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Qantas Cash

Qantas Cash

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Worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Everyone I have spoken to has supplied contradictory or purely unhelpful information. I have tried contacting them by email or through forms on their website to address the status of my application, without response. There are easier and better cards out there. Avoid Qantas.

Purchased in February 2019.

Really disappointed

Have use the card on a couple of overseas holidays with no problems. Requested a replacement card neary 3 weeks ago and rang them yesterday to see where it was. I was told not to worry it is being processed. I wanted to use it on an upcoming trip in 2 weeks but will definitely not do so now. Imagine if a lost the card whilst overseas. Don't worry you will get a replacement in 4 short weeks!

Purchased in January 2010.

Nightmare to deal with!!!

Have been using Qantas Cash card for more than 2 years now. Had no issues until now...

Moved from NZ to AUS. Having issues changing my profile from NZ based to AUS based. I wanted to load some $ into my Qantas Cash Currency Card. But since my profile is still NZ based at the back end, I'm not getting the option to make BPay from my Aussie Bank account to load funds.

I have been chasing Qantas who have nothing to do with this & asked me to approach Mastercard Global Support. For almost 2 months without any luck!!! All I hear is excuses saying they are waiting for tech team to make the change over. I have ended up having to get a Currency card from Air NZ to load funds for my upcoming travel.

Very disappointing service!!!

Purchased in September 2016.

Very Bad Service

I ordered my Qantas Cash card 6 weeks ago. After 4 weeks I called Qantas to find out where it was, they couldn't answer me. They told me that would send me another one express post, 2 to 3 days delivery.
Some 11 days later, I called them again. They told me it was yet to be processed, so much for Frequent Flyer Loyalty, ended going elsewhere.

Purchased in February 2019.

Awful customer service! Would not use Qantas for Travel money again!

Traveled around USA last year and the card worked fine however I could not log on to my account to load more money. When I tried to reset my password it said my security details weren't correct and I had to call Qantas cash to reset my password. I followed all the options for Qantas cash but when I got through the customer service rep told me they could not help me and gave me another number to dial. I called that number and got the same message and then got given another number which led me to the same conclusion. Tried the same process about 10 times with no luck. I asked if they could simply transfer me to the right department instead of getting me to call a different number each time and they said that was not possible. They did nothing to help me. I was overseas travelling and on hold with Qantas for over 3 hours so I was using up my phone credit to get nowhere. After returning to NZ I tried again to call them and got exactly the same response. I will not be using Qantas again. Such a waste of my time and money!

Purchased in August 2017.

Awful customer service that does not encourage me to trust them with my travel money!

I ordered my Qantas Cash card a month ago (almost 5 weeks). After 2 weeks I hadn't received it, so I called them to find out why. They said "we deleted that request", but couldn't tell me why. So they reissued the card, which I asked to be sent express as the AUD was falling rapidly. They proposed to charge me $30 for an express post that would not have been required, had they done things right the first time! Two weeks later, still no card so I called them again to find out what was going on. This time, the address box only contained the letters "Pl" for "Place" and not the rest of my address (I ordered over the phone, so their mistake). Instead of calling me to sort it out, again they just deleted the request. I finally received the card yesterday, but too late since I'm not going with HSBC Everyday Global account. Much better exchange rate history too!

Purchased in January 2019.

Qantas cash card problems

During October 2018 l purchased my Qantas cash card, activated and loaded cash onto it. Travelled to the States in November and attempted to use it in 3 different places but it was declined each time. It was then that l noticed that l had been issued a card that expired a few weeks after my arrival. A new card was issued which went to my home address so there it sat until l arrived home in February 2019. Opened the envelope to find the card had expired in December 2018, the same as the previous one. After numerous phone calls and emails a new card is in the post, and l have been told in this instance l will not be charged express postage, really!. 3 months Qantas have had my cash, l would have been much better off leaving it in my regular account earning interest.

Purchased in October 2018.

Do Not use this Card in Japan!

If travelling to Japan, take Yen only and do not rely on this card for purchases. Japan is a mainly cash society and most times I tried to use I had to put in my Pin Number and every time, the card would not work. If I signed for transactions, then it is fine, but these were extremely rare with the majority of transactions required a Pin so card it not ideal. Also the transfer process is cumbersome with each time waiting for a different reference number from Qantas before I could BPay AUD into Japanese Yen.

Won't be using this card again for any travel in the future.

I have had better experience with CBA Travel Card who have a seamless and quick processing time to get the funds onto the card.

Purchased in February 2019.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Worked Perfect

We recently went on a 4 week holiday through Canada & the USA with a qantas travel card each, spent a lot of time researching other cards as we were worried about the bad reviews on this qantas cash card. Don’t listen to all the bad reviews people only write when something goes wrong. The card was great! Never had an issue, the app was easy to use & to reload currency when needed

We always had a back up credit card & cash with us just in case, what traveler wouldn’t have a back up? Simple.

Purchased in January 2018.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Qantas Cash - 4 Days To Load and still waiting!!

My complaint about Qantas Cash is the length of time it is taking for money I loaded to appear in my account. Already 4 business days and still waiting!! I have to say this is simply pathetic, possibly dishonest and certainly a breach of their own Terms which state 2-3 business days. I am now looking for an alternative Travel Card.

Purchased in February 2019.


The BEST dispute service in the business!

The BEST dispute service in the business!

The dispute team is always on your side granted you fill in the form properly.

If anything goes wrong with your dispute you can always escalate your grievance to Quality Control and they WILL give you a amiable outcome in a prompt fashion.

Their dispute service is MUCH better than that of its counterpart Virgin Global Velocity Wallet !

My only complaint is Qantas Cash to date has no virtual card function which its counterpart has!

Purchased in January 2017.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Needs to be bought up to speed!

Have persevered with QCash card for past 12 months during trips to Asia and Europe. Spent time loading different currencies only to find that everything defaulted back to $AUD when trying to withdraw cash. On a trip to NZ last week the card always paid in $NZ but the problem this time was when I loaded money from a bank account the waiting time was four days! I’m still waiting for some ‘holds’ from NZ hotels to go back onto the cards after 8+ days............ this could obviously be slack hotel admin. but no surprises if it’s QCash taking their time. How about using OSKO or other instant funds transferring program?

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i waited for 15 days to pass before contacting QCash about the funds on hold. Apparently if you use QCash card to put a deposit on hotel room or car rental, then the funds are not returned to your account for 30 (THIRTY) days minimum.

Ongoing problems and poor customer service

Have a balance on my card which I cannot transfer to a bank account nor can I withdraw the funds. Customer Care, at one stage, said I would have to open a new bank account in order to have the funds credited. After being told this I asked to speak to a manager. It turns out that the balance on my card was being withheld because of an outstanding transaction going back nearly three years. I asked for this information to be confirmed, in writing, by email. To date Qantas Cash has failed to do this. The transaction was incurred in 2016 a few days prior to the card being cancelled after my wallet was stolen. This amount has never appeared in my account as an outstanding transaction. I've tried to get Qantas Cash to rectify this but to no avail. They are awful to deal with.

A complete load of bollocks

I recently tested this card on a trip to Thailand by loading THBaht 6400 (A$300) onto my Qantas Cash card. I managed to use it once in a supermarket but then couldn't even pay part of a hotel bill, it wouldn't accept my pin. It also kept wanting to convert from A$ whenever I tried to draw cash out from an ATM and charge me THB220 (about A$10) per transaction. I'll just stick with my NAB Debit card in future for cash and will use my credit card for large expenses. It cost me A$31 in transaction and exchange rate fees to transfer the unused balance back to my cheque account. It was a complete waste of time, money and effort - my advice is DON'T BOTHER !

I think we can all agree that Qantas Travel money has a offensive exchange rate and make a HUGE prof

The exchange rate using Qantas Travel Money is the worst on the market. Even NAB Travel Money have a better exchange rate, and thats saying something. But don't forget who you are dealing with, and that is the Queensland's Heritage Bank MasterCard. I suppose we can all see the problem with this! Not only does the bank want their cut, but so does Qantas. Thus it makes more sense to research and find a travel card who offers better exchanged rates and conditions. I will dump Qantas Travel Money after my next trip, but I have already loaded for my trip coming up.

Convenient but a poor exchange rate

I have used the Qantas card for several trips and found it very convenient & had no problems using it or loading it with AUD or foreign currencies but on my last trip I decided to use both the Qantas card, loaded with AUD, & my Commonwealth Bank credit card for purchases.
Even when taking into account the CBA transaction fee for each purchase, the Qantas card cost me on average almost 3.5 cents more for every pound or Euro.
Next time I'll load it with AUD as a backup & spend it when I get home if I don't need to use it overseas.

Easy to use card, Great customer service

I've been using this card for few years now and it always worked well, even getting cash out from atm's.
I needed help with allocating a new card and the girls at costumer service and membership were very helpful and friendly. Happy with this service


Why does it take for ever to transfer money from a bank account to Qantas cash transferred - early this morning and still waiting and it is now - after 3.00pm.

NO stars. Over seas help desk NO help.

I am still waiting for my card sent 3 weeks ago. Apparently it was activated online when I haven't even received the card and I was told I was liable for any expenses occurred. Fiasco! After many wasted hours on the phone they have decided to send another card. Well I will be back from holidays by then. A complete waste of time. I also did some comparisons of exchange rates with other cash cards as I was waiting and the Qantas cash card has the worst rate. I would have lost over $300 in exchange rates. Using ANZ card which you can collect in the bank - much easier and safer.

Life as you know it comes to an end when robbed of your Qantas Money Card

Travelling extensively in Europe and due to high pressure marketing from Qantas Money (previously Cash) card loaded it to the max and exhausted bank current account. Then pick-pocketed in Paris of 1. Qantas Money Card, 2. Cash and 3. Mobile Phone. At that point forget the holiday. Immediately (within 60 minutes contacted Qantas Money to block card). To confirm identity, SMS, double authentication etc it becomes impossible to do on the internet alone - one has to have a mobile phone. How - do I steal one? It takes up to 15 working days to get a replacement card - I guess one can beg on the streets to survive (this was reported on 3rd Dec and here we are on 2 Jan and no replacement card). There is no replacement for the mobile phone but at least I had other bank cards hidden away so have been surviving by using credit (and all the extra costs of that) as thousands are locked up in the Qantas Money Card. Although they do have a relationship with Western Union to get emergency cash they are only located in certain places in Europe. An increasing number of people are not consistently travelling though major centers, or for that matter using hotels, so it is snookered/checkmate/whatever. Qantas Money does not allow the issuing of a second card when on has one - if they did one could activate the 'spare' and carry on with only the bitter memory of being robbed and not robbed and penniless. To say the least not impressed. Highly recommend that one carries at least two (or more) cash cards and switch if necessary if robbed - and pick pocketing and the like is becoming increasingly common in high visited tourist sites. It can happen to you no matter how many precautions you take and seasoned traveler you may be and I am talking hard learned lessons from over 30 years of travelling through some tough parts of the world - which increasing includes Europe. Do not be dependent on a Qantas Money card.

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Has anyone used qantas cash card to tap on trains or buses in London
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I am going to Cuba, will Qantas Cash Card allow me to withdraw cash there ? At an ATM ?
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Sorry djh I cannot answer that question as I am only a card user like yourself. You could try asking Qantas Cash themselves, but I doubt if they could even answer that question truthfully. But considering my experiences in the USA I would seriously consider NOT using this card in Cuba. Good luck and have a safe trip.

I have reinstalled my app on my phone as I can log in but the app closes 2 seconds after showing my account. Why would this b happening now? The app has worked fine for a couple of years. It’s not usable as it keeps closing before I can do anything. Please help me Thank you & kind regards Elizabeth
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