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Qantas Cash

Qantas Cash

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Very poor exchange rates!

Used the Qantas Cash card in South Africa and Botswana because I though it would be more cost effective than credit card fees - wrong!! Exchange rate was so poor that it cost between 4 & 7% more than Bank SA Visa card even after the foreign transaction fees are added.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Not worth the hassle

Spent 3 weeks travelling in the USA as a family of five. Had all our funds stored on the QM card. Biggest mistake we ever made. The card was constantly declined, three attempts to seek assistance from QM all unanswered. QM eventually locked the card down suspecting fraudulent us. To RE activate took hours (at our expense on the phone). I was advised by QM security that was reinstated if there was any fraudulent activity on the card it would be at my risk, they would not cover us. Once Reestablished the same constant declines continued. Fortunately for us we had a separate credit card that we could fall back on, this was maxed out numerous times but we could make payments to keep us afloat. My advice to anyone considering using the QM card in the US - DON’T......


Use with caution!

This card is useful in that it gives you frequent flyer points. However, beware if you make an incorrect transaction or if there is a cash hold on the card. It takes a full MONTH for holds or pending transactions to drop off the card, which could leave you in a lot of trouble if you need the money. And even if they know that the transactions are incorrect (in my case, multiple identical transactions within minutes with the wrong expiry date entered) the hold period is non-negotiable!

CurrencyAUD, CAD, NZD, SGD and USD
Competitive Exchange Rate No

Loanshark rates

Loaded card with $AUD9000 into $US and a day later had a look to see how much it would convert back to Australian $ if I cashed out. Within 24 hours I would lose just under $1000. Absolute robbery. I'm reluctant to use it overseas now as I don't want to give them any more of my money and I don't want to cash out unless the US dollar improves.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Customer service is non existent when you need it most.

Loaded our cards in Australia. Flew to Vietnam via Bangkok, used card at Bangkok airport. When in Vietnam tried both our cards and were told the PINs were invalid. Called the help line and had to go through the automated answering rigamarole, eventually got a person that said we need to change our PIN. He put me through to another automated service that told me my card was invalid. We wrote two e-mails on their website and have had no reply in over 3 weeks. Luckily we had a back up credit card but had to pay about $100 in fees. Since we returned we have found it impossible to actually talk to a real life caring person. I have tried Qantas Customer care and they said it would take 14 business days to sort it out. So I replied saying that they have $4500 of ours that we can't access and that our bank could not wait 14 business days. Their automated response says that I haven't put a reference number which I had. I wrote back and received the same response and we are going round in circles. CUSTOMER CARE ?????????


Do not use.Ever.

Transferred Euro on this card for travelling. Unable to use as PIN "incorrect" even though id confirmed the correct one prior to leaving Australia. When it did "work", it said "card declined" but took the money out twice. the card was then cancelled by Quantas. I repetitively emailed them with no response except the advice to phone a Philippino call centre. Stranded in a foreign country without money isn't fun. DO NOT USE. EVER.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Nothing but trouble with the Qantas Cash Card.

Nothing but trouble with the Qantas Cash Card. Limited ATM's o/s you can use. Changed my PIN and it did not register although when I did it it said it had been changed. Was o/s and did not have my Australian mobile number therefore the assistance help line and send code was useless. This time loaded money and was o/s and the ATM said the card was expired...which was correct. No access to money. Got back and rang up and asked why I had been automatically sent a new card, they said sorry we haven't sent you one! What disgraceful customer service. Don't get one for o/s travel!!!


Frustrating cash card and log in difficulties

My husband and I have separate cash cards which we load before travelling overseas which we have done quite a few times recently. Last week I loaded money into my account but was unable to access the account for my husband. Having spent at least 5 hours we finally cancelled the card. There was no way we could get access. Our travel agent informed us that our usual banking card is very accesible and easy to use so that is the way we will go.
Qantas leaves a lot to de desired


complete rubbish , worst exchange rates out there ,

The card is ok domestically in Australia, venture to any of the countries the card uses local currency you are done for , makes an overseas holiday you save for end up feeding the bank issuer of this worthless product , sold using the QANTAS brand , and that is pretty low these days too.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Do not use

As with other customers previous use has been problem free. A recent trip to the UK I loaded money as usual a few days before. The day of travel I checked and the money was not on the travel card. Phone calls amounted to no assistance after sending screen shot of the transaction confirming that I had transferred the money. Subsequent calls on my return and staff gave varying reasons for what has happened. Call Centre staff just reading from their script. Now saying I put in an incorrect reference number. Finally told to get my bank to do a recall which I did but then Qantas travel money declined the recall saying it was a legitimate transaction. They don't seem to know what they are doing. There is no communication unless I keep following up. This seemed like a trusted brand of card but it has been an appalling experience with them and I still don't have my money back.

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Finally contacted by the Complaints section of Qantas Cash card (perhaps as a result of posting my previous review)and couldn’t have had a more different experience. The problem was fixed, my money has been refunded. A pity it wasn’t handled this way at the outset.

Difficult website and app

Tried to apply for this product online and through the app, and I just kept being sent around in circles. I’ve given up. But after having read the rest of the reviews, I’m glad I did.


Poor customer care and service

Got card ok ,loaded money on no or went on line to find out how to customise pin . Told go to a redi teller . Went tried , teller says service not available. Rang the contact centre and the agent told me “ yes that feature has not been available for 3 months or so and we have logged it with our It Dept but they do not think it urgent. “That was all she did ! I suggested they needed to change the advice that you could change the pin that was on the website ! Her answer “ our It Dept would have to do that !!!


Very easy to use, never had a problem

I was traveling to the USA San Diego and Las Vegas, for 10 days and being a Frequent Flyer member was very interested in the Qantas Travel Money Card. After reading all the negative reviews I was very nervous about loading the card and this being my major source of funs while away.
After making the first transaction on the day I landed and then regular purchases there after.

Downloading the app to my phone also made it very easy to check my balance on the go.

I can only say I am very happy with this card and would recommend it for any Qantas Frequent Flyer member

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Worst product ever

First of all it took me month to be able to activate the card. I couldn’t do it on the company, went to the post office twice.
A month before I went overseas I have been able to activate my card then load $2000 .
Once overseas I couldn’t pay with it and. Realised it was expired.
I phoned to get a new one sent to the country I was spending time.
One person said no problem we will sent it to your address overseas. A week later still no card, so I phoned again and they told me no card was send and it will takes at least 3 weeks to get the card . So I said forget about it I want my cash back in my account.
They said to me fill the form and you will get your cash within 3 to 5 days later.
10 days later no new and no cash in my account.
I phoned them again and they said we didn’t get the email with the cash out form.
So I sent it again and the next day I did sent them an email to found out it they got the email and they said we didn’t get the email.
So I sent it again.
I did get a confirmation that they received the email.
5 days later I still don’t have the money in my account. I sent them an email to found out what is going on . NO ANSWER

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Qantas Money Card-Ripping Australians in exchange rates

I traveled to China in June and used the Qantas Money Card for the first time because there was a promotion for no international transaction fees. The card worked well in China. After my first withdrawal of RMB 1,000, I wanted to check the exchange rate but the Qantas App will not show this. When I came back, I printed the statement and was astonished to see the rate of 4.36 RMB whereas other credit cards I used gave me 4.75 RMB. They simply ripped me and other Australians in exchange rates. I sent them an email asking why their rates do not compare with the market rates but no reply. I urge all Australians not to use this Qantas Money card anymore.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Hopeless. If I could give 0 starts I would. Don't get one.

Absolutely hopeless. Problems loading. Points didn't transfer. Card frequently did not work when trying to book online. Difficult to contact call centre. When I did they told me to ensure I use an Australian address. This led to online transfers going through on some occasions but not always. Definitely don't get one.


Useless Card!!

Do not get this useless cash card for your travel money!! I've had nothing but trouble with using euro in various countries. Errors and refusals - a waste of time and embarrassing! I will NEVER use again and I strongly advise about relying on this card!

Terrible customer service

Had used Qantas Cash Card on our last trip overseas and found it great. Decided to use it again on our trip to Java. Used the card a few times to withdraw cash and purchase products but then tried to withdraw money on Saturday afternoon and would not work. Found that I had an email from Qantas saying there was suspicious activity on card. Not having a SIM card in Indonesia wrote an email to the Contact Us at Frequent Flyer site explaining our situation. Did not hear anything back by next morning. Checked my account next morning through Qantas Money App on iPad and account was still inactive. Wrote to Qantas on Contact Us which is on the app but still did not receive a reply. Wrote a third message to Qantas Frequent Flyer giving all details and asking that they email me but no reply. Tried ringing on my wife’s phone who did have an Indonesian SIM card but could not get through. Spoke with owner of Airbnb who we were staying with who informed me that we had no credit for international calls and sent his son up the road to get credit for us. Finally got on to qantas and spoke with representative. Answered all security questions and explained our situation but before we could finish the phone ran out of credit. Did not feel like asking son to go up the road again as we were leaving and expected would get a follow up email. After two days, three emails and a phone call still have not had an email from Qantas in response to our problem. Lucky we had a Visa card and extra cash, but will still have to pay extra cost on exchange rate. Very disappointing customer service

Awful and even worse customer service

I transferred $5000 onto the card a week before travelling. I couldn’t activate the card as the number on the card was incorrect. The card was useless as I couldn’t get a new one before travelling. I asked for a refund and I was given $4400. So for giving them my money for a week I was charged $600 for the pleasure


Poor customer care! Website has serious problems!

I am not sure what has happened to qantas cash card! We used it beginning of last year overseas and had no problems! but now...worst service ever!! Cant activate a new card - keeps saying not an Australian resident or under 16 years of age-which is not the case! numerous calls ( put on hold for over an hour) only to receive an email saying problem had been fixed - but it hasn't. Still no response. The website keeps crashing - saying it has technical issues!
Will definitely not take the risk of using overseas now given such bad customer service. Now to transfer my money out....

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how do I sign in to see how much money I have
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Julie C, I would not touch Qantas cash with a bargepole. They left me high and dry on a recent trip to Vietnam when I couldn't use my and my partners card. Their Customer care leaves a lot to be desired. It has taken me 2 weeks to get the cash out of our cards. Try some other cash card! Steve Belton

I cant find where I log in
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What atms can you use in NZ to withdraw cash and not pay fees??
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Sorry but I dnt k ow about N Z

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