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Schick Hydro 5

Schick Hydro 5

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If two blades are better than one and three blades are better than two then five blades should be streets ahead. However, that unfortunately was not my experience. This product was expensive and to my mind a two blade throw away does a better job. It takes much longer to shave and to get a smooth shave I have to go over the same spot time after time. Very disappointing.

Purchased at Coles Supermarkets for $12.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Blunt blades

I don't normally use these blades as I use electric but I am in awe of anyone that has the guts to use these blunt things on their face. Their hydro 5 shaving cream also has a putrid artificial smell that I couldn't get rid of.

Best shaver ever used!

After trying so many different Gillette products I decided to try something different and to my surprise schick hydro 5 was amazing I will definitely stick with this one highly recommended.

Schick hydro 5 best razor blades ever

I've been a Gillette user for 54 years well not no more after trying schick hydro 5 lt will be my daily shaver you ask why blades last twice as long are half the price and give twice the shave need I say more

Not bad at all

I bought the Schick hydro 5 from the gold cross chemist in towradgi and found it to shave pretty good compared to the older style Schick shavers and it's a reasonable cost price shaver along with the replacement blades and doesn't cut my skin easily as well so I'd recommend the Schick hydro 5 shavers

Great Design

I was lucky enough to win this great Razor HYDRO 5,i found it most enjoyable to use ,the Hydro 5 specially with the Hydrating gel as it leaves the skin very nice ,as some one else said that they get a rash ,well that is the same for me as i am unable to use an electric shaver ,many thanks will use it all the time
Very easy to use with great handle .
Not enough spare blades.

Worth every cent

I am a person who hates shaving, i have always been prone to shaving rash. I have tried single, dual and triple blades, glide strips , everything. I resorted back to cheap single blade because why pay extra when they all give me shaving rash. I tried one of these recently, and no more rash! I love it!
Smooth, no rash, NO RASH
like all these things,a bit pricey, but worth it really

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Hydro 5
Release dateJan 2011
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