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Terrible, get away

Terrible customer service, extended times of inaction and general incompetence. They lied on the phone to cover up mistakes. Get out as soon as you can, a self managed super fund is a little more work but is a much better solution than this circus.

Customer Service
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Inadequate service.

Was not interested in finding any solution. A sub-standard service that had little regard to the client's needs or problem solving the query. Totally not helpful in assisting their client.

Very slow in processing form

It has taken six weeks and still waiting to have a simple form (Claim to vary a deduction for personal super contribution) processed. In the meantime Q Super is holding on to a tax deduction of $2200 in my account. I can't put in my tax return until this form is processed. Each time I ring I am told they can't tell me how much longer. They are obviously understaffed if they can't keep up with the volume. While they have had good returns in the past, I suspect things are changing due to the recent changes and increase in membership.

Customer Service
Insurance Options
Income Protection

Happy with the returns and customer service. Particularly at the management end.

Had been with Qsuper for well over a decade and only decided to leave because my husband and I chose to set-up a SMSF. Was happy with the solid returns and customer service throughout the years with them.

We urgently required our last two financial year statements from Qsuper but were unable to access the Qsuper online portal anymore to do so. Phoned Qsuper and was informed that our online portal account had been shut down by IT because we had rolled our funds into our SMSF. The drama we had was that the only method to obtain these statements now from Qsuper was via snail mail. We got these in the post five days later but the latest statement we required was not in the package sent. As time was of the essence for us, I was able to get in contact with management there who swiftly resolved this issue.

They were diligent and helpful, even though we were no longer members. Well done Qsuper.

Customer Service

Do not walk. Run.

Member of over 10 years. QSuper is an organisation that expands and adds junk insurance to your account directly against your specified wishes: then hides under legal cover. Watch your statements closely and expect the addition of unwanted charges, particularly "income protection insurance". If you are a busy working person, best to avoid QSuper in the first place to avoid the hassle.

Customer Service

Yep....its the muppet show

I have been a member for 13 years and in recent years I have noticed a definite decrease in customer service accompanied by an increase in razzle-dazzle advertising. So it starts like Kermit the Frog coming out giving the show a big plug but ends like those two old guys in the box whinging. In this week's special show, I spent two hours on hold before I spoke to a customer service officer. I have sent three emails but have not received any response, despite QSuper saying that they response to emails within three days. No they don't. Meanwhile, I hear all about their commitment to supporting the community in their warm-and- fuzzy-glow radio advertising.

Customer Service

Terrible customer service

After spending half an hour on the phone, listening to the same repetitive ad over and over like a brainwashing exercise, I finally gave up. Terrible customer service. Very frustrating

Customer Service

Are they even legal

Member for 20 plus years. Make a claim due to experiencing a negative life changing event. 18months of on-going utter nonsense of repeatedly asking for same information, repeatedly having to review information, repeatedly stalling with no contact for months, no help when contacted as the left hand no longer works here, so you'll have to explain all that again to the new right hand and they will get back to you. Absolutely no guideline or requirement to definitively process any claim by a member within a prescribed time frame. So it leaves a member with no recourse to even make a complaint to the industry watchdog, that is the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. This mob is typical of shonkys in this business sector. All smiles and flowers to take contributions and live high on the corporate hog attending all sorts of business soirees because the contributions are theirs to fritter as they deem fit. Paying out on members insurance policies is not a valid reason to them, it would seem. BE WARNED, steer clear of this mob as there are better alternatives out there. Research positive feedback by other various fund members who have been given the support they expected when needed.

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Qsuper is terrible and their services should never be used by anyone. Their cinema advertising is disgusting and I hate their company. No one should ever trust their business or anyone who works there.

Beware of QInvest's poor advice (if you can get any service at all)

I have been with QSuper almost 20 years and in recent years have sought advice from QInvest on 2 occasions. The first (with my husband) was a debacle where the adviser was ill prepared for our meeting. The second, last year, I thought went well enough until I received a $113k bill from the ATO. ie QInvest wrongly advised me to deduct then reinvest an excessive amount from my super - and now $113k will be withdrawn and the associated tax will be deducted.

The lack of communication on this erroneous QInvest advice has been extremely worrying, especially now that (after 10 days of phone calls) 45 days has been set as the date by which a resolution on my losses will be reached. Totally unreasonable QInvest - the resolution process, to date, has been opaque and confused. QInvest has not even asked for all the financial information necessary to calculate the losses I will suffer as a result of having $113k outside super. And $113k deduction from my super and taxes will all well and truly be completed within 45 days.

Very disappointed QInvest - earlier this year I thought that waiting 2 months to be able to BOOK a follow up appointment with an adviser was bad news - but now I can see it was a blessing. An expensive mistake for me to trust that this QSuper entity would provide me the right advice.

Customer Service


In my experience customer service was terrible by phone and it got much worse after I tried to complain. I believe that when consolidating Super people need to be very careful about insurance, that they remain covered at all times and for the same level of cover as previously held.

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Insurance Options

Won't let me transfer my money to another fund.

QSuper won't let me consolidate my super to another fund unless I supply them with a separation certificate which I am unable to do as I was casually employed.
Apparently I can request a transfer through the ATO through the myGov website, fingers crossed this works.

Customer Service

Insurance arm is a disgrace

Pathetic. Took near two months to obtain a quote for Income Protection Insurance, during that time they put the insurance in place without my approval. They ignored the Medical Report and decided I had a medical condition that the medical report said I did not. It took many times to point this out, but was ignored.
The Superannuation side is good, and rated so by Canstan, however their branch out in to Insurance is very much being run by people with minimal to nil experience in Insurance. Stay with the Industry experts when it comes to Insurance and avoid QSuper. You don't buy bread from a Butcher, don't buy Insurance from a Superannuation company

Process gaps lead to delays in accessing Superannuation entitlements

Retirees who have experienced delays accessing pension or lump sum payouts on retirement please post a review.
1. Accessing your QSuper entitlements is a hugely important decision making process that you will likely enter into just once in your life
2. Its a decision making process that will impact the rest of your life until you die
3. Despite this, there is a vast amount of QSuper information online, but nothing that specifically says Step 1, Step 2 etc
4. After years of service to the public you will be left to your own devices to wade through all the information and try to make sense of it.
5. There are forms that need to be submitted to QSuper when you resign or retire, but you will be lucky if you know what these are - you might find out about these from other public servants who have travelled the road before you, otherwise, you will remain ignorant
6. Without any prodding on your part, your payroll section will eventually send the triggering form to QSuper, but this can be anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months after you have left your job
7. If you are a family like us who are relying on 2 incomes, you are going to do it tough for a while
8. To try and alleviate all that my husband rang QSuper 1 month before he retired to get an appointment, and somehow, he attended up with a QInvest appointment, but not until 3 weeks after retirement
9. We went to the QInvest appointment thinking it was about setting up our pension payment and arranging for deposit of the lump sum. This was not the case. It takes QInvest 6 weeks to generate a report after your visit and a further 3 weeks to action it. There is around a $500 fee for that appointment and another $120 if you want QInvest to complete the forms for you.
10. Now, remember that you are going to wait around 9 weeks before you see any money
11. Following on from our experience, I sent a few emails trying to get a better understanding of the process. I thought we had done a fair bit of online exploration, but there is nothing posted anywhere that tells you about delay periods that are going to impact your quality of life; nothing that explains why it takes your payroll or shared service department between 2 weeks and 2 months to forward the form to QSuper that will trigger action for you; nothing that explains why QInvest need 9 weeks to develop and action a report after you see them.
12. In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that this really important process needs to be streamlined for the wellbeing of public servants everywhere.
13. We have been told that shared services/payroll, QSuper and QInvest are completely separate entities, but they shouldn't be. Not where this stuff is concerned.
14. My husband and I have worked for the Public Service for over 30 years each. We have no criticism in relation to the financial performance of QSuper. Its a market leader. Neither do I think people working for these organisations are trying to be difficult. I suspect they are doing their best. They have been excellent across the years when we've rung on an adhoc basis seeking information
14. I am however appealing to management in all 3 organisations to have a good look at the way in which you work together (or not) to support people at this very important crossroads in their lives. Based on our experience, what you are doing is not working. Its confusing, time consuming and very very stressful.
15. There is strength in numbers. Please post a review if your experience has been similar to ours. I may not have made myself popular by jumping up and down about this, but I can tell you that processing of our entitlement is occurring with significantly increased speed
16. Best wishes for healthy, happy and enjoyable lives for all those retirees out there

The worst of humanity

I have found the process of claiming income protection to be extremely distressing. In fact I would say that it has made my mental health worse, and I have had many meltdowns from this process related to my autism spectrum disorder, which further prevents me from working.
In the case where income protection is meant to help you when you are ill and cannot work, my experience with QSuper has instead been to waste what little "healthy" time I have (where I could have been spending that energy on working or recovering) and to worsen my mental health to the point where I have been unable to attend work regularly. As a result, my experience with claiming from QSuper has only been to lose even more potential earnings.
I have been depressed, suicidal, hopeless, and angry with little to no improvement in years.
I have been failing to deal with my very recently diagnosed and previously unmanaged autism spectrum disorder, and the process with QSuper has very much disturbed me and my view of people in general.
This will have an ongoing negative affect on my mental health.

Due to financial strain, losing 20kgs and my worsening health I have also had to move back in with my parents at the age of 27 (whom I already owe over $8000 from borrowing money previously to pay rent and bills while I have been sick).

My claim is in its second year of processing.

Superannuation paid into a deceased estate

My brother died with money in q super which they are refusing to release to his estate because q super say they decide who gets the money left in his superannuation fund. My brothers wishes are being ignored and q super say they will decide who gets the superannuation money. Get out of q super everyone....

Charging for unwanted products / steer clear

Nurses scrutinise your statements like you did your pay a few years back!
Bit of creative accounting going on and it's not in your favour!
Change funds!
-Fees are excessive by comparison to other funds with better returns.
-No set admin fee- this too is charged per percentage of your balance- supposedly at 0.16% but this figure is very "fluid" , just doesn't add up.
-Fees eg Investment fee wasn't worked out correctly against my balance according to the percentage they claim to charge. Stated 0.27%.
The investment fee doubled in 12 months not because they doubled my return but because I foolishly rolled over another fund into QSuper.
- They have then set about charging me for insurance - products I explicitly said I didn't want. They acknowledged this request was on my file today. Yet they have charged for them for the last 5 years ( I know my fault for not scrutinising my statements)
These premiums are also of creative charging!
In some years the premiums have gone up while the benefit has decreased.
-There is a waftly Death insurance benefit and a Total and Permanent Disability benefit, then a Terminal Medical condition benefit- good luck claiming against any of those!
When I realised they were gouging over $1000 in fees I realised they were charging me for this insurance, after I asked for an explaination- silence-then " I can see you asked for no insurance" when I asked for that amount to be immediately refunded" it will take a month for the insurance department to investigate"
Well Guess What....
I'm pretty sure ASIC and the Financial Ombudsmans office and the ACCC will be asking a few more questions quicker than that.
This year they have thrown in another charge-" Indirect Costs"-$90.59 WTH is this for?
Are you sure you don't have the Prince of some obscure pacific island working for you?????
Ex Qld Health accountant maybe?????
Qld Health employees make up the bulk of your customers, mainly female nurses, you've already
done us over with the pay debacle....I'm walking.
You will still refund unwanted insurance premiums plus interest on lost investment.
qsuper.qld.gov.au says it all.

Rort. If you ask me, their fees are way too high

I called up regarding what I thought was a second account which I found out there wasn't, however I discovered that I had "income protection cover" that was costing me $35 a week for $13,000 if I became unwell, & of course, if they approved it! Wow - that's $1960 a year of my money plus I had other fees coming out. This is outrageous. Basically $2,000 plus a year in silly insurance fees that you might (probably) wouldn't be allowed to have for a lousy $13,000!
Something seriously wrong with Super companies. They are making a lot of money out of us, & there must be a few who are not aware of the fees & insurances being deducted. Stay away from QSuper. I am looking to move on but have to research to find one that doesn't scam it's clients of a whole lot of their money.

I would just like to add that I had called to cease all insurances and the next day $60+ was taken our disability insurance, and a whopping $550+ for income protection insurance. And they are still taking insurance fees out when i went online and switched IT OFF! A complaint letter has been written and yet no response! I will be getting the ombudsman involved. there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with their system. As soon as this is sorted (legal action if needed), I will be getting out

A money-loser

I have a small super account with them which started life a long time ago with Queensland government super. It built up nicely but since going into QSuper it has disappeared. They deducted fees and life insurance till it got below $500 and now they are still deducting fees, so it will disappear completely eventually. I fear that they will then start saying I owe them money for managing an empty account. I am eligible to take the money out now but they have never contacted me to tell me so, unlike my other fund. I will have to get in touch with them to start that process and I suspect they will just delay it until they have deducted all the money for themselves. In fact,when I pay the exit fee I won't have anything left.

Not very helpful

I had only been a member for over a year and switched to Australian Super. To start they misspelled my name on application which meant i could not access my account, more delays to sort out. I made a query about my balance not correlating to a spreadsheet i made up using the daily unit prices. They found this difficult and more or less fobbed me off. I mean Super is not some piddling bank account it has large sum of money. Even the low life Banks have to account for every cent. I export my QSuper transactions as Exel and import to my Imac spreadsheet no problems. But trying to export the QSuper daily unit price does not work. I brought this to their attention as well as my other concern and had to wait over a month for a reply. It was more or less tough, just go out and buy Microsoft Exel. Are you kidding, how about you get IT of their butt and fix it for the customers. I don't recall having a Windows computer as a joining requirement!! This is a poor response from a QSuper Supervisor. I am surprised the Royal Commission has rushed through the Superannuation Industry, but it was hobbled with only a year to look at Banks. I think there is a can of worms considering the 2.6 Trillion dollars sitting there that most working people do not keep a close eye on.

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QSuper won’t let me consolidate my account in a rollover to an other state without hitting me with a substantial penalty. How come when state to state is a no fee option.
1 answer
I’m really not surprised that there hasn’t been a response to this question. Hard to defend a position which is so evidently wrong. I’ll try taking this up with the state ombudsman.

how long is the standard time for withdrawals from income and accumulation accounts
3 answers
Hi Garry B, assuming you have access to funds, QSuper stock reply is 7 business days upon receipt of a correctly completed withdrawal application. Just do not ring and question that if you have a withdrawal application pending. I did that and it ended up taking 10 business days. If you think you have access because you are injured or incapacitated and have not yet reached preservation age, be prepared for a lengthy, drawn out and disheartening experience. This is my situation and have had to engaged a solicitor but all to no avail. !8 months plus and waiting. I feel sorry for any member of QSuper who has to make any TPD or IP claim because you will need a lot in reserve or be prepared to sell up to survive the waiting period for any of your entitlements from this mob. Good luck.Hi Garry, thanks for your question. Withdrawals from Accumulation accounts are generally processed within 7 working days of receiving a completed application and Income account withdrawals are processed within 3 working days. Once funds have departed QSuper please allow up to 24-72, depending on your banks processing time for the funds to clear.Hi Dan, We’re sorry to read about your recent experience with QSuper. We’d like the opportunity to look into this further for you. If you’d like to allow us to do so, please send us a private message on Facebook including your full name, date of birth and address on record.

How do I dealt with the account of a deceased husband?
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