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San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water

San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water

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such a refreshing treat

I struggle to drink water, but this sparkling mineral water. So refreshing and feel its my treat to have couple bottles per day. Love the sound of the shhhh noise when turning the lid open too.


For some reason, we have been trying all the San Pellegrino waters, and they have really been a treat to drink. They are so lovely to look at and to drink as well. I love holding onto the bottles because they are beautiful and really elegant too. This is great sparkling mineral water with that extra kick which makes it great to drink on its own or to have with some fruit juice for something a bit extra. Overall, I enjoy drinking this refreshing mineral water which doesnt have any sugar, so I dont feel guilty either!
I buy this one whenever I can just to have something really tasty and light in the house and to really enjoy sparkling mineral water.
Sometimes this can be expensive, so its great to find it on sale in the supermarkets.

try fruit and veg shops they seem to sell it a bit cheaper. one i go to sells it in a 600ml bottleI find this sparkling water to be my favourite. I absolutely love the taste and it's not overwhelming with mineral flavour. Best part about it the bubbles are not intrusive. I think this water is worth every penny and I will continue to buy it.

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