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Samsonite 72 hours

Best roomy light weight cabin bag!

I regularly used one of these 1.5 kg Samsonite spinner cabin suitcases for multiple trips and never had any issues with it so we needed another cabin case we bought another one exactly the same, which also has done multiply trips, including overseas trips, and neither has caused us any grief. We have been so pleased with how much stuff we can fit in them to carry on board. With them only weighing 1.5 kg it has meant that the extra room doesn't usually over shoot the limits on flight cabin bag weight restrictions. The cases have been booked through in the luggage hold on return trips and they have come out fine. But normally I prefer to keep these cases for carrying on board, so they last longer, as there doesn't seem to be any other cases for sale that are as spacious and light weight, should they ever get damaged and need to be replaced. These cases also come with a fold up spacious zipper bag, inside a drawstring bag, which is handy to put soft new purchases in when booking in an extra case on a return trip.

Purchased in March 2014 for $150.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Selling after using it once!

Zip takes 5 minutes to close as lid portion of zipper buckles when case is full. If I try to do it quicker I'm sure it will break zip. Lid is too flexible due to the lightweight material. Its at its worse when you open the expanded section of the lid. I paid good money for this supposedly high end product. I'm going to see if they will take it back but I doubt they will take it. Don't waste your money. Shame in you Samsonite. This product is tarnishing your reputation as a high end product.

Piece of crap

After one trip with this suitcase there was a tear to the top part of the suitcase. I travel weekly with other luggage and this has never happened. I bought Samsonite to as I thought it was an investment on the so called perceived cheaper brands. Samsonite claim this was airline carriers fault and therefore not covered by their warranty. They were very unhelpful and impossible to reach. Will never buy this brand again nor would recommend it to anyone else.

Broken easily, ignored warranty

If you are considering purchasing a suitcase from this company I urge you to reconsider. I have been in contact with 2 separate customer service representatives for seven months over a faulty suitcase. I have over 30 emails, mostly sent by me, as the replies dry up after they realise I should get a replacement as per my warranty. I am so frustrated and dissatisfied with the non-help I have received. I thought Samsonite was an investment, and it was worth the price for a durable suitcase. It is not.

What a total load of Rubbish

We purchased two bags from Stand-bags in Woden, Canberra on the 8th July 2017. Both are broken, the first bag (large one) the zip split and the stitching has came undone. I talked to the assistant manager a week before heading off on a holiday and he told me to bring the bag in after the holiday. The smaller hand luggage bag at that time was fine, we have only used both bags for internal travel twice. When i got into Sydney on my way home i noticed the wheels on the carrybag were not working well, it was uncomfortable to pull along the side of me. I would like to state that the Cabin bag has always traveled with me, it has never been checked in ...ever..Stored in overhead storage on the plane. When we got back from our holiday I called the shop to tell them i was bringing the bags in on the weekend, for them to replace, which i did.
I left the bags in the shop on Saturday with a lovely lady who said the assistant manager would call me immediately. I got no call. I called them on Monday morning, no manager in today, i left my details and I got a call on Tuesday morning from the Assistant manager. He told me they would replace the large suitcase (no kidding, its broken), but that we had damaged the small one and so therefore it was our problem. We would need to pack, send and pay for it to go to Melbourne. End of story...not covered by warranty apparently (the 10 years that they told us about when purchasing, didn't cover the frame bending) Why is the frame bent!! Its only ever been in the overhead lockers, with pillows and headphones in it! Shame on you SAMSONITE and STRAND-BAGS. The young man we dealt with was rude, complacent and couldn't have cared less, called me a liar, in as many words, when i said i had always looked after the bag..
I have always purchased this brand, from this shop, but will never ever do so again. Its not over, I will be taking this further....FACEBOOK Next, then to Fair Trading.

Lightest carry on, perfect for LCC traveling

It has been my budget travel buddy for more than 10 times of trips using LCCs. 1.5 kg for a carry-on luggage with 4 wheels can be the lightest that I could ask for. I have backpain so had been looking for a light weight suitcase that I could roll rather than using backpack. So far I have not had any issues and quite happy with the simple practical function of this bag. This luggage helped me to save $$ from checking in luggage. I normally travel with my minimum stuff, which allowed me to travel for 10 days with this one :)

Woeful quality and service

I wish I had read these reviews before purchase. I had the bag for a measly 4 days before the handle became loose on one side and then jammed all together.

After reading these reviews I contacted Samsonite and dug my heels in, refusing to accept their standard template replies.

Samsonite wanted to collect the bag to inspect it but I refused, instead sending them a short video of the damaged bag and demanding a refund in accordance with consumer law. It took a week but they finally agreed and I returned the bag to David Jones for a full refund.

The quality and service received were equally woeful. Thanks to the experiences of others here I was able to address the problem fairly quickly.

Incredibly good

Would like to defend what for me has been a game changer.

Haven’t had any of the handle issues described. Construction quality is excellent.

I use this bag every weekend travelling to and from work (country Vic) And multiple domestic international flights.

I don’t give it any special treatment (throw it in and go and the spinners make towing it along a breeze)

The 1.5kg weight helps maximise weight in the age of Jetstar/Tiger And even International ie Thai Airways are checking cabin bags now.

All in all an excellent bag for the money

The lightest out there

It is now my favourite carry-on. The lightest out there, 1.5kg and this is very important when you are allowed only 7kg or even 5kg as carry-on with some airlines.

Very Dissappointed 2.9 kg super light weight Applite

i bought a American Tourister er on the 19th Feb 2014 . 2 weeks into my trip the handle became jammed and eventually broke off. On my return it was exchanged as I believed the handles are very weak and not strong enough to hold the handling these bags get . I have now just come back from another trip and the same has happened again the handle is jammed due to the rod inside the case being bent.
It is suppose to have a 10 year warranty but it is not allowed as they say it is damaged by the bag handlers. I believe there is a fault with these bags as if you read other reviews it has happened to other people, I now have to spend $70 to have the handle replaced. Very inconvenient as the repairer is on the other side of Perth.
I would suggest to people not to buy this make of suitcase. I am very disappointed with my purchase. The company need to make these handles a lot stronger so they don't bend and break

No customer service , no feed back

I bought a Samsonite 72 hrs case in October 2016 . I used it once and returning to Australia the handle became jammed so I returned it to strandbags geelong and was told it was under warranty from samsonite . Three weeks later I was called to say that because the handle has been damaged by the baggage handlers of the airline I flew with I was not entitled to the warranty and I would be charged $60.00 for the handle to be repaired . This was 3 months ago . I have been told that samsonite are waiting on a part . I have also read reviews that have stated that the problem with the handle has become jammed and broken on this particular model 72 hrs case .
Samsonite should honour the warranty against this handle fault because it has occurred so many times before . I urge you all to consider twice before investing in this Samsonite 72 hr case .
I'm fed up and bewildered that I've had no feed back from anyone .

Waste of Money

Just like a number of people have reported - used once and handle has jammed/bent. Ends of the zippers broken off. Not covered under warranty. Very disappointed and a waste of money.

Terrible! I hate this case.

I felt great with my new luggage, until I got to the airport. After two overseas trips, I have learned my lesson - Do. Not. Use. This. Case. I bought it for its very light weight and because it is a Samsonite. It will not roll straight. Unlike the best luggage today, it will not steer straight, wanting constantly to wobble and roll in a circle, so you find yourself actually fighting and wrestling it all the way, even while inching along in the check-in queue. It only has one little inadequate spindly wheel at each corner; seemingly far too flimsy for the size and packed weight of the case, whereas my other cases have 4 x twin wheels and glide and steer perfectly. Luggage limits notwithstanding, even at a weight of 19 kilos and properly packed, the Samsonite is unbalanced and feels top heavy, tending very easily to topple over sideways. Also, it is unwieldy and unergonomic; hard to lift and manoeuvre for eg baggage check-in and taxis. Also (I should have known) the 'pearl' colour soils and marks badly from even a minimum of baggage handling. Buyer beware!

Very disappointed

Bought from Strandbags. The handle got stuck after the 1st trip. I took it back and was told that's caused by mishandling therefore not covered by warranty. I had other luggages together with it on the same trip. Unfortunately it seems some airport luggage staff specially picked this Samsonite case and mishandled it! Never buy Samsonite again.

enjoying it

I got a good deal on this and I'm liking it so far. Have used it for a few business trips. Really light which makes it great for short trips.

Very disappointed

I was so hopeful. It had a great weight, volume, manoeuvrability, expandability and then the zipper failed and popped open 3 times on the first use. I took it back to Myers and they refunded and I purchased a Samsonite Blite 3 instead. I hope it will be a better choice. I chose this one to replace it as it had a double wheel and appeared to feel more stable.

So so

I would say it is an OK case, been using it for a while, not so fancy but OK. Firm and don't get dirty easily. Which is fine to travel with.

Very Poor Quality

I purchased 3 of these luggage and 2 got damaged in my very first trip to UK. One of them the wire is bent and it can be said its a handling fault by the hotel. 2nd one the Handle is jammed. It's stuck halfway and no noticeable bend. Obviously from somewhere it is bent. we had to put it in forcefully to continue on the journey. And when I took it to the Samsonite repair centre, the handle is not covered by the Warranty. So 10 Year Warranty is nothing but misleading. If the material is not strong enough wo take weight of the bag for 1 trip, it is a manufacturing fault. Wither the aluminium used in the handle is not strong enough or has impurities. I do not recommend you to buy Samsonite 72 Hr luggage. It is smooth and lightweight but If breaks in 1 trip is it really worth?

Light but flimsy

On its maiden voyage over to the US the handle has already become jammed and won't come up. When I opened up the bag to look at this, the metal housing had curved inwards. Great idea because of how light the bag is but if the one part of the frame is going to get out of shape from one journey and the usual throwing around luggage gets then not worth the money.

Weighs merely 1.5 kg

Samsonite has managed to manufacture a 55 cm cabin bag with 4 roller wheels, that weighs only 1.5 kg. In an era when some airlines are enforcing the cabin baggage weight, having such a light cabin bag is very useful. Also, it is easier to carry a lighter bag.

I bought one over a year ago. When my wife saw it, she wanted one as well, so I bought another one. My wife and I have been retired from work for 6 years. We have been travelling overseas for holidays 2 to 3 times each year, for a total of 2 months each year. Have been to over 200 cities/towns in 43 countries. Hope to reach 50 countries over the next few years.

Our main suitcase, each, is a Samsonite Firelight hard case that weighs only 2.9 kg. We did consider buying a Samsonite Firelight cabin bag to match the suitcases, but it is much more expensive and does not have a side pocket for our travel documents, books and newspapers. Also weighs 1.9 kg.

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