Pure Blonde Apple Cider

Pure Blonde Apple Cider

3.3 from 15 reviews

Deadset cracker

I bought this at the tail end of a staff do and shared it around, everyone was happy with the product for the most part. I bought a second box a week later for private consumption and I'm hooked. Such a clean, easy drinking cider. A little refluxy after 6+ but what isn't?


This Cider achieves EXACTLY what it sets out to, Dry and Crisp!!! & Extremely refreshing!! I have longed for a dry cider that isn't sickly sweet. Thank you for finally catering to a market of dry cider connoisseurs! Love it Love it Love it!

Pure blonde crisp apple

I'm sorry but this cider is RUBBISH perhaps a beer drinker might like it - I can't stop burping and I haven't finished the first one@ BLAAA it is not a cider -


I initially gave this a 2 star rating but thought again about my review. What I did not consider, was the fact that this product is marketed as "crisp" and with "60% less sugar". So taking this into consideration, then the product achieves exactly that, which is a clean, crisp tasting cider, that also happens to be light in depth due to the heavily reduced sugar content? I gave it a rethink when I gave a stubby to a friend before warning him; he liked it very much and thought it was very clean tasting! So there you have it, a review that's reactive to what a product sets out to achieve :)

Love it!

Love it! A refreshing, dry cider for those who don't like the sickly sweet ciders! No more sugar hangover too! Everyone who has tried it at mine has loved it as well.

Lovely light dry cider for summer

Normally drink Dirty Granny but tried some Pure Blonde and found it to be a very pleasant light cider. We will continue to drink this during the warmer months and switch back to Dirty Granny when it gets cooler

WELL I love it and hope they never get rid of it.

I was buying some more beer which I shouldn't have because I'm on a diet, but love a drink on the weekends. Whilst purchasing the beer this was on the counter for $10 for a 6 pack, I noticed the 60% less sugar and 50% less carbs so I thought I would give it a go. AND I love it, it does not taste like urine as some have stated. It isn't as strong on taste or sickly sweet like other ciders, it's just refreshing and I don't feel as guilty as I would having a beer. I went straight out a bought 2 boxes of it on special. I don't like the pure blonde beer but I love this cider and I say if no one else drinks it, it's a bonus for me. And as par as I'm concerned everyone to his own if you don't like it don't buy it. Never get rid of this cider Carlton brewery. 5 Stars from me.

Best Cider Ever.

I don't like Pure Blond Beer.
The taste is great, I don't know why so many say it lacks flavor. Furthermore, I brought some Somersby last week to try something different, in comparison the Somersby is awful, too sweet. Great product.

Worst cider I have ever tasted

I like cider. I like ALL cider.
I like ALL cider bar this one.
This tasted like watered down urine. Seriously, how did this make it to shelves??
I would not drink this if it were free. I would not drink this if it were between this and receiving 1 million dollars. I would not drink this if I was severely dehydrated and stuck in a desert.
It's bad guys. It's really, really bad.


I too like the taste of Pure Blonde beer, but I am more partial to drinking cider. Along came the "6 pack for $10 voucher" on the woollies shopping docket, so trying a new cider was on the cards. This has to be the weirdest, unpalatable bordering almost chemical tasting drink to masquerade as a cider I have ever tasted. Sharing it amongst our party whilst on holiday, we think we will be leaving it behind. Disappointing - avoid and try something that might have some relationship to an apple.

Sadly Lacking

I was so excited to try this cider as I love the pure blonde beer, but I couldn't have been more disappointed. Weird taste straight up followed by a lack of flavour and body and finished with more nothingness, This is nothing more than water that has had an apple waved through it...

Brillant cider

Love this cider. Reducing the sugar gives it a crisp taste with no sugary after taste.

Drink it icy cold or even on ice.. perfect. Highly recommended.. give it a go.

Great Cider

Refreshing cider on a nice hot day, no hang over the next day after drinking 14 on grand final day I woke up fine :)
it isn't sweet like other ciders but i like it.


If you wanted an apple flavoured goon equivalent, do not hesitate to buy yourself some Pure Blonde Cider. However if you did not want a bottle full of apple tainted water I would advise against this.

Worst Cider

Although this cider is low carb and low sugar, it also comes close to being unpalatable. It has a bitter green apple after taste! Hands down the worst cider I have tasted!

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