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Qasair 1200HL-2 / 1500HL-2

Qasair 1200HL-2 / 1500HL-2

1200HL-2 and 1500HL-2
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Excellent Rangehood

We spent a lot of time researching rangehoods when updating our kitchen 2 years ago. We looked at units with outside motors to reduce noise but ended up going with the Qasair as we were concerned it would be too noise for the neighbours. The Unit has been excellent - very effective and the quietest unit we heard with internal motors.

So far we have had the unit 2 years and it has performed well. Many people comment how quiet it is given it has 2 900 motors!..

The only negative was the cost (not of the unit but the installation!). The install cost more than the unit itself as we had a lot of ducting required. We used an authorised installer which was well worth it but costly..

For those who can afford it I would recommend it above the units with outside motors.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Faultless service after 8 years

Our house has an open kitchen plan, where the meals area and rumpus room is exposed to the kitchen, so having an effective rangehood was an extremely important criteria in making this open plan work for us. I tend to do a lot of stir fry, and much prefer that the furniture and living space doesn't become coated in a layer of oil. So the rangehood was absolutely critical to keeping the cooking odours away. I chose Qasair because it is a quality Australian made product with very efficient and relatively quiet fan motors. And to be sure that the rangehood is sufficiently large, I went with the 1200 mm wide rangehood over a 900 mm wide gas hob, so that the suction area is greater than the heat source area.

This rangehood was professionally fitted by a Qasair authorized installer, and I made sure that the rangehood was as low as legally permissible, so that it can be most effective. The further away the rangehood is from the stove, the less effective it becomes.

The type of cooking is mainly Asian cooking and till now, the insides of the rangehood have never been cleaned, because there is no need to do so - there is no oily residue inside the hood due to the extreme effectiveness of the rangehood.

Recently one of the two motors had trouble spinning up to the high speed, but was fine with low speed. Turns out that a capacitor that has degraded over time needed to be replaced. The fix was cheap and straightforward, thanks to the service tech from Qasair. I got the other motor's capacitor replaced just as a precaution, in case it was on its way out. All out repairs costed $150, which was entirely reasonable, and the high speed performance was restored.

Back to cooking again with out needing to be concerned about oily residues or food smells in the house!

Very very happy with this rangehood. I suspect it will last the lifetime of the house.

Great rangehood

I had a very ineffective recirculating rangehood, and often a smoky kitchen when frying as a result, and wanted to replace it with a ducted one. The Qasair has been excellent. It looks stylish and is easy to clean. Most importantly, it completely removes smoke and steam, and is relatively quiet.
Very effective, easy to clean, relatively quiet
It is relatively expensive

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