a good pram but could definitely do with a few improvements.

Best pram I've owned!!!

I had 3 prams in 10 months I couldn't find one I liked, but I love this pram. It steers so easy, its compact and my daughter loves it. It is a lot smoother than the other prams I've owned to push and seems more comfortable for my child. The frame is sturdy ad easy to fold down. It is a bit heavy though. I haven't used the second seat yet but I think that the main seat area may be a bit small with the second seat on top for older babies/children but I cant see why a newborn cant go down the bottom with the second seat in full recline.

Very disappointed :(

I was really wanting to love this pram, as I had adored my mountain buggy swift which is owned by the same company, but after only a few months I'm wanting to sell it as I hate it!

The tires need pumping early every single use, the front wheel clicks which is annoying when I'm trying to put the baby to sleep, the seat lining is forever sliding down, folding it is near impossible and the latch which is supposed to lock it shut never clips so its a HUGE struggle to get it in & out of the car!

WORST of all though... The reason I bought the pram was to use it for both my toddler & newborn but the newborn mode where the baby lies flat under the second seat only works for about a week before its too short for them. So now for the next 5 MONTHS I have to carry my baby until he's big enough to go underneath! Not happy Phil & teds!

The whole pram is SO CHEAPLY made just terrible quality!

But did I just get a lemon? No, because a friend of mine is just as unhappy with hers!
It's a good size, was really wanting to love it...
flimsy, poor quality, SO HARD to fold, tires always flat, clicks, dodgy pram- dont buy!

Excellent Pram

My 8 month daughter hated her Steelcraft Strider Compact pram, constantly grizzling in it and absolutely refusing to sleep in it.

So we finally sold it and after trying an Phil and Teds Explorer, we bought the new Navigator 2.0. Within 2 days she was snoozing away in the pram. Unbelievable!

She just loves the pram. She looks so comfy and has heaps of room to grow with the large seat. The harness is easy to use and the recline function not as fiddly as I first thought it may be. The auto brake is a good feature however I'm not sure it's really necessary. It's so easy to fold and the light weight front wheel makes it a breeze to get up on kerbs when out for a walk.

At this point in time I have no complaints and look forward to using it in the future when baby #2 arrives, with the ability to click on a capsule and/ or use the second seat.

Thank you Phil and Teds! I feel like I have my freedom back and go out again, knowing my baby will be happy.
Love the functionality of being able to use it for 2 kids including new capsule options aswell as 2nd seat. Large comfy seat. Easy to fold.
Auto brake is possibly not required. I would have been just as happy with a normal foot brake.

Questions & Answers

I’m looking at purchasing a navigator v2 second hand. It has a worn handle. Are you able to change the handle bar without changing the brakes?
1 answer
I asked the company that and you have to pay over $100 (seriously, the pram should be worth less that that based on how awful it is!) for the new handle bar rubber which will probably wear off within a year if it's the same material. Then they told me the alternative is to get electric tape and tape over the top of it.

I have the navigator but wondered what people do with changing bag when used as double buggy?
1 answer
My nappy bag can fit under in the tray its tight squeeze but my lil one puts her feet on the bag I also hav a little nappy wallet i use for quick shopping trips

Is there a shade cover for back toddler seat?
1 answer
Yes I am pretty sure there is a full sun cover that does both the front and rear seat.


Price (RRP) $699.00
Seating Type Tandem
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
Weight12.5 kg
Folded Dimensions76 x 59 x 59 cm

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