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Prince (Aldi) Calibre 6 Razor Blade System

Prince (Aldi) Calibre 6 Razor Blade System

4.1 from 12 reviews

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Blown away

Have used Mach3 all my life
No more both head and face fully shaved blade is smooth to use I’m in shock how good honestly
Need to get to Aldi to buy cartridges

Purchased in September 2019 at ALDI for $7.99.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Best Blades ever used.

Much better than Wilkinson! I have tried all the major brands. Aldi's shave closer, smoother and the cartridges last longer than all of the more expensive competitors. Thank you Aldi!

Purchased in April 2019 for $7.90.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Just another shaver

I have had better single blade disposable razors.
Often have to shave twice to get a good shave even with only one day's growth and even then I can still feel stubble.
Cartridge comes away from handle very easily when cleaning.

Quality product

Excellent shaving system. Without doubt the most efficient and long lasting I ever had. Its hard to believe how many full shaves you can achieve before the blades start to loose their edge

Best razor i have tried.

I've been shaving my head for 30 years and I have tried all the major brands. Aldi's shave closer, smoother and the cartridges last longer than all of the more expensive competitors.

Over 300 shaves with out changing blade head

I purchased this shaver over 2 years ago and have shaved over 300 times without needing to change the blades. They have remained sharp. These are amazing and They are half the price of Gillette blades.

Prince Calibre 6 Blades

Sorry they are no longer available best blades I have ever used. I have was given them 2 years ago they are constantly sharp. Is there anywhere at Aldi I can purchase them or something similar.

Could be better- Need to improve

I am regular user of this shaving unit.Sharpness of blades is excellent.....but NEED TO IMPROVE THE GRIP BETWEEN THE CARTRIDGE AND THE HANDLE. It is terrible.
During my shave , I drop this cartridge few times from the handle. Specially in winter while we use hot water to dip this cartridge to clean the devise. Grip between cartridge and the handle which holds the cartridge is poor and needs to be improved.
Being a admirer of this product, I felt that I must write this on review.
Please give attention to my request and put New print on your product....."BETTER AND STRONGER GRIP"

The new blades are no good.

I have used the Prince 6 blade system for several years. Recently I have been cutting myself and or removing levels of skin leaving the face stinging in areas. I compared the old blades to the new blades, visually, except for the colours (old silver, new black) there does not appear to be any difference. However the quality of the new batch is inferior and dangerous, I won't be using them in the future.

The best of shaves.

I've been shaving for 53 years & for most of that time spent using a more expensive but similar quality blade. I was really pleased to find the Calibre 6 does the same job for third of the price.

The best multiblade cartridge

Pro: Price is half Gillette Fusion, Excellent for both a quick shave or a fussy close shave. Very long cartridge life. Comfortable shaver handle.

Con: Some people don't like shopping at Aldi. Aldi could discontinue this without notice. No visible wear indicator

The Prince Calibre 6 beats the Fusion at its own game. The reason (other than marketing) that the Fusion has five blades is so a quick single-pass shave could do a good enough job. The Prince does much better than good enough at a single pass and needs very little repeat shaving for a perfectly close shave. I've used this cartridge for about a year and nicked myself only two or three times but NEVER deep enough to draw blood. I've used Mach 3s since they came out years ago and while they also nick only rarely when they do it's a deep cut.

Unlike the Mach 3 the Prince Calibre 6 doesn't clog (I use aerosol gel so other foams/oils/soaps might differ) and I can do at least 30 full shaves before the cartridge feels even a little blunt. Unlike other big-brand cartridges there is no indication of when to change the cartridge (Gillette has a coloured line on the lubricating strip).

Like the Fusion the Calibre 6 also has a single trimmer blade on the edge but I've never used that on either the Fusion or the Calibre 6.

I can't think how this could be improved and I see no reason to change to another cartridge.

The Calibre 6 is only compatible with its own handle.

My comparisons with Fusion cartridges were with current cartridges but the original handle - not the current ine with the ball joint.

Highly recommended. Worth a long drive if you don't have an Aldi nearby.


The best razor I've ever used

There's not much to say. I don't need shaving lather. Just soap on my neck (I have a beard) and a few easy strokes of the razor shaves smooth. I think it's the 6 blades. I've tried 2 blades and 3 blades but 6 is my best experience.

Questions & Answers

How Many times can I use the Calibre Blade?
1 answer
I have given up using my Prince razor because I could never get a good shave. So my answer is none. You might have a softer beard and it might last a while.

Relece button on Prince 6 blade wount work even if you push it 50 times! Now I've got 2 boxes of usless staff. Is Aldi going to stand behind their product??
No answers

Attempted to purchase a set at ALDI, Caroline Springs and Burnside, Deer Park, Victoria 3023, but out of stock. Please advise where I can purchase a set?
2 answers
Got mine a couple of months ago from my local Aldi. Don't know if they still have them. Doubt you could get it anywhere else because I think it's an Aldi brand.I'm in Adelaide and they still have them in stock here so it may be a short supply problem over there?

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