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Philips 328B6QJEB

Philips 328B6QJEB

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Philips 328B6QJEB/75 32" 2K Monitor

This monitor is more business grade than Gaming. It does 5 ms gray to gray, which seems OK for an IPS screen.
I am using it for home use, for very basic application use and the selection of cheaper 1920 x 1080 monitors is greater and for a lower cost point under and around $330.
This unit is 2 K resolution, half way between the other and 4K resolution's for a reasonable cost and comes with a full selection of input. HDMI, DP, VGA DVI-D. Not many have all 4 today.

What's the benefit of 32 " screen size ?
You get a bigger screen with more free space between the icons, or you can make the icon's larger say 120%, then it looks like a bigger 22 -24" screen for older tired eyes.
My use for this monitor is using it as a 32 " TV set, used in conjunction with a set top box (Laser STB-6000, previously previewed on Product Review).

I paid $435 retail at MSY for it, and compared it with my uses with a Hisense 43" 4K TV ($695) and keep using my 24" Benq 2440HM monitor that I use now. There were swings and balances in deciding, as 43" is far too large for me for a PC, but allowed the for wall mounting above the 24" monitor for a TV look, but more cluttered.
The more pixels is better on big screen than less, as I have used a 1920 x 1080 32" TV before as a PC screen.

I am finding this 32" Philips IPS type matte screen to have the usual reflection problems of a wider screen than your shoulders width when the natural light comes onto the screen's panel from an side angle.
There is always some 'side on' reflecting a light haze from the side(s).
The smaller the screen, the more you do not notice it. It is worse on cloudy days as there is more reflection than you'd think from behind.

I chose the IPS screen type over my present Benq 2440 'VA screen' type for it's TV role, but the daytime reflection cruel's that benefit of wider viewing angles, horizontally and vertically.

At night, it's brilliant, just like a TV set referring to side on angles. Better than the VA screen in up and down angled views more than it's horizontal with eyes perception.
I think this size is the limit for home use. I dismissed a curved screen as the reflection would always be present no matter where you angled the screen to face away from a light source.

In a work environment, I had two 40" glass faced 4K monitors on my work desk set at right angles to each other, and you do get used to it, that's the reflection, but I would not recommend those huge sizes as a personal choice let alone two.
This 32" size does not involve any shuffling side ways, but the main work area is the centre third, and the outer thirds do get a slight darkening off, say when the desktop is gray to white. It's not really a worry.
There are many options to set up your desired picture and it's up to your situation what looks best for you.
I am happy now to use the Factory options having played with a few of course.
The monitor has a Hub function driven over the DP cable to support some USB 3 ports and a 3.5 mm audio out.
That appreciated to reduce the clutter out of the back of the PC box or using a traveling laptop.

Out of the box, it comes with a calibration sheet of your Monitor and it's pretty spot on to my eyes,
I had no failed pixels for 2 weeks, then I noticed a black one at the centre bottom, 15 mm up.
4 weeks on, no extra. Better a dead one, than a bright primary colour.

The cardboard transport box is a trap.
Have a good look as it has 2 large faces, both taped in the centre.
The printed graphics are on one edge face.
The box, laid flat on the floor so these instruction's are readable, mean that you are now to open the box upside down ! I did and I looked very carefully too I may add, but still got caught by Mr Philips.

There are very small " Open Here" words at the bottom of same narrow side as those graphic sketches. No arrow pointing to the right face to open. Total fail in packaging.
Included in the box is one medium length Display cord and very so useless instructions in multiple languages.
You get a power cord, but no VGA, HDMI, Audio or DVI cables.

The control panel is under the right corner of the panel and are capactive touch buttons.
If you twist the screen to level it up, don't put your right hand at this corner as the display on/off button will get some action to switch the monitor to off. You PC will then turn off too as the video link output stops talking back from monitor to PC.
The stand is very easy to assemble to the screen. and is very stable - it does not slide across the table top.
The screen has a great height adjustment range and stays put. It does not tilt much to allow leveling, and must be fully extended vertically to rotate it to portrait setting.
I use mine in the fully down position for the PC on the table, and this height is good for viewing as a TV from the lounge suite 3 metre's in front of the screen.
My PC is built to medium grade gaming quality, and I was impressed by the colour rendition out of the box.
It has strong colour's and good contrast blacks. Night time use under household fluorescent lighting is great and there are no screen reflection issues; so in an office use, will be very good too I suspect.

This monitor has HDR contrast of 10 bit, and I was able better to use it by going to the PC's graphics card setting's and changing from the 8 bit to 10 bit HDR that I was using for the first 2 weeks.
This does improve it greatly, and I thought it was good enough before.
But it's the TV side that show's it best naturally over a static PC desktop picture.

The only negative point other than the dud pixel, is the habit of the monitor not changing the resolution automatically from after watching the TV STB on 1920 X 1080 (stb switched off) and starting up the PC box.
It seem's the PC is downgrading itself from 2K to 1080, taking the live monitor's instruction that what is wanted.
It will happen if the monitor goes into sleep mode, rather than me turning it off.

Sometimes, it does not see the PC at turn on and the monitor goes to sleep saying 'no video output'.
This occurs when the monitor input settings have manually been changed to use dual screen modes.
When the monitor has been set up to use HDMI input (the STB for me), it does not look to see that there is a live video feed from the display port cable. The POST check from the PC is very quick to kill the PC when the monitor does not handshake quickly enough.
With no video input, the monitor only gives you a choice of languages and nothing else and enters sleep mode.
You can't get to the monitor control panel in this state with no video feed in.

When this happens, I restart the STB and then I can see the control panel options' choices and select the DP input feed as to 'use'.
Because the STB is connected to the monitor by the HDMI cable, being now 'on standby', the monitor still see's it as it's only one over the switching on PC.

I tried the VGA input with my old 2003 Windows XP box, and it's bit clearer on the Philips than I expected being on the plug and play 2001 Windows driver.
It would not accept the Philips windows 7 driver I tried, so I could not get a better resolution from the box than before. The XP box's 845 chip could see the monitor had a better range of resolution and refreshes available, but the driver would not allow it to fill the screen. It shrunk sideways on 70 Hz and above.

There are two choices of 'picture in picture' screens.
The pretty standard box in the corner style or the screen split vertically in half.
The latter one fails over the first for me, as the vertical is not the full height of the screen.
These derive from the input cables, the PC screen is reduced in size to become unreadable, so that's a issue.
It is better if you have 2 PC apps to use the old windows cascade screen's as you can drag them to what size you want. The designer was careful to place the top right PIP placement (you have 6 choices top middle bottom and left and right) so the top right one does not cover the minimize and red X buttons. That's clever.

A bit of a rambling review, but what can you say. I am happy with my choice.

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Hey Bob, Many thanks for your incredibly detailed review. There's no way we could do justice to that in a response. But we can certainly see that if someone's on the fence of purchasing this monitor a review like this could be of immense help of making the decision. We're very glad to hear that you're happy with your choice, apart from a couple of caveats. Please know that if these are things that you'd like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to us on https://bit.ly/2TfWaTA. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Nice display

This monitor has a nice lg display panel IPS accurate + vibrant colours was nice for bothering movies and games and great value as most Philips products have been for me unfortunately my kids broke mine so I pulled the panel out and ran the part number online it but I had a look at the other components and they were nice enough and would probably have been good for a long time to come I'm now using an Acer predictor Ultra wide and to be honest I miss my old monitor

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hi there, Daniel. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions on the monitor here. We appreciate your feedback! :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Good monitor for business use

I got this monitor to extend my desktop to 3 monitors - Laptop, Dell 27" and Philips 32". I was looking at the Philips 328P6AUBREB for around $600 but then found this 328B6QJEB for around $450. I don't need the USB-C or HDR features, so went for the cheaper option. It is a great option for business use. The 2560X1440 resolution suits the 32" screen (my eyesight is not perfect, so 4K would be too small). Lots of connectivity options and a very flexible stand. Picture quality is good and the auto screen uniformity feature works well. I don't play games, so can't comment on that aspect.
The only real negative for me is the touch sensitive controls. These are always rubbish on any appliance I've ever encountered and this monitor is no exception. Fortunately, you don't need to use them often (except to power off/on).
Overall very pleased with the purchase.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi there, thank you for writing this elaborated review. It's great to hear that apart from the touch controls, the monitor was able to impress you. Have a nice day. Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

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