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Sirius SL EM 2 900

Sirius SL EM 2 900

4.5 from 26 reviews

good looking and founctioning

I have just purchased SL EM900 with external motor and it is looked nice. I will see how in long term it will work. It seems the options for installer is limited so the installation costs.

Purchased in February 2019.

The ideal finish to my fabulous new kitchen

I have just had our renovation involving moving the kitchen to our back-patio space (fully enclosed) and chose the Sirius SLEM 2 900 Range-hood to complement our set of new SMEG Kitchen cooking appliances, including an Induction cook-top. I chose this to enhance the elegance of my Hampton-style 2-pack Kitchen cabinets, and for its external exhaust motor. The Sirius range-hood is quieter at its low fan functions and effectively removes steam & odours to outside the room. The lights are ideally positioned, and it is very easy to clean the filters in our new (first) Electrolux dishwasher & custom made single-piece baffle (due to the brick line around the top of the kitchen’s external wall from the original patio layout). The range-hood, flue & motor were easy to install.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Quiet and efficient

The rangehood is really quite (possibly because of the external mounted motor option we chose) and so far has done a great job of removing smells. We have installed it above an induction cooktop and it's worked perfectly since we installed it a few weeks ago. It's contemporary finish looks great too.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Removes all odors

Bought this rangehood recently to replace a euromaid model which dripped oil. It is an amazing product in comparison. No oil dripping after 2 months of constant use. I love the external motor to reduce noise. It removes all smoke, steam and odors even when cooking the smokiest of dishes. The only issue I had was the manual supplied with the model was not specific with mounting instructions whereas the online one on the Sirius site was much better. The one we had with product did not specify mounting height or the ducting to be used so we had to refo the install!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great product!

Looks great and is really effective at removing cooking smells! Purchased this rangehood recently and installation was relatively easy. The first two settings are very quiet! I have not been disappointed with my choice, it is a real showpiece adding a certain elegance to my fabulous new kitchen. I'm very happy!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Magnificent and silent

I have recently had my kitchen renovated and decided on a Sirius SLEM 2 900 Range hood. Apart from the smart clean and contemporary design I was drawn to the external exhaust motor. After years of substandard performance of my previous range hood, I could not be any happier with my new Sirius. The whisper quiet function with strong and effective steam and odour removal to the outside air, well placed lighting and easy to clean baffles and surfaces, I don't know why I put up with my previous range hood for so long. Installation was simple and quick for the electrician with the outside motor being discrete in both looks and operation. I will never go back to an internally driven model. Ever. Thank you Sirius, your product delivered everything it promised.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Thanks for the great review, Col. We love hearing positive feedback like yours! Kind regards, Sirius Team.


The Sirius range hood is a great product. It is very easy to use and takes all unwanted cooking smells from the kitchen. Was easy for the electrician to install.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Superb, awesome and excellent

I purchased this Sirius 2900 with SEM1 motor as it was for personal use. Even though being Indian we use heavy duty spices, this rangehood sucks the smell and unwanted things so neatly and nicely that I wouldn’t stop recommending to many people! The only thing to remember is please get it installed using Sirius recommended plumbers who is mentioned on their website. They are but expensive but worth paying them extra as rangehood is not cheap too! Overall, just love it and it’s definitely silent. Even when I Use top speed which 4th it doesn’t make that noise. Hence installation is very important.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Looks great and is very quiet

Only recently purchased so a bit early to really give it a score but I can say it is very quiet. I have purchased the range hood based on the excellent reviews and recommendation of HN. Hope it does it will be as good as they say as it was not the cheapest option. Will update the review in a couple of months

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Ah the serenity!

The range hood is installed at last and is whisper quiet. l can have a normal volume conversation while the setting is on high fan in the open plan kitchen dining lounge. It's great. Had some issues with Harvey Norman as they didn't deliver the separately boxed external motor with first shipment so something to watch for when ordering. I had to call Sirius a couple of times to sort it out and the customer service was great and helped me sort out the issues. Don't forget the duct kit.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Fantastic to hear, FiddyPJ7. Thanks for the positive review! Kind regards, Sirius Brand.

Not bad but disappointed

I purchased this item at Harvey Norman after looking at the display.
When I received the item it had baffles instead of the mesh I wanted and the flue cover did not have the s symbol as displayed in the shop...very disappointed
Besides that I'm pretty happy with the prefomance and the sound.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Happy Customers

We were recently in the market to purchase a new Rangehood. After much searching on the internet we decided to go to Harvey Norman so as we could see different Makes / Models in operation . After viewing many units and discussing the Positives and Negatives as regards cleaning and actual extraction power of the different units with the salesman we made the decision to go with a Sirius SL EM2 900 / Sirius Easy roof Ducting Kit and are really happy with our choice.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Effectiveness of Range Hood

This device is most definitely "fit for purpose". It delivers as promised, works effectively and looks very well. The motor is quiet, the exhaust flue system is robust and of sufficient length to satisfy needs. The filter is strong and fits very well, so is easily removed for cleaning. I am thoroughly contented to have made this purchase.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Not as good as I expected.

This was installed in a newly built house, I love to cook and was willing to pay extra for a really good rangehood. Alas, the Sirius is neither as quiet or as good at removing cooking smells as I was expecting. I'm not sure if the disappointing performance is due to the product itself or because of the installation.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Very quiet Rangehood

This rangehood looks and sounds terrific. Very happy with our purchase. Installation no trouble at all. Didn't take long at all. the suction is outstanding. We would thoroughly recommend and would buy again As well as looks goo in our kitchen and have many comments. One very very happy customer.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Works well and quieter than others

Purchased this rangehood recently. Installation wasn't too difficult. Buttons would have been easier to access and see if on the edge of the canopy rather than on top, but this might lead to earlier failure from steam and oil ingress than if the buttons were on top as they are now.

Corners of the canopy are slightly rounded but would have been better if more rounded (for added safety).

A relative came over to see and was so impressed by it, she asked me to get one for her too. Hence this second review. She liked the way it had several fan speed settings, nice bright halogen lights, the way cooking smells are ducted outside, easy to clean filter and how it was quieter than her current one. Those were the main pluses from her.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great Choice

Just installed a new kitchen and I wanted a rangehood that is aesthetically pleasing, quiet, efficient, easy to clean and doesn't show up every single mark. Yeah. I have not been disappointed with my choice, it is a real show piece adding a certain elegance to my fabulous new kitchen.

Nice and quiet

Looks good and operates quietly. A great improvement on our previous rangehood. Good value for money. Only disappointing thing was we weren't advised at the time of purchase that it didn't come with a ducting kit. This had to be purchased separately and, because they didn't have it in stock, caused a few delays.

This is a disappointment.

Even though the motor is on the ceiling the noise level is too great at speeds 3 and 4. I paid good money for it both to buy and to install. Just sad. I hope the company can to something to rectify this great annoyance. If not take it back and give a refund.

Dear Boon thanks for your review, we are sorry to read your unhappy with your rangehood, the unit motor may be too close to the rangehood, ideally it should be at 2M from the unit. Additionally you shouldn't need to use level 4 its generally for smoke in the kitchen if you burn something and level 3 is also very strong. If you have further question and or problems please pick up the phone and call us, 1300 762 219, thank you Sirius.The motor is two and half semi rigid ducting away installed by a Sirus installation person. Will appreciate any further tips. At speed 2 will the suction still be 1200 m3/h ?Hi Boon thanks for your reply, most rangehoods finish the extration rate at 400-800, as our rangehoods have 1200 extration they are extrating a lot more. Each setting moves up so if you use the setting 2 as an example and the extration will be at about 652-700. As an example the units that have 700 as the max extration, setting 2 would be about 350. Feel free to call our team if you want the pressure charts etc or have further questions, 1300762 219, thank you Sirius.

Quiet efficient rangehood

Very happy with this purchase. I had been doing a bit of research into range hoods, & decided to purchase a Sirius brand. A friend of mine has one & is happy with hers. This one is a quality product, its quiet and efficient with a good extraction rate. Price also reasonable. I would recommend getting it professionally installed

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Questions & Answers

How effective is the filter?
1 answer
Hi Meeta J. The baffle filter is designed to catch grease and oil in the channels and stop it from dripping down onto the cooktop. As long as the filters are cleaned in the dishwasher every so often (depending on your cooking style) then the filters will stay in good condition and you shouldn't have a problem. Regards

Can i get dimensions of 90cm SLEM2900SEM5 ext motor conapy
1 answer
Hi Harvinder, Details specifications for rangehoods are available on the Sirius website. https://siriusbrand.com/work/canopy-rangehood-slem2-900/ Regards

SL22990 SEM 1. There are no spring loaded clips, are they hidden in the canopy somewhere or missing or sold separate? Ugh .... hate to go back to store as I doubt they will have spare parts lying around and cannot wait for parts to be ordered so will most likely end up at bunnings..... please help!
1 answer
Hi Lol, The spring-loaded clips are fixed to the top of the canopy where the flue attaches. If they aren't there, please call Arisit Spare Parts on 1300 762 219 to organise replacement parts. Regards

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