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Plate Sticka

Plate Sticka

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Plate Sticka by Clevermothers is a fantastic sanity saver!

Love the Plate Sticka. It worked perfectly. 14 mo grandson tried desperately (in vain!) to get the bowl unstuck and throw it (as usual) on the floor - but couldn't. Well done Clevermothers! By the way, I first tried to use it on a melamine bowl - but there was too much raised print on the bottom. Don't discount the product if this happens to you! I then tried a porcelain (adult) bowl. It was amazing and stuck like crazy. I have a gorgeous video of said grandson being very confused about why the bowl couldn't be moved. ;-) Now all I need is a spoon on a rope...

Does not stick to any of our bowls or plates

I bought 2 of these for our twins. They are beyond useless. They don't stick to a single kids bowl or plate we own including very common brands like IKEA and Take and Toss. As in not even a little bit sticky. There is 1 melamine bowl they stick to but my tiny 7 month old can get it off that one. Absolute waste of money.

Better than the unbelievabowl

Despite Heinz being our favourite brand, the unbelievabowl was too fiddly to set up and easily lifted off by our baby but plate sticka is simple to use and works brilliantly!
You can use your own plates and bowls at home rather than having to buy the whole 'kit' ..

It sticks, and it works!!! And the best part is...

The best part is that toddler loves to mimic and by letting our 22mo using the same plates/bowls as us, he has so much fun copying us eating dinner!

Forget about those stupid suction bowls (we normally love Heinz, but their suction bowl was a waste of $) and just get the plate sticka!!! We will be back for a spare one and more for our next bub.
Can be use with any bowl/plate, strong suction

Suction bowls, suction plates that really works

I have been using Plate Sticka for a while now and it is the best thing ever. I have 3 little kids and also lots of friends with little kids visiting our place all the time. It has the great bowl suction and plate suction. The best thing about it is that you can use any of your own dinnerware. It really keeps bowls and plates Sticking to most of our surfaces at home. It is also good for sticking server bowls or platter in place specially at kids parties. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for the same product. There is nothing out there that deliver a promise except for this one.
Inexpensive, it works

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Plate Sticka
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Release dateNov 2012

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