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PowerTube Pro

PowerTube Pro

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PowerTube Pro Pull-up Bar

Misleading incorrect website information on the powertube pro website. The powertube pro pull-up bar says it fits a 90cm door frame, yet on the official website the length of the pull-up bar is 100cm minimum and stretches to 160cm.

The nails that comes with the powertube pro pull-up bar is very bad as it is rusted and only 2cm. I ask how is a 4 rusted nail suppose to support 110kg as claimed on the box & website.

I had to go to bunnings to buy my own nails and plastic screw anchors. once installed though the product feels like it wobbles/flexes a bit so not very confident about the quality of this product. but given this is the only one here in australia that doesn't hook on top of a door frame, there is no other choice on the market.

Customer service is non-existence, as the phone goes automatically to a voice mail, and nobody returns the email.

Why bother spending money and wasting space? This does it all

Honestly, I have been training with free weights for over 20 years now for various sports and this system makes it so simple and convenient while staying effective.

The system is so versatile that I can easily change from one exercise to the next in seconds and manage to hit muscle groups that free weights and machines just can't do.

It's not expensive and it doesn't take up room. I can use it on the road and there's no worry about excess baggage!
Versatile, transportable, cheap

Amazing what you can do with it

This system is unreal, you have these 2 anchors so you can do chest press, back row, chest fly, ab twist, high low woodies and much more. Smashes that tower 200 crap
So cheap for what it does

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