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Rekorderlig Premium Strawberry & Lime

Rekorderlig Premium Strawberry & Lime

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Mitch B

Mitch BQueensland

  • 7 reviews

Tastes like rotten strawberries and ethanol


Per the title, this cider tastes like like rotten strawberries and ethanol. Perhaps it's a bit of luck whether the particular cider was made with fresh strawberries or rotten ones, but I definitely won't be buying again.

Purchased in November 2019.



  • 6 reviews

So delicious!


The Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime Cider is super delicious, and has the sweet taste of - you guessed it - strawberry and lime! The bottles are a really nice size, which is a bonus (especially considering the price) and the alcohol content is pretty decent as well, just be mindful that if you drink a few you’ll be rushing to the bathroom all night to pee! My only critique with them is that you really can’t have too many as the taste can be a bit sickeningly sweet after a while - it’s an overwhelmingly sweet taste and it can make you feel sluggish and can get a bit much after a while, so I needed to break mine up with something a bit more mild. Don’t let this deter you though because they are seriously delicious as a luxurious treat!

The smell!


It smells like poop....probably the sulphur dioxide in it. I can't get past the smell to taste it....it's really sweet.

Miss this


No hit here. The smell is acrid like garbage and I can barely get past it. The taste is fake strawberry lime gum. The lime should make this refreshing yet it is coyingly sweet. Much more like a non alcohol fizzy drink than a cider.



  • 7 reviews

Yep, I'm rating a consumable beverage 5 stars


This really is a nice smooth drink. It's like drinking a tangy and delicious dessert. It feels naughty and indulgent. The only othe strawberry and lime cider I can compare it to is the one from Aldi which is cheaper and very good, but not quite as good as this one.

I wish I were a sultry, strong hard-drinking type, you know, like the quasi love interest in the Indiana Jones series, unfortunately I don't have the stomach for most liquor. If I can tolerate a large-ish bottle like the 500ml Rekorderlig, trust me it means it's very nice!

Pricey but worth the money!


This is delicious! It's amazing cold but it's even better heated up on a winters day! It's more expensive than some of the ciders out there but is definitely the tastiest.


nstarkersPenrith, New South Wales

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Very nice


One of the best ciders on the market. Is a little sweet but Rekorderlig ciders are the best. I've try many strawberry and lime ciders and their not much cheaper than this one but it's taste is far better than the rest. Price is a massive downfall as a case is between $70-$80 but you do get the very best here
Taste is second to none
Price is expensive


mitchamusNew South Wales

  • 25 reviews
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Simply Disgusting


pwo128NT, 820

  • 66 reviews



There are many ciders on the market - some dry, some sweet. If you're a sweet tooth like me than you'll LOVE Rekorderlig.
My favourite is the Strawberry and Lime, although the Wild Berry is great too. My wife loves the Winter cider.
They are so incredibly easy to drink, it's hard to stop at one!
Highly recommended.
Beautiful taste, easy to drink
A little more pricey than others


dogger15gold coast

  • 6 reviews

Really great cider


I have tried several different ciders, and always thought i didnt like them because i dont like beer and they tasted similar to it, but since trying rekorderlig ciders i love them. They have so many flavours, but strawberry and lime and mango raspberry are my favourites. They taste exactly like they say they are and are a pleasure to drink. They are sweet, smooth and full of flavour and not bitter at all like other ciders can be. i dont usually drink more than 3 because it can get a bit sweet. They are a bit expensive, but 3 for $18 for 500ml bottles is reasonable enough
Tastes exactly like they say they are
Bit pricey, and a bit sweet after the 3rd one.

Questions & Answers



The drink tastes like blue semen and its hard to swallow please help?

2 answers

Don't worry - it's supposed to taste like that.

I called their customer support line with the same issue - they informed me that Smurf milk makes up at least 30% of the product by volume.

Apparently they keep a small (illegal) herd of Smurfs in terrible conditions underneath their factory.
There they are fed nothing but strawberry daiquiries, forced to watch smurf-porn all the time and are 'milked' several times each day.

Its an outrageous, barbaric practice.

Several attempts have been made to free the Smurfs from their cruel bondage - but none of them want to leave.


How do you know what blue semen tastes like?

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