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2007-2010 Saab 9-3 Convertible

2007-2010 Saab 9-3 Convertible

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Great performance and fun to drive but reliability a problem, from new, I have had to replace power steering, ignition, CIM, on board computer, Turbo, brakes, exhaust, gearbox, all very expensive. A $78000 car is worth about $5k trade in and it's only 6 years old. Great comfort and handling, very economical.


Good not great - works mainly if you love the brand

It's a mixed bag with those cars (comparing to Ford, Holden, Merc, BMW, Audi, Jeep - all of which I've owned)
+ Love the design - simple and austere
- Cheaply finished interior, you'd expect something like BMW, you get something more like Chevrolet... (and I don't mean corvette)
+ Reliable solid engine and driving
- Wobbly handling
+ Good value for the money
- Expensive parts



Overall I had a bad experience with this saab as mostly it was uncomfortable to use and it seemed that things are not thought through. Breaks were making noise when car was cold. Saab said that it's normal and that city drivers experience this problem. Fuel consumption was at 18L/100k which is very high, though I do drive in a city mostly. During rain I couldn't open the window as water would poor in from the roof. I think it's not a finished product really...
Looks nice from outside
I had a linear t2.0 model - not much power, slow take off, terrible stereo, breaks make noise, high fuel consumption


I have a Saab 93 2000 S 2.0lt turbo 5sp manual. These are great cars. I have a 1999 Saab 95 as well and our family all love it. Saabs feel solid and age well, mine have any way. My 95 is over 10 years old and everyone who rides in it comments on how nice it is. There are some points you need to be aware of;
- keep it clean & tidy, use conditioner regularly on the leather seats and the car will appreciate it
- service it every 10 000km religiously and use high grade synthetic oil eg Mobil 1, don't skimop on this.
- parts can be expensive if you go to a dealer, use overseas companies for your parts and save a bundle. Use a local mechanic who knows about Saabs and Volvos as opposed to the dealers who will fleece you.
- if you have a problem get online on a Saab forum to find out the details - someone else has had the same problem and likely to have a solution that you can either pass onto your mechanic or fix yourself.

Personally I don't think older used Saabs or Volvos suit the typical Aussie. They are used to old Falcons that do half a million km's with only a few oil changes - sure they rattle and shake are basically a piece of [censored word removed] but the plebs love them. Euro cars require a bit more attention and nurturing.

If you are totally devoid of any mechanical skills or interest in repairs don't buy an older Euro car - late model low km is ok but buy a Commodore or Astra and enjoy the reliability etc. If you have a passion for your car get a Euro, it will reward you in so many ways.

One last thing, words have power, speak nicely of your vehicle andit is more likely to go the distance with you. Cheers
Seats 4 reasonbly well for a small convertible
Good mix of power when needed from the turbo engine but also good economy.
Roof mechanism is solid and proven.
Reliable when maintained well
Fun car to drive
Not the stiffist car but is more designed for fun than speed, however it does perform well
Radio is rubbish in my 93, the one in my 95SE is magnificent though, I'd try and get a SE next time.
If you flog it economy goes out the window - it is a turbo, drive nice & evenly and economy is fine then let rip every now and then.
Depreciation - like lead balloons - ok if your company buys it but not good for the privateer - buy it to hang onto and you will be fine, don't buy with the idea of selling in a year or two.


Do it ! I loved mine, that is why I bought my Mum one.
I now have a bus to carry the Children around in but when they can drive themselves I will definately be considering getting back into a Saab Convertible.
I have just bought my Mum a Saab 9-3 convertible. I had a Aero 3 years ago, I just enjoy putting the roof down at night. Great bum warmers, air conditioning system and stereo
I had to replace the front passenger side tyre twice, something made it wear more than the rest.


I have owned a 900s 2.3 talledega and this car is much, much better. If you want a great 4 seat convertible with all the bells and whistles this is the one for you, and cheap.
2002 9/3 conv. 140.ks nice tight/responsive engine. good 4 seater. i have"nt noticed the "turbo lag" that they bang on about, maybe boy racers should stick to old WRX"s and other ugly cars like nissans. This car has style,class,power and everyone likes it. RECOMMENDED.
Forget about the boot space<with roof up or down> but thats not the point with a sexy euro convertible.


I love my Saab and have had 5 years of pure driving pleasure but it is devastating to find that the best any dealer will give me on a trade in is $11,000 - this is not what I was told when I spent $85,000 to buy it. Something needs to be done about the devaluing of this great car.
Very comfortable to drive, great power and handling
How the console buttons wear out all the time & really peeved at the recent trade in valuation done


If you have never driven a European car before or more importantly never a Saab before you will need to adjust to the differences eg. switches opposite to what you may be used to and the quirky centre located ignition. This is a good looking, economic, safe and reliable luxury Euro convertable suitable for someone in the market for one. Highly recomended!
love the heated front seats,especially on colder days, love the looks and styling, great luxury features, nice handling and road holding, reliable build
needs a better stereo for such a premium car, not the highest hold on resale values


Car is a saab aero sedan 2005. I like this body shape better than the current shape. Don't like the clam shaped bonnet. Fun car to drive, handles like on rails (sports suspension)and has many standard luxury appointments that other European cars do not. Despite having to fix some faulty items in the car, if you like to have some fun behind the wheel on a daily basis, would recommend you go and test one out.
Great Styling, Great road handling, well designed ergonomic interior - especially for the driver. Is a driver's car!
Electric windows problematic needing to be reset several times, paint came off buttons climate control system on dash, noisey aircon belts in engine - thankfull for 3 year warranty. Bad resale vaue.


My first SAAB 9-3 convertible, smooth ride, quiet engine, great stereo sound, comfy/roomy back seat, an absolute gem. Easy to programme radio/clock etc, good steering, great brakes and I don't open my window during rain, so I don't get wet.

Questions & Answers

Any advise on a 2007 linear convertible? Such as which model is top of the range and anything else you may consider important. Cheers Tim
1 answer
Aero is top of the range, but linear as far more popular, great car, good comfort, great performance, but resale value is poor. Parts are expensive going through a dealer, but saab wreak in Victoria are good value


2007-2010 Saab 9-3 Convertible
Release dateJan 2007

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