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Qantas Cash

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Forget it

The same situation as DebbieH. Tried to resolve it by using the online messaging system. In spite of numerous messages, absolutely no response. Not even an acknowledgment they received the many messages sent. I even sent them a solution as I happen to be in IT. Clearly they just trash all such messages. They want you to ring so you can be fobbed off there. So they offer a pseudo service and pretend they care! How does Qantas justify this when Qantas is written over every Qantas money anouncement? I got better service from a Citibank ATM that could at least tell me what was left on the card than Qantas money. If you conform to their idea of a common customer then fine. If not , they could not care less. Use something or someone else!

CurrencyEUR, GBP and USD

Used to be a fan - not now

I used to be able to log in to my Qantas Cash card with my frequent flyer number, PIN and password. Now they insist on sending an SMS - how is this supposed to work when I am in Europe and don't have access to my Aussie mobile number (it's a pre-paid that doesn't have roaming).
Looks like I might have to switch to my Virgin Travel card

CurrencyAUD and GBP
Competitive Exchange Rate No


I have been travelling for the past two months and I have no problem of logging in to QantasCash to monitor my expenses and to reconcile my payouts. Now I am home I just couldn't log in to my account and every each time I log in to QantasCash it brings me to Qantas Frequent Flyer log in page. When I entered my details, they keep indicating that the details are not the same as they have on record. Have been a Frequent Flyer member for more than 20 years, and have been on QantasCash ever since it started. Now the hell, they merged QantasCash and Qantas Frequent Flyer together to make it QantasMoney on website, and Travel Money on the App. Both are just the same it brings you back to Frequent Flyer log in. Either way I STILL couldn't log in to my account. It is a real disgrace to the name!

let me down twice

They were having technical problems when I was in Lisbon last year, very embarrassing as I could not pay my Hotel Bill lucky I had a personal credit card
Cost me $40 in phone calls to find out they had a problem
Just tried to move some money today and guess what? site problems again . Tried to phone but gave up after hearing my call was important for the twentieth time

CurrencyAUD and EUR

Qantas - Absolute Disgrace

The lack of service from qantas on supporting this product is an absolute disgrace. I have now been stuck overseas without access to my money for 7 days. Website is basically down. No responses no assistance. After being a FF member since 1994 l finally give up. What a massive mistake considering this product. It should be investigated by the Financial Ombudsman and their licence taken away. Customers treated with absolute contempt.

No hassle at all

Looks like there are people that are not happy with the Qcash service.
Suggestion is to go to another service provider.
If you do not like to fly QUANTAS, then fly Vergin or Tiger.
If you do not like to shop at Coles, then you go to Woolies.
Customer choice is a powerful action.
Good luck

CurrencyCAD, JPY and USD
Competitive Exchange Rate No

Beyond uselss

I had troubles with this card last year but foolishly thought I'd try it again. Big mistake.
I loaded it with $500 before heading OS and it failed the first use. I called but was on hold for 25 mins before giving up.
I called again and same issue. Third time I finally got through and thought I was making progress when my call was disconnected. I emailed asking for a call back which didnt happened. Called again and was told the money would be refunded and I'd get a call back that day. Didnt happen. Same answer a few days later. Days later and I still have $500 sitting uselessly on this card I cannot transfer back or access and this company will not answer my emails, return my calls or help in any way. Just lies, lies and lies.

CurrencyAUD and NZD
Competitive Exchange Rate No

Rates nearly double what they say

Emailed Customer Service to find the Qantas commission on the exchange rate and was told it was 3%. I have done the maths on my purchases. The rate of commission was 5.74%. So nearly double and almost 6 cents in every dollar. A single purchase overseas cost me an extra $152 Aussie Dollars on top of the price. Keep away unless you got money to burn. Better (more honest) rates elsewhere

Competitive Exchange Rate No

New App Epic Fail

Tried to top up my card this morning and got 'unable to process transaction'. But the funds have been withheld from by bank but not transferred to my card.
So, after 20 minutes on the phone to their famous Australian-based call centre (HAHAHAHA) I got no apology and still not received my requested call back from a supervisor.

Seriously considering cancelling my 23-year association with Qantas FF.


I would rate it zero if I could

I am trying to travel to the US and purchase things in advance. Loading cash was fine. The card is essentially useless to me however. They do not let you change your billing address to outside of Australia - even when that is going to be your residential address - and prefer to keep incorrect address details on file for sensitive financial information - great security there financial institution. This card has been constantly declined because of the billing address issue. I started using the card to try make life easier, however it is making everything much harder and frustrating and resulting in numerous phone calls that shouldn't be required. I cannot urge anyone who is considering this card strongly enough to look elsewhere - it's a debacle and a blight on the Qantas brand. What's more, Qantas themselves have not integrated the product into their ecosystem so you have to call different organizations constantly to try and resolve this. It's ridiculous. Don't do it to yourself. Traveller's cheques would be easier than this! Or a carrier pigeon...

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Good but ...

Two days notice that a new app is to be released and the old one retired. Use of the new one depends on a code being sent to a phone. That’s all very well if one is travelling with a phone. But I am not and it seems for the next month I will not be able to check my transactions and balance. Not real happy ....

Possibly the worst company I have dealt with

Here is a summary:
If I could give a negative score I would. Travelled to Cambodia in April 2019. Loaded funds onto a Qantas cash card. Card had a hold placed on it by QC however I was told it was the fault of my bank - My bank confirmed several times that it had nothing to do with them. Was given no access to money whilst away. Spoke to QC multiple times whilst overseas and was told "nothing we can do" "I understand your frustration" "we are sorry" however no solution and no help. I am back from trip and now the money has disappeared from my QC account. Their ineptitude is truly astonishing (and with the money no longer showing up in ay of my accounts, verging on criminal). I can only suggest that nobody use this service. There is no support and nobody seems to know what is going on in there. Interestingly, Qantas distance themselves very quickly from QC when called about this. They are very quick to say that it is entirely separate from Qantas even though they have their name plastered over the branding...

A nightmare experience

Worst experience ever with Qantas Money and Citi. Customer service in Manila and it seems we are talking different things when you try to explain to them about job secure, employment type and income. They rejected my application so I don't want to talk to them anymore but they called again to discuss then reject lol. Heard that they rejected many other application too. Good luck Qantas/Citi.

Qantas cash card

Absolutely the worst service you could expect from any service provider. When you have a question or a complaint the phone number you call is Australian but diverted to Manila in the Philippines and believe me they are not only hard to understand but worst of all they “don’t give a stuff “ regarding your problem. Two and a half hours on the phone and I am NO further advanced. Please if you know what is good for you do not repeat do not get a qantas money/cash card for travel overseas. They are the worst.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Would get zero stars if option was available

Travelled to Thailand. Confusing advice when trying to load currency. Poor exchange rate when I loaded Thai baht. Even worse exchange rate when I withdrew cash and exorbitant ATM fees for the privilege. The loss is about 20% compared to using cash. I suggest people avoid Qantas cash at all costs unless a 20% reduction in your travel money is in your budget!

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Everyone I have spoken to has supplied contradictory or purely unhelpful information. I have tried contacting them by email or through forms on their website to address the status of my application, without response. There are easier and better cards out there. Avoid Qantas.

Really disappointed

Have use the card on a couple of overseas holidays with no problems. Requested a replacement card neary 3 weeks ago and rang them yesterday to see where it was. I was told not to worry it is being processed. I wanted to use it on an upcoming trip in 2 weeks but will definitely not do so now. Imagine if a lost the card whilst overseas. Don't worry you will get a replacement in 4 short weeks!

Nightmare to deal with!!!

Have been using Qantas Cash card for more than 2 years now. Had no issues until now...

Moved from NZ to AUS. Having issues changing my profile from NZ based to AUS based. I wanted to load some $ into my Qantas Cash Currency Card. But since my profile is still NZ based at the back end, I'm not getting the option to make BPay from my Aussie Bank account to load funds.

I have been chasing Qantas who have nothing to do with this & asked me to approach Mastercard Global Support. For almost 2 months without any luck!!! All I hear is excuses saying they are waiting for tech team to make the change over. I have ended up having to get a Currency card from Air NZ to load funds for my upcoming travel.

Very disappointing service!!!

Very Bad Service

I ordered my Qantas Cash card 6 weeks ago. After 4 weeks I called Qantas to find out where it was, they couldn't answer me. They told me that would send me another one express post, 2 to 3 days delivery.
Some 11 days later, I called them again. They told me it was yet to be processed, so much for Frequent Flyer Loyalty, ended going elsewhere.

Awful customer service! Would not use Qantas for Travel money again!

Traveled around USA last year and the card worked fine however I could not log on to my account to load more money. When I tried to reset my password it said my security details weren't correct and I had to call Qantas cash to reset my password. I followed all the options for Qantas cash but when I got through the customer service rep told me they could not help me and gave me another number to dial. I called that number and got the same message and then got given another number which led me to the same conclusion. Tried the same process about 10 times with no luck. I asked if they could simply transfer me to the right department instead of getting me to call a different number each time and they said that was not possible. They did nothing to help me. I was overseas travelling and on hold with Qantas for over 3 hours so I was using up my phone credit to get nowhere. After returning to NZ I tried again to call them and got exactly the same response. I will not be using Qantas again. Such a waste of my time and money!

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Has anyone used qantas cash card to tap on trains or buses in London
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I am going to Cuba, will Qantas Cash Card allow me to withdraw cash there ? At an ATM ?
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Sorry djh I cannot answer that question as I am only a card user like yourself. You could try asking Qantas Cash themselves, but I doubt if they could even answer that question truthfully. But considering my experiences in the USA I would seriously consider NOT using this card in Cuba. Good luck and have a safe trip.

I have reinstalled my app on my phone as I can log in but the app closes 2 seconds after showing my account. Why would this b happening now? The app has worked fine for a couple of years. It’s not usable as it keeps closing before I can do anything. Please help me Thank you & kind regards Elizabeth
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