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Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk Unsweetened

Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk Unsweetened

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8 reviews
Anna Leah

Anna LeahSydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews

Best almond milk in the market


This almond milk is out of this world. I used to only be able to stomach almond milk in smoothies, but since discovering this almond milk I drink it straight from the carton. MUST TRY!

Purchased in April 2020 at Coles for A$2.70.

Perfect product! The taste is just right, and additionally low in sugar & calories as well!





Love the taste , on a hot day having a glass of ice cold unsweetened so good coconut milk is so refreshing blend in some bananas or strawberries. Or just the milk thoroughly enjoy it.


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SEMHunter Region, NSW

  • 23 reviews

Delicious taste!!!


Very recently swapped to Almond milk for health reasons. Was a bit worried about taste/texture of almond milk..... well because it's milk made out of nuts??!!??!!!!!
Tried a few different brands and found some bitter and some (organic) split especially in tea.
I love So Goods taste. Don't really notice it's almond not my usual skim. Low in sugar. I find it almost " creamier" than skim milk. I put in tea, smoothies, cereal and even use in recipes requiring milk. Love that it's high in calcium too. And the NAS coconut is even more delicious!!!! I don't feel as bloated after having milk anymore. Is a bit pricey but I stock up at Coles when it's on special.

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Returned to shop for refund


Unable to open the soft bottle form -- tried everything to prise the top off -- attached it with a knife -- tried every which way -- thought I would switch to this brand, however after this first introduction completely turned off. Impossible to get to contents... Ridiculous!



  • 6 reviews

Great for carb watchers


I'm not a fan of the taste on its own, and at only 2.5% almonds compared to 7% almonds of other brands, it doesn't seem like great value for money, given its cost.

However If you are on a low carb diet like I am... it has 0.8 carbs compared to other brands of 6.5 carbs, add to the fact it has no lactose... This is an awesome product if you are watching your carb count. It tastes alright in tea, but my main use is for use in protein shakes and it tastes great in a shake.

Get this only if your watching your carbs
otherwise choose a different brand...pureharvest or the aldi ones.

Tastes like rat poison


This product contains sodium bicarbonate which is an excellent product for cleaning your sink and grimy pots and pans. It is also useful in small quantities to make your cakes and scones rise in the oven. As an additive to a supposed healthy beverage it makes absolutely no sense at all. The acidic, salty taste of all sogood products is the result of this "mineral salt" which some daper nugget thought was a good idea.



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Smooth, healthy almond milk that is versatile in application


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Sam N.

Sam N.asked

Why has the taste changed? After the new packaging that came out last week, the old taste that i use to really like, is not longer there. It has similar foul smell as that of pure breeze diamond brand.

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