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Robert Timms Decaffeinated Freeze Dried

Robert Timms Decaffeinated Freeze Dried

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Robert Timms freeze dried coffee available

For those looking for Robert Timms freeze dried coffee- I found you can buy the sachets from Hotel suppliers ; I ordered 500 sachets on line for $89 from Hotel products direct in sydney ; delivery charge 20 bucks or so- ends up beng 20 c per sachet...best decaf instant I've tasted


Very mellow, thirst quenching and satisfying without the bitter coffee burnt taste. Is a joy to prepare and drink and not at all costly.Wish I could purchase it in my area.
Taste & smell.
Hard to find to purchase


Gulp. I just spoke to the Robert Timms factory and they NO LONGER make instant decaf.

The very nice woman taking customer orders said they weren't getting enough retail orders so they SHUT DOWN THE LINE.

I'm gutted. But you can apparently still get the infusion-style 'bags' of coffee from some Coles shops.

I wonder if enough consumers created online demand, would they re-instate the line? POST YOUR SUPPORT HERE!!!

- From a very sad ex-Robert Timms decaffeinated freeze-dried instant coffee drinker
Best instant decaf short black I've ever tasted.

ohh that is soo sad...that was the best decaf everBest Decaf ever! Please produce again. Been searching or it for AGES!!!!What a shame. That was the best decaf I ever tasted. Why is that everytime you just find something you like, you can't buy it anymore? Donut King has fantastic decaf coffee, but you have to purchase it at Donut King. You cannot buy it for persoanl sale. But at least you can have a great coffee. Also, I just went to a coffee shop yesterday, can't remember the name, but I bought a mug of Robert Timms Decaf coffee, so they must still sell it to coffee shops.


Great please put it back on the shelves Goodness very delicious Beyond comparison. I hope that this will be a Merry Christmas for we de- caff drinkers
This is a superb product but I also cannot get the DeCaf coffee bags. Coles in Deewhy used to have it but NOT for months what is happening please
Has it been taken out of production? I'd really like to know Lyn
[email address removed]
only that I cannot get it

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You can get a cup of Robert Timms in coffee shops. I just got one yesterday. You can order the Decaf bags online, but please!!! They are notriously expensive. Something like $30 for 18 bags. Donut King has great decaf coffee to buy at their donut stands, but you cant take it home, just in a mug.

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