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Samsonite B-Lite

Samsonite B-Lite

Series 3, Series 1 and Series 2
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Crap crap

I have used my case three times. The first trip the handle was broken and I had to pay as it was not under warranty. The third trip the zip broke and I had to get it plastic covered because I didn’t want my clothes everywhere. Now looking at another case but unfortunately will not be a Samsonite

Horrendous customer experience

If I could give this suitcase no stars, I would. The zipper split on the second attempt to use the case, luckily before I had left home so I didn't lose my possessions into the bargain.Took it back to Bags Only at Spencer Street Outlet and asked for a full refund. As a lightweight case, it is clearly a bad design and I didn't want a replacement. It's taken weeks of delays only to find they have no intention of refunding me. They are telling me to take it up with Samsonite now. 'Good luck with Samsonite,' the wise butt shopkeeper said. Samsonite have apparently 'mended' the suitcase and expect me to accept that. I've written a letter as per Consumer Affairs's instructions here in Victoria and will now have to pursue that. Buyer beware. Neither Bags Only or Samsonite are worth your trouble. Samsonite don't make the reliable cases they used to any more. No lifetime guarantee that's for sure.

Terrible wheels

Lightweight and handy, however the wheels ruin this product. They wear out, jam up, and half they size they really need be. As a result, should and arm pain from dragging, not rolling this around.

Sturdy, but not completely waterproof

I've been using my Samsonite B-Lite for a couple of months now for my out of tow trips. Although it feels really sturdy and pretty easy to maneuver around, I'm a bit disappointed with its design. During my trip to Indonesia, I accidentally spilled my drink on top of the case. Although its zippers were closed, some of my clothes got wet. I still use the case despite the design flaw, but I just wrap my clothes in plastic inside the suitcase in case of another water-related incident.

Lightweight, Sturdy And Easy To Manoeuvre

My suitcase has been to north QLD and WA and on two occasions, went in undercarriage luggage rather than carry on luggage. Strong, sturdy, great wheels to manoeuvre on two or four wheels and plenty of storage room internally and externally. Very happy indeed.

Very practical to use

I purchased this model because of its size. Since my out of town / country trips usually just last for a couple of days, I needed something that's not bulky and easy to carry around. So far, the B-lite has been with me for four trips now and it's still holding up pretty well.

Very disappointed in this inferior product. Samsonite warranty doesn't appear to cover anything.

This case was purchased in March for a trip from Perth to NSW. It was chosen mainly for its lightness and the spinner wheels as it was so much easier to manoeuvre, than my faithful old fifteen year old Antler.
Unfortunately that is about the only positive. The case appeared quite flimsy and the zip did not look very strong. Whilst it stayed "in tact" for our first trip, it was obviously exposed to wet weather. My clothes were damp on arrival, but returning home, I was unpleasantly surprised that they were really 'wet'.
I have travelled extensively for over 46 years, mainly doing the long haul (Australia back to UK, where it always rains!!) I have owned all manner of cases but never before had "wet clothes".
Realising it was highly unsuitable for my requirements I attempted to return it, however Victoria Station had closed down. I went onto the website and was directed to the suggested repairer, who advised me that there was no warranty regarding the case being waterproof, so I could not return the case on these grounds.
Feeling very annoyed to be stuck with this inferior product I then took it by car to Margaret River.

Whilst in transit the tabs were snapped off and the the flimsy zip unravelled. Had it been in transit on a flight my clothes would have surely been all over the place.

Returning to the repairer/ official assessor I was told again, that having been assessed- it would definitely " Not be covered inter warranty" and I would have to pay for the repair.

In short. I would have expected far far more from the Samsonite product, both in strength and water resistance. I can only say to potential purchasers "Buyer Beware" do not be lulled into a false sense of security by thinking you have spent the extra money and bought a quality product. Take a real hard look at their warranty terms and conditions before purchasing. Ask questions. You will find they do not stand behind their product.

Good, but the model has changed twice.

An earlier model was far better with more pockets etc. It appears this model has been cheapened by not including the earlier model inside pockets and the exterior extra front pocket. Be aware that Samsonite have done this and if your have purchased an earlier model with the same description, this model will not be the same, it has been cheapened.

Love this case

I bought the 71cm and 55cm cases for a big trip - 1 month hauling it on and off planes and cars etc etc and it stood up very well. It was a breeze to handle - at times I wash pushing 2 large & 2 small cases at once with no issues. The large cases have tendency to be unbalanced when fully expanded & packed out. I've had them for 3 years now and done many trips and they show minimal wear with none of the zips, wheels or stitching giving out.

Not what I needed

I bought this for its size,lightweight, simple styling and because it's Samsonite; however I've found the dimensions just aren't practical both for packing and maneuverability once packed.
I would love to say it's a great suitcase because I spent the time choosing it but it just doesn't perform as I needed it to.

Light, spacious, sturdy and practical

Extremely practical and good to handle. I have the upright b-lite fresh and it's stable with good zipper. Its so spacious that I can travel for a whole week with only this. This case makes it possible for me to travel with plane with hand luggage only.

Unstable when packed

I bought this case a few years ago, because of its light weight and because it is Samsonite. I have used it now on three overseas trips and each time tell myself don't use it again! I'm always very careful when packing, making sure that heavier things are closest to the wheels but, despite this, the case is always unbalanced, bulging on the front, wanting to fall forward and not roll straight. As well, the two interior straps, one on each side, are useless. There's no way to keep them outside the case while packing, unless you use a heavy paper clip to fix them to the edge of the case! It's also a very difficult case to lift/lever eg on to European trains. The proportions of this case don't feel right - too much depth and width for the height.

wheels a little protruding

wheels obviously got caught somewhere on our first trip . For such a pricey piece of "travel" luggage, we were surprised that it was deemed "not within the warranty " to fix as it had been damaged when travelling!! As we had not noticed when, only when the wheel had worn away, it would have been difficult to lay the blame. Luckily, thanks to the helpful staff where we purchased, Victoria Station, agreed, contacted their head office and Samsonite agreed to replace the wheel. I think that the way that the wheels protrude lead it to be more liable to catch when checked in on flights. Just beware that no "travel" luggage is really covered for "travel", especially as it is not always noticeable directly off a flight, and not necessarily easy or time dependent trying to argue the case with an airline if you do notice a problem. Disappointing, but finally fixed.

Does not roll properly, unstable when loaded

I bought this because we have had such great experiences with all our Samsonite luggage before. It was recommended by the store.
We have used it twice, once for a couple of weeks around Japan and once to take overnight luggage from the bus stop to the cruise terminal in Sydney and back.
From the start once loaded it did not like to stay upright, no matter how we loaded the luggage inside the bag it was always a bit unstable.
The wheels never rolled easily once the bag was full. There is no way you could push/pull/roll the bag on its 4 wheels on even a smooth surface, once there was a slope or any uneven ground it was impossible, had to be dragged on 2 wheels. The last time I used it was from the cruise terminal to the bus stop a distance of around 500 metres, it would not roll at all, I had no choice but to drag it on two wheels. When I got home it was clear the problem was because one of the wheels has completely worn on one side so only a sliver of that wheel sits on the ground to roll.
I rang the service agent in Sydney (in fact the shop I bought it from) and they said wheels are generally not covered by warranty because "sometimes something gets caught in them" but I could bring it back (all the way to Sydney) and the technicians would look at it. She also said they are not designed to be dragged on 2 wheels only rolled on 4...but there is absolutely nothing in writing that says that anywhere or in any of Samsonites advertising and I see people dragging 4 wheeled bags everywhere.

I spoke to a salesperson in a different major luggage store who had bought the same bag and returned it because she was so unhappy with the way it rolled.

This bag is not of Samsonite quality. I paid $179 and expect a decent quality bag for that price, I would have been better buying a cheap throwaway from a discount store!

Incredibly disappointing.
Don't buy this bag!

Don't buy,

I bought one of these because it was a Samsonite and because of the weight but when it is full it won't roll properly. I sent it back to Samsonite who said there was nothing wrong and serviced the wheels. It still won't wheel properly even on really smooth surfaces. I will not buy Samsonite again.
It won't roll straight.

Light as a feather!

I travel every couple of weeks for work so I wanted something that was going to last! A colleague suggested the B-Lite so I thought I'd give it a go.. I like the four wheels on the bottom so you aren't dragging your luggage rather just wheeling it along side you - great for when you have to walk from one end of a terminal to another! It's super light which is great for when I am travelling on minor airlines have smaller baggage allowances. The only thing I was annoyed about was the internal lining inspection zip broke after a couple of uses however the external zips are far sturdier. So far it has held up well against the travelling but more so the less than careful baggage handlers haven't smashed it like my last two cases - so far so good!
Light, easy to wheel around
Internal inspection zip of poor quality.

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Great bag and so easy to wheel around. I purchased this bag with a 10 year warranty. Probably the best bag i have ever purchased. But on my recent trip to Thailand the handle would not click in on the 2 lower settings as the bag had a 4 click setting from low to high. Once back in Melbourne i had taken my bag to Samsonite head office and was told there was nothing they can do to fix the problem as all the new bags do not click on lower settings! In the showroom there were a number of the latest bags that had a 5 click setting from low to high! Now i have sent a number of emails asking how i can fix the problem but never get any reply from Samsonite whatsoever! Very disappointed

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