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Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

7.0", 8.0", 10.5", 9.7" and 10.1"
4.2 from 523 reviews

Neat little tablet.

I bought this tablet second hand unopened for $100. Far from amazing but is sufficient for a multimedia tablet.

-Good battery life (due to lower res)
-Runs Oreo
-Runs smooth and reliably as a multimedia tablet
-SD Card and SIM slots.

-Just a standard HD display
-Not a particularly sensitive display
-Small screen for a tablet
-Low internal space much less than 16GB
-Poor cameras
-Permanent hard navigation buttons
-Not really great for high spec games
-Can't see/locate navigation buttons in poor light (my biggest gripe, ended up painting dots on buttons with a marker)

Most of the cons are due to known specifications so if you still buy it you can't really complain. You couldn't compare it to flagship phone rather a lower end mid range device.
I would recommend this tablet if you can find it for the right price.

Purchased .

Value for Money
Body Durability
Speaker Quality
Display Quality
Screen Durability
Battery Life
Night Photography Quality
Video Quality
Rear Camera Quality
Front (Selfie) Camera Quality
Ease of Use

Worst Tablet!

I was used to a Samsung 8.2 but the battery died after 3 years. Tried an Aldi Tablet for $99 & that was quite a disappointment, BUT compared to this one .. it was a real gem! I couldn't do anything with this as more than half of the 8Gb was taken up with essential running s'ware so I couldn't add photos or anything else with it! All I wanted was for podcasts but it was so totally useless that I couldn't even put my favourite playlists, let alone trying to download even one short story & certainly no more than even three photos! Couldn't add OneNote, Messenger which is something that I was used to using on my 8.2" so I added a 32GB sim but I couldn't even add what I needed to the card. I had to return it ... & now purchased a Lenovo which appears better already! Fortunately Officeworks was great about giving me a full refund.

Purchased for $179.00.

Value for Money
Body Durability
Speaker Quality
Display Quality
Screen Durability
Battery Life
Night Photography Quality
Video Quality
Rear Camera Quality
Front (Selfie) Camera Quality
Ease of Use

Overpriced bottom end tablet at premium price

We had a Tab 3 10.1 for a few years it was too big for around the house, so I bought the Tab A 7.0".

It was one of my worser purchases I have made.

Samsung now fall into the same boat as Apple who use abuse brand loyal customers pockets by using average hardware at top end prices.

For the same price you can get a lenovo tablet with much better hardware specs.

- 7" screen is good size for around the house.

- I have google wifi and can test wifi the speed of all my devices connect to it individually, my robot vac has a faster wifi bandwidth than the tablet and it doesn't even need to use much data.
- CPU is slow (takes ages to open apps).
- 1.5GB RAM is ok but not great.
- 8GB of storage is only enough to install about 5-8 apps and even then some can't update coz all the storage has been used. Most apps won't let you run them on the SD which you don't want to do anyway coz it would make them slow.

Purchased at Officeworks.

Body Durability
Speaker Quality
Display Quality
Screen Durability
Battery Life
Night Photography Quality
Video Quality
Rear Camera Quality
Front (Selfie) Camera Quality
Ease of Use

A very Apologetic Customer Service "Team" of "Speciallist" Excuse Makers

[I note your notice
"Listing monitored by samsung representatives" below my review on here.
Pitty the ceos dont monitor all the complaints before one takes the step of airing samsung's "Dirty laundry" via this reputable platform].

I'm amazed (and somewhat gobsmacked) that 90 percent of reviews on here are POSITIVE!

If theres trouble with one of two identical tablets purchased one can assume its a rotten apple in the bunch, but to have TWO with the same problems with their software outlined below, one begins to SMELL RAT!
And the rat's stench is even stronger when Samsung refuses to address the issue!
Which is the bigger rat!!!

I have made the mistake of purchasing two of these samsung "SMT-355Y Galaxy tab A" temperamental misfits,
(Android version 7.1.1, security patch level 1 august 2017).
Build dates: 23 june 2017 emeisv 07 and 22 august 2017 emeisv 06.

The biggest sd card these can handle (although inconveniently not specified in any of their documentation) is 256gig!
Persons at technical support even give one differing answers to the maximum size sd card one can use because it is not documented anywhere... (crazy but true).
These tablets use the android (google) platform.
There is 11.07gig of space on the internal storage card of which samsung/google use about 6gig for god knows what.

You get 2gig of Memory of which SAMSUNG and bedfellows (C.I.A) GOOGLE use 1.2 gig plus to run its shoddy BACKGROUND software, making it difficult for one to go into websites with alot of 'active' content, gif and flash file content etc.
Takes ages to browse through The Good Guys website for example waiting for everything to load because these vermin are using most of the ram for THEIR benefit!

Speaking of which, SAMSUNGs third world software does not even play GIF images!!
Check these things folks before you purchase their showpony Galaxy S10.

Processors are slow, takes forever to even delete one gigabite of data on the emeisv 06.
Takes ages to transfer data, folders and especially movies from the internal storage to the sd storage, even transferring movies to folders within the sd card at times is a slow process; again, slow or "Tired" processing power.

One constantly does battle with the spellchecker continually changing what you type!
I type in "The hollies" and these clowns give me "The jollies", after re-typing "The hollies" it finally gives in!! What more can one say...
You cannot turn this (so called) "Feature" (being unable to use expletives) off!
It's a ripe royal pain in the peter dutton!!!!

Samsung only do updates on the software for these tablets to accommodate advertisers or google!
(not for the customers who have purchased outright these items for our private use, and I emphasize our private use).

These are nothing more than an advertising platform to fill samsung's pockets and probably fill google's intel collection database!
(I cite the recent case of the $6.8 billion google was fined by the european courts for its mobile app's hanky panky with the europeans being the only country to take them to the cleaners thus far. Search yahoo for "Google fined billion europe court" for all the nitty gritty).

Speaking of which, SYNC pops up all the time after reboot with "too many contact deletions" ever since all my PERSONAL PRIVATE 380 odd contacts were COPIED last June or July.
I have tried to delete these unwanted, unrequested copies of my Personal private information ever since to no avail.
Again pushing thick pea soup through a thin plastic straw with Samsungs technical support, and Im not giving up on this!

SAMSUNG (or its main bedfellow GOOGLE) are'nt messing with this lil' duck's PRIVATES!!!
This is still being investigated.
I urge anyone with privacy concerns similar to these to contact the Privacy Commissioner or/and a good pro-bono lawyer!
I also STRONGLY urge folks that want to back up their contacts by copying the "contacts" under Apps to USB not let Google upload a (so called) back-up to its servers.
Remember, This is your personal information we are talking about here! and email addresses can be sold on by companies for up to 2 bucks a pop (or more) these days!

Samsung wont update their media player to play certain movie and music formats, or provide common audio and video codecs to play all media eg m4a vob mov avi aac mpeg 1,2 mkv etc.

Then there's the audio codecs!
Some mp4 files that do play visually on these have audio codecs that are not supported on these tablets yet these same files play quite happily on the crappy cheap and nasty konka r8a mobile phone!

(see my review on here on konka r8a to get a picture of just how sad this really is)

The media player does not show all my music files, where other non samsung players do!
The last media player update they did was for the benefit of spotify!
Not to benefit the customer.
Again, I have been on to customer support about this to no avail.

Samsung adding insult to injury recently updated
Smart switch a program that was working fine and did everything it was meant to do.. It did - really!

Before they stuffed it up with the recent update, we knew the size of the files being transferred and the rest of it, no connection problems between the other samsung tablet or crabby konka, no drop off's, and now... Sweet diddly squat!

Now several times after the update I'm having trouble connecting up smart switch between my two tablets.
I get the "Try again" treatment.
At times after numerous attempts when one finally succeeds in getting the two tablets together one or the other disconnects!
What a joke!

Quite a few times since this so-called update I'm rowin up the ross river with tenis rackets trying to transfer movies from one smt355y to my other smt355y!
They are both the same tablet, the only difference is one's build date is one month older than the other, and before this update on smart switch I never had any problem!

I do not use blutooth to transfer files and music from one tablet to another because it is so slow!


When you transfer some music files and especially some pdf files via bluetooth from one tablet to another the names change! They lose their (dot)pdf and (dot)mp4 etcetera at the end of their file names which by-the-way have changed to a number now!


In their contacts they give us an 8 inch screen yet when we hit the contact we are after, the left full half of the screen still shows up all the contacts you did not choose!
W h y ?
Because of this on the right hand half of the screen we only have 1 (one) iddy-biddy inch of space (horizontal use) (yes one inch of the eight) under the chosen contacts photo to scroll the phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and websites etcetera.
You know how annoying that is!

All other non samsung contact apps, when you hit the desired contact that contact's details takes up the major portion of the page!
Unlike with samsungs rubbish, all the other contacts that you did not choose do not inconveniently take up half the page!!

With non samsung contacts apps you have the full 8 inches to comfortably view all the numbers etc, not one inch!

This was another matter I continually reported to samsung to no avail.
They were just not interested.
There have been 4 updates for contacts since and non have addressed this issue.
Obviously common sense plays no part in the development of samsung apps.

Then theres the wifi.
My tablets are connected to the internet via wifi from my phone.
Everytime I reboot the phone or tablets one must physically reconnect the wifi, the "Auto reconnect" is a tempramental feature (for want of a better word) that seldom works properly at the best of times even with all my tablets phones etc etc within a 10 foot desk radius!!
The WiFi connection from my phone to these tablets cuts out a lot and when I check the WiFi it says "Authentication Error", which is very strange as this happens on both tablets at different times for no reason.
Like a couple of samsung's other programs on these tablets, they seem to get their "Monthly's" on a daily basis!!

I have so many other beefs with these "I-dont-give-a-hoot" samsung mob that I won't have the space to outline them all via this platform!

I have contacted customer support many many many times about getting them to update their software (like microsoft and other reputable caring companies do all the time), to no avail.

All you get is sorry, sorry, sorry and yes - more sorry!
Their eyes and ears are closed to our complaints.
We purchased their "Product" now we can go to hell is their motto!

I recently purchased thousands of dollars worth of fisher and paykel pidgeon pair fridge freezer, washing machine, heat pump drier etc (see upcoming reviews after I get a chance to use them all for a while after I get back on me feet).

The salesman at the good guys here in townsville tried to sell me samsung washers etc!
(yeah right).
As I explained, if one gets the same level of attention and satisfaction from samsung after buying one or more of their white goods as you do after buying two of their tablets they're not worth a cracker to me!

I showed him on my tablet the troubles im having with samsung tablets (with other customers looking on) and one really did not have any need to clarify too much after that I can tell you!
I will not even look in the direction of any samsung product in the future!
I have written samsung off as a bad joke, (a punishment from god) and am waiting for a (non apple) alternative to replace these, and this at a time where today's mobile phone or tablet is tomorrows paper weight, I dont mind waiting!

I would also like to add that I have video evidence to back everything I have stated above, I only wish I could show all you folks reading this what I continually show others here in townsville and other mediums.
See some of my videos here
and go to my profile page and you can see more.

(And MORE proof for Product Review.com.au of ownership of these bundles of joy one hopes).

Im in the process of uploading about 30 videos about thes tablets software issues that Samsung refuse to fix onto a website that will be able to show them in HD, as they lose 80 percent clarity in YouTubes upload and conversion process.

For the months of anguish these corporates have caused me, when next in Sydney these tablets of mine will transform into "Special tablets" for certain samsung ceos, and the good ol' aussie slang term of "Gettin it up em" will have a whole new meaning after I'm done, then they'll have one "Eye" wide open to future complaints, and I shant be wasting any money on vaseline for that privilege!

Wont be no "Sorrys" from me either!

I have enclosed a hi res photo of my two tablets showing tablet info including my IP address and Tablet serial numbers etc.

One has noticed a lack of reply of any description from "Samsung representatives that are monitoring this listing" (as stated above and below).


Purchased .

Value for Money
Body Durability
Speaker Quality
Display Quality
Screen Durability
Battery Life
Night Photography Quality
Video Quality
Rear Camera Quality
Front (Selfie) Camera Quality
Ease of Use
Hi Peter, I want to thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. We are always looking for ways to better our service, and your feedback is an invaluable part of that process. We've sent you a PM requesting for more information. When its most convenient for you can you please send that through? Lisa Samsung AUIn resonse to you private message: "Hi peter, I want to thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. We are always looking for ways to better our service, and your feedback is an invaluable part of that process. We've sent you a pm requesting for more information. When its most convenient for you can you please send that through? Lisa Samsung au" Response Time for talk has finished, enough is enough! Contact india, they'll know all my details, cant be too many of us from townsville that have contacted them numerous times! I have contacted your customer support countless times and all one gets is sorry, sorry, sorry! Numerous times one has asked your indian call centre (technical support) people to contact head office and get someone to call me, all fallen on deaf ears! Only now does one get your attention, when one is at the end of his tether! At times I heard your technical support laughing at me in the background whilst going off at them about your shoddy software. Laugh now!! This is why one takes action via this platform and youtube and everywhere else once can post his damming tell-tale videos in cyberspace, including in the comments section of every samsung galaxy s10 advertisement and review on youtube and elsewhere! When one gets his website up and running there will be about 40 such videos (to date). One will be a thorn in samsung's butt till the day one dies. This is what you get for your arrogance and refusing to communicate with your customers. Now I'm laughing! Lap it up!!!!!

Can’t connect to wifi in some instances

Works in some instances but not in the nursing home where it needs to work for translation purposes we have tried by resetting back to factory default at least 4 times
Unit works until I turn it off and then back it says I have a wifi connection but we can’t get internet to use google translate app
Have tried Samsung support and chat line for approx.2hours and quite frankly the responses are a joke and attempts to resolve issue were futile
I had a 3pm phone booking to discuss today and was rung at 2.10pm when I was not at the nursing home apparently due to “training “ and we’re unable to assist
Why was that not mentioned when I booked the return call 2 days earlier
It is now 2 weeks since we bought tablet and have not been able to use it at all
Back to the retailer for a replacement

Purchased at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $200.00.

Value for Money

Very handy little device, perfect for around the house mobile internetsing

Picked up a new Galaxy Tab A 8 through a telstra deal and we're extremely happy with it. Share it with the wife and we both use it for easy internet access and apps throughout the house. Screen is sharp and easy to read, plenty of processing power to run all the apps we need and has a sleek and shiny finish!

Date PurchasedJan 2019

It does the job!

I use this tablet for work and sometimes watching movies. I use a few apps and it doesn't get used as much as my phone, The screen clarity is exceptional and the battery lasts a really long time which I love. It only gets charged once a week. The only issue I have is I haven't found a way to connect a keyboard, and sometimes when you click in a field to add text the keyboard doesn't pop up or is very slow to respond.
I do believe I could take to samsung and have fixed but haven't done so.
The screens are very expensive to replace in comparison to apple devices so put a case on it.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Best of the low cost tablets

Was looking for a tablet computer, and was horrified at the cost of them- some exceeding 1k!!
Came across this at target for $250AUD- was a bit worried about the the quality of this item due to the low price,but 2 years later and I am still getting good performance out of this item for emails, Netflix, and web browsing.
For the price, Samsung have delivered an EXCEPTIONAL product here.

That said, it is not a high end or super high performance tablet- those looking to multitask and run high powered apps may want to up their budget a little.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Perfect tablet!

I purchased this tablet for my daughter. It's a good sturdy tablet. Affordable price. I think its best option for the money. Works great with kids youtube app and android kids apps. High resolution screen. Easy to use if you already own some Samsung phones like me . Long lasting battery. Everything works great. Very happy with it's performance:)

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Perfect for mother with failing memory.

At Harvey's we bought the new Galaxy tab A 10.5" screen for my mother.. It is perfect for Mum for the games and facebook. Now mum can play and enjoy her ipad again. The last one was an LG so when the battery went in it there was no easy replacement

This Tab does not have phone connection, just wifi, but it is just what Mum needed. It does not lag or go slow, and even my mother could catch on how to use it in no time despite her memory problems. . The android system is one Mum is familiar with, which helped in deciding which to buy. The screen is lovely crispy clear - a bit bigger than the old 2 Mum had. Overall this is something I would buy myself due to the sufficiency of the speed.

It actually feels very very nice in the hand. I purchased a cover to protect it against drops etc and now Mum takes it with her everywhere. The battery holds a pretty good charge.. The internet is fast enough for mum. Mainly just for emails and youtube. and really there are no complaints to be reported. This is a neat tablet and I recommend it. Very pleased with the purchase.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Samsung Tab A

Samsung Tab A is perfect for my kid to use. Just the right size (8 inches) not too big not too small for my 6 yr old to play with. Weight wise it is also excellent - not heavy for a 6yr old. it also has good battery life for my kid to play with it for a long time and charging time is also not an issue, as it charges fast.

Because it is android, it has heaps of apps for kids and easily connects to PC and TV (screen mirroring) so it is great connectivity wise.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Galaxy Tab A tablet

Bought the galaxy tab A Wi-Fi tablet with the 10.5inch screen. Used it to replace a older smaller tablet. Using it to watch videos on you tube, play games, internet browsing and emails. Very happy with it. Works well, heaps of memory and runs all the apps I need without any issue. Battery life is great which is handy as has been used during long car trips for the kids to watch movies on. Fast boot up when turned on is handy as sometimes I've needed to quickly do something and don't want to be waiting ages for it to start up.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Does what I need

It is very easy to use and fast. I use it for reading books and I am very happy with it.
I have all the my applications such as skype and camscanner on it so I do not need to have them on my mobile.
I use it to review my studies when I am in the bus after work.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Excellent tablet for convenience

Nice device to use and carry about not too big but plenty of real estate to use and see at great ease. Battery life is very good as well. Crisp and clear screen with great automatic contrast and brightness control takes care of changing things when you move into a dim room.device speed is get too.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Exceptional value for money

I use this tablet to watch Netflix and Youtube picture is perfect and the audio is exceptional. High recommend.

The battery life is also a pleasant surprise. Lasts long and charges using quick charge and it takes three hours to fully charge.

I got mine on sale for $340.. bargain.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
Hi Rex, we can’t thank you enough for your kind review. It’s comments like this that motivate us to continue to "Inspire the World, Create the Future".No worries. Did you need my address to send me a new note 9

Very good value for money.

This tablet satisfy my daily needs, it works very smoothly with a lots of common apps and sync all my emails accounts. Casting you tube video on my smart TV was easy. We found this tablet to be good value for money.
The model maybe year 2016 but the Android version is one of the latest updated version. The sound quality is rather flat but when we cast it on TV, it does not matter cos we are watching it on TV. For the price we pay we are getting many beautiful moments using this tablet. We are just one of the many who appreciate this Samsung Tablet.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
Wow! We’re so blown away by your review. It made our day here at Samsung. Thank you for sharing this with us.We were having TAB E 9.6 and were having trouble, unable to update android 4.4 to the latest version, making it a minus point owning a Samsung tablet, otherwise it is still a good tablet. We will appreciate if Samsung will accept it back and help us to upgrade and update the android version. The reason being I am getting unwanted scam AO and there is no way to get rid of them and it is annoying. Appreciate if Samsung can offer an acceptable solution. We love your tablets, its value for money. Thank you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab has been great

My 4 year old autistic son uses his Samsung Galaxy Tab everyday. There is no problem with the apps,the visuals are great and boy that tab has taken a beating being dropped ,had water and other liquids on it and never missed a beat.l consider it a really trusted product of high quality.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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We can’t thank you enough for your kind review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. You’re awesome!

Great handy Tablet

Got this from Telstra. It's a great tablet for everyday personal use. Using this for 10 months now and haven't had any issues so far. Value for money. Good battery life (12 -14 hours) and enough storage. Quality rear camera and loved the pictures. Easy to carry design and totally love the product.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi Sarah, it's great to hear that you're loving the features of the Galaxy Tab A. Good battery life is a must! - Vicky

Samsungs Star Galaxy

Samsung has done it's homework on producing this tablet which should be a big seller for them. Large screen, long lasting battery, ample storage with SD card and excellent sound. I also have a laptop but this provides everything required with more portability. It provides very good picture and sound for viewing movies. Has only been released recently and competes well on price and it does all things the majority of tablet buyers are looking for.

Date PurchasedOct 2018


The good The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is affordably priced and offers many premium app perks for free. Its microSD slot accommodates cards up to 128GB.

The bad The plastic construction feels cheap, and the single speaker provides weak audio. The text often appears pixelated.

The bottom line The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a simple tablet worth picking up for its low price, and its valuable extras sweeten the deal even more.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
1 comment
Thank you for your lovely review. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with the Galaxy Tab A. Your feedback is important to us, we'll keep this in mind for future launches. :) - Vicky

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Questions & Answers

Hi Can I put data sim card network in it for quick internet without using wifi? Thank you
2 answers
No. Not with this modelIf you have purchased the Sim card version the Tab A is released as a WiFi only version and a WiFi and Sim version.

I cannot connect my tablet to the internet any more I bought it in 2014 it got stuck on hearing disabled and my friend got it back to normal was ok but now when I try to go to a web page it says try later but the wifi says connected??? Any help?
4 answers
Update the software to the latest operating systemthanks RexHi there, we hope this has been resolved, however if not, we suggest soft resetting the device, ensure software is all up to date. If there are further issues, please visit your nearest service centre, and our technicians will assist you.

I have a Galaxy Tab A (unfortunately a 2016 model although l bought it in 2017). I use it daily and have loved it until today. It has run out of space for new apps, unless l delete current apps. Can somebody please tell me how to move apps and data to the SD card?
No answers


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Price (RRP)$199$449$299$649$449$449$399$549$599$249$449
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