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Power Plate my7

Power Plate my7

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This is the latest version of these machines and I believe nothing else comes close!

You get what you pay for... sure there are many cheap machines on the market but what do they do? Most of them are at least useless and at worst dangerous! There is a lot of supposed market research out there but much of it is misleading or tainted because it is not independent and often not factual either.
For the home market or light professional use. My advice is to try out the machines yourself and don't buy from a (sales) person who does not own or use the machines themselves. I tried out so many machines on the market and when I found the Power Plate I realised this was the best available and I know I am worth the best.. so recommend you give one a try today!
Nicely finished, easy to use, gets results, great aftersales care!

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Just wondering if you could tell me where you bought your machine from. Thx.

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