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Remington PG6020AU Titanium ALL-IN-1 Rechargeable Grooming System

Remington PG6020AU Titanium ALL-IN-1 Rechargeable Grooming System

2.4 from 19 reviews

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Good value for money

Brought this product few months back and really like it. Good value for money and this is the best product I have every tried . Would love to recommend it to family and friends

Purchased in October 2018 at Target Australia.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Do not buy this groomer !!!

Charge only last for few minutes.....even after charge for 14 hours...still does generate enough power to trim the bear.......no recommeding at all....good thing is I got my money back, as bought it from jb hi fi...

Purchased in January 2019 at JB Hi-Fi for $25.00.

Causes Irritation No


Purchased this for hubby and he loves it. This rechargeable grooming system has titanium coated blades, adjustable comb and trimmers for any style or length your man wants on his face and not forgetting the nose and ear trimmer. Purchased this at big W for a low price and can't believe how much he enjoys using the product. Definitely recommend this.

Awful - poor design and quality

The clip on adjustment pieces are flimsy, too narrow, unstable and today broke. They do not have enough range either. The longest cut you can do is 16mm, compared to 24mm or more with other sets. Will never buy again.

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We are sorry that our product did not meet your expectations. May I suggest that you do not store the product with the combs attached. Please call us on free call number 1800 623 118 to see if we can assist you further. regards Remington Support Team


The good name of Remington has been let down with the pg6020. It’s a nerve racking experience worrying about the cutter guide jumping to ‘shortest’ mid cut and the hair clogs in the guides Battery charge hardly lasts for one hair cut.

User Friendly... NOT!!!

I will start with the grip- hopeless! Almost feels like teflon (no exaggeration).
One hair clipping attatchment with a sliding scale. Feels ultra brittle, and doesnt lock into selected number tightly. It will start changing cut lengt if you apply the slightest bit of pressure beyond "lightly combing." Its a nerve racking experience!
It also comes with a stand to store it on. Good luck getting the groomer to balance on it!
Yes it was cheap, but its also nasty.

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Hi Pickle12, We are disappointed to hear that you are not satisfied with you hair clipper. There could be an issue with the comb going by your description of what has happened. We would like to discuss this matter with you further. Please call our toll free number 1800 623 118 to rectify your issue. regards Consumer Service Team

PG6020 is good for $20 but the battery stopped charging

Remington PG6020 (4mm trimmer) which has a nose hair attachment and the first one I purchased only cost $29. It worked well until it started to run out of charge after about one year. I suspected the wall charger was failing so I bought a Wahl hair clipper that plugs into the wall to replace it. Then I was in Kmart and saw it still selling for $29, so I bought another one.
It worked well for about 6 months and then started running out of charge. I grabbed the older one from the bottom drawer and charged it using the newer wall charger. Seemed to work OK, but the next time it didn't have enough charge. This means the problem is more likely to be the built-in rechargeable battery. I started charging both and using both until the combined stamina of both batteries was less than 5 minutes, I had to give up.

I see them being advertised for Father's Day and for just $20, it is worth the $$. They might be better now, might have a better battery and/or wall charger.

4 stars based on performance, reliability and value for money

This is a little trooper of a kit that does a great job of beard, eyebrow, ear and nose trimming. I've had it 5+ years now and it's only just starting to waver, mainly due to wear and tear. Other more expensive models rarely lasted the same or were nowhere near as functional. Got it for $15 so absolute bargain.

You get what you pay for!

For $30 it is super cheap and does the job. It is definitely not the best trimmer around and the battery life isn't great.
I would recommend this if you are on a budget

Not work buying

Have used Remington products for years , all have been good
Can not say this about this product, just plan rubbish,battery goes flat fast
Adjustable comb will not stay in set position at all, cutter hardy works at all
Made in China rubbish, should be taken off the market
Do not buy this item,

Does not hold charge

Can i give it a 0? Does not hold charge. Battery died within 4 months.
Purchased from K-Mart.
Has a 2 year warranty. What do i do now?
This is a warning. Do not buy.

Lacks power and battery life

Worked fine for the first 6 months, then started to slow down. Now, even when I've charged it for an hour and leave the power connected when shaving, it runs out of power. Don't get Remington unless you just want something for a few months.

As a "designer stubble" trimmer it just works (until teh warranty runs out)

Caveat – this is the first such I have owned so it may lack features that I am not aware that I could use

I decided to try for a “designer stubble” after many decades of shaving every day manually since I have never found an electric razor that worked for me.

After shopping around, the Remington was bought at BigW based solely on the basis of low price (around $28) and claimed low maintenance (tungsten blades and not needing oiling).

In the 8 months since I bought it, it has done everything that I had hoped for and I now “shave” about once a week. It shows no signs of wear and comes with a two year warranty anyway. The battery doesn’t last the promised 30 minutes before starting to run slow but it does last a good month at my usage. At the price, I’m guessing it’s a NiCad battery so it is not left charging all the time.

Maintaining a constant length of stubble means I can’t press hard or the result would be uneven – long in parts and short in others - so the beard trimmer accessory works for me (its design does mean it would probably “collapse” under pressure). I remove all accessories to work on eyebrows, sideburns etc.

Financially it has already cost me less than I would have spent on disposables and shaving cream over the same period.

Criticisms – none given the price point. If it were more expensive I’d like a bigger battery and some indication of when the battery had discharged to the point where the blades started to catch rather than cut.


It's now out of warranty, the battery has given out entirely and it doesn't function even plugged into the mains.

I stand by my original opinion in that I did get more than my money's worth. But, would I buy another - no. I like products that stand up to normal wear and tear. I don't like products that fail within a relatively short time even when they are cost justifiable.

Really, really terrible grooming kit

I bought this thinking that being middle of the price range it'd be OK. It has been terrible. The clipper guide is difficult to get on and off resulting in it breaking. It also has very little control over the clipping height which has caused three, that's right, THREE times where it has trimmed to low leaving my beard patchy and weird looking! It really is terrible.

Junk - Jams on Beard - Short Battery Life - Do Not Buy

Bought November 2014 in Fiji, only get 12 months warranty here.

Worked ok as beard trimmer for maybe 5 months, then started to slow down.

After 12 months battery holds very little charge.

Then it started to jam on my beard, painful.

Attachments are useless. Shaver and nose/ear trimmer do nothing.

Zero power for haircut.

I bought to replace my Braun AA battery trimmer that worked well for 15 years until it got wet.

Never buy Remington again.

Not within a bulls roar to the rapid

Compared to the Rapid this is a very poor product. I have both. The Rapid is wonderful compared to the all in one.
Thank you Remington. I used the all in one but the settings are too easily changed with the slightest pressure causing bald patches

hair disasters!

I purchased this to cut my husband and sons hair, the highest hair setting is still EXTREMELY short, as in a number 2! I'm not sure this is supposed to be the case, its just the plastic attachments are basicly useless. Ended up having to stop halfway through my sons haircut and take him to the hairdresser to fix as it was so short, almost bald in places! I know its cheap but this is just ridiculous! Don't buy!

Can't expect too much for the price

Bought it at Harvey Norman for $29 because I had to stop trying to slice my nose off with my regular-sized clippers.

With no attachments on it, it's really good, but if you're not using attachments then just use a razor because the attachments ruin this, otherwise acceptable, product.

The nose hair clipping bit doesn't clip nose hairs, it just ignores them. The beard length attachment will collapse to the lowest length if *any* pressure is applied. That is, if you set the length to 7 on the length thingo and start trimming and accidentally apply pressure of equal or greater power than that of an ant on a trampoline, the length thingo collapses to a length of 1. Awesome. There goes my beard again.

I'll spend more next time on one that hasn't been designed by a group of meerkats suffering from an extreme case of alopecia areata barbae.
Price, size
Poor battery life, poor attachments, poor quality

This is a great beard grooming kit

I purchased my Remington all in 1 men's grooming kit at the airport over a year ago for $29
I was not expecting much for the price but was pleasantly surprised when I first used it. It cuts well and has a battery indicator gauge. The charge is lasting me several shaves before it needs a recharge. I have always run it flat before recharging and so far I have not experienced any battery memory failure. It also has good size head and the comb attachments can be adjusted to suit the length you would like to trim your beard.

I've neglected this product. I have never bothered to brush it clean. I just tap it on the sink to remove any hair and it's ready for the next time I use it.
I have used this product on average every 4 days for over 12 months and it has never let me down.

This is a great beard grooming kit.
Inexpensive, reliable, long lasting battery

Questions & Answers

Arc attachment doesn't fit properly even it works fine, is it built in adjustment or i got faulty?
1 answer
Hi Kamran, well I just checked out hubbies and the attachment fits perfectly . Also went to you tube and there is a demo ( not in English) of the PG6030 which actually looks the same as this one, perhaps you may like to check it out. If it's not fitting correctly I personally would return the item and get one that works perfectly, I'm sure Remington have strict quality procedures and would appreciate faulty units coming back. Hope I have helped !

How do you fit comb attachment to beard trimming?
1 answer
Hi John, Thank you for your question regarding your comb attachment. The comb clips on over the top of the blade. All the other attachments can be removed by rotating anticlockwise and lifting off. When you are inserting the required attachment and rotate clockwise to lock into position. I hope this has been helpful. regards Customer Service Team

Hi. I havr bought All in 1 Titanium grooming kit. Can u plz let me know how to use Hair Clipper Comb?
2 answers
I could not use the Titanium all in one as the settings on the comb are very easily changed causing bald spots. the comb setting I am referring to is the sliding scale on it with no locking device to set it. I discarded mine and bought the Remington Rapid. How the same company can put out two vastly different clippers amazes me. My rapid is awesome and comes with a set of combs you can select to your hair length and make no mistake. The rapid also sits in the palm of the hand making it so east to use. The Rapid has a cord free option to it as well. Best of luck with the TitaniumAssuming you are asking how to use it as a hair clipper as in haircut, this product isn't intended to do that so the short answer is that you can't. The requirements for a haircut (cutting and shaping the long hair on top and sides of your head) is quite different to that for trimming your "facial hair" (beards, sideburns, nose hair, eyebrows etc). This device is aimed at the trimming/shaping requirement so it has a pair of narrow blades and the combs are adjustable only to a maximum length of under a centimetre. Plus, as noted elsewhere, the combs move if pressure is applied since most of its intended usage is done on areas where the skin has an underlying flexible base (lips, nose, eyebrows, cheeks etc) and hence applying pressure would result in an uneven result. For a device to use for a haircut, you need a much wider blade, a lot more power (either 240 volt or a much large capacity battery) and a means to fix the height adjustment so as to be able to apply pressure as you cut over the scalp (which is basically underpinned by bone so pressure actually results in a more uniform result). A quick Google show that the Remington Rapid referred to in the previous answer is indeed aimed at the haircut market. As per its name, the "Grooming System" is aimed at grooming (aka trimming) - not hair cutting.


Remington PG6020AU Titanium ALL-IN-1 Rechargeable Grooming System
CategoryMen's Hair Trimmers / Personal Groomers
Price (RRP)$29.99
Release dateJun 2013

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