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Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk Unsweetened

Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk Unsweetened

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Perfect product! The taste is just right, and additionally low in sugar & calories as well!

The Sanitarium So Good Almond milk unsweetened (including it's other vanilla unsweetened) are great products. They hit the mark in terms of taste and it really has that slight nutty - milky taste that is just perfect. It is also low in calories and carbs, great most people. It is very tasty, even when drinking it on it's own or with tea. Additionally, it goes well with a couple of recipes, and goes great with breakfast, with oats, cereals, etc. I have also drunken almond milk for a very long time, but I have to say that the Sanitarium products are one of the great tasting ones as well. Especially the addition of the vanilla unsweetened, and I think they should add more flavours as well to the mix! overall, great product, tasty, can be added to anything like cereals, and i cant have enough of it! Additionally, family members have tried it too and also think the flavour is very good. Even though I mainly drink almond milk, it's great to mix and match, to balance things out a bit. I would recommend this for most people, not just for taste, but for others, it would be worthwhile to try it out!


Love the taste , on a hot day having a glass of ice cold unsweetened so good coconut milk is so refreshing blend in some bananas or strawberries. Or just the milk thoroughly enjoy it.

Delicious taste!!!

Very recently swapped to Almond milk for health reasons. Was a bit worried about taste/texture of almond milk..... well because it's milk made out of nuts??!!??!!!!!
Tried a few different brands and found some bitter and some (organic) split especially in tea.
I love So Goods taste. Don't really notice it's almond not my usual skim. Low in sugar. I find it almost " creamier" than skim milk. I put in tea, smoothies, cereal and even use in recipes requiring milk. Love that it's high in calcium too. And the NAS coconut is even more delicious!!!! I don't feel as bloated after having milk anymore. Is a bit pricey but I stock up at Coles when it's on special.

Returned to shop for refund

Unable to open the soft bottle form -- tried everything to prise the top off -- attached it with a knife -- tried every which way -- thought I would switch to this brand, however after this first introduction completely turned off. Impossible to get to contents... Ridiculous!

Great for carb watchers

I'm not a fan of the taste on its own, and at only 2.5% almonds compared to 7% almonds of other brands, it doesn't seem like great value for money, given its cost.

However If you are on a low carb diet like I am... it has 0.8 carbs compared to other brands of 6.5 carbs, add to the fact it has no lactose... This is an awesome product if you are watching your carb count. It tastes alright in tea, but my main use is for use in protein shakes and it tastes great in a shake.

Get this only if your watching your carbs
otherwise choose a different brand...pureharvest or the aldi ones.

Tastes like rat poison

This product contains sodium bicarbonate which is an excellent product for cleaning your sink and grimy pots and pans. It is also useful in small quantities to make your cakes and scones rise in the oven. As an additive to a supposed healthy beverage it makes absolutely no sense at all. The acidic, salty taste of all sogood products is the result of this "mineral salt" which some daper nugget thought was a good idea.

Smooth, healthy almond milk that is versatile in application

Almond milk beverages have really exploded out into the Australian market in the past 12 months. There are a number of companies trying to 'milk out' the almond milk craze and ride the wave of the alternative milk trend.
So Good Almond Milk Unsweetened gets 5 stars for taste, nutrition content and versatility.
First let's examine the health attributes. Sanitarium, always looking after the health of their customers, has fortified the drink with calcium so it comparable to dairy milk as well as vitamin E. It is super low in calories with only 17 calories per 100mls so you can drink it until the cows come home, or in this case until the almonds come home.
As with all almond milk, it contains virtually no protein, so don't drink this and head to the gym thinking you'll bulk up. Australia is still waiting for protein fortified almond milk like they have in the USA.

Some of my favorite serving suggestions:
Add it to soup to make a scrumptious, creamy meal
Can be used in cream sources to drastically reduce the calories
Add it to home made juices to make a healthy smoothie
Can be used as a milk replacement in cooking
Goes well with tea and coffee

Something which is prevalent throughout the Sanitarium So Good beverage suite, is the 'smooth' taste and texture. I'm not sure if it's their manufacturing process or the vegetable gums they use but the almond milk doesn't escape this Sanitarium characteristic, with a soft, velvety mouthfeel. The almond flavour is just right in this drink, so it's neither overpowering or so weak that you can't even identify the composition.

I really like the Earth green colour scheme they've used. Give it a try.
low calorie, healthy, great taste, smooth texture, calcium fortified, versatile
no protein, not cheap

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Why has the taste changed? After the new packaging that came out last week, the old taste that i use to really like, is not longer there. It has similar foul smell as that of pure breeze diamond brand.
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