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Schick Intuition Plus

Schick Intuition Plus

2.7 from 9 reviews

Very bad

It's very bad i wish to rate it less than 1 star
When i shave in it the hair grow quicker more than usually , and not cut the small hair
Waist of money


personaly i wouldnt buy this product again, so yes it does save time by having the moisterising soap already on the razor, but i found it didnt shave very close, was difficult to shave close 2 ankles or knees due to the size of it, i didnt like the moisterising soap that was with it.
personaly it wasnt my kind of product and i had higher expectations for it, it would be great as a time saver thing but other than that nah didnt like it
also i found the soap ran down further than the razor so by this time you needed yo replace it with a new one and it was pretty much just wasteful
i wouldnt buy this product again.
I wasnt Really Impressed With This Product Wouldnt Buy It Again
the soap was annoying
its big and bulky
didnt shave very closly


This was ok as I recieved it as a gift. It is not something that I wouldpurhcase. The refils are very expansive and they do not last a long time. I also found that the moisturiser did not use evenly. I had part where the bar had run out and the other side was quote full. I did not get a particularly close shave either.
Good general idea.
I found that this did not shave closely. I aslo found that the moisturiser ran dry after using a few times. The unit was too large to be easy to use in a small shower.


The idea was attractive (with the moisturising shaver head) but it was just too big to use in areas that needed more careful manipulation. It was another Schick disappointment because not even the finished shave on my legs was as smooth as a my Venus Gillette shaver. Overall it didn't work well at all for me and doesn't compare well with the Gillette brand in my opinion.
The scent on the moisturising shaver head was pleasant.
Not the smoothest and most long-lasting shave I've ever had (only slightly better than the other Schick product I've tried). The shaver head is so chunky I find it very hard to shave my underarms and bikini area with this design. Replacement heads were fairly expensive as well.


The refills are quite expensive, nearly $13 for 3, and they don't last very long, maybe only a few shaves if you use it on your legs, or in many areas. But it's a close shave and your skin feels a bit smoother after you shave thanks to the moisturiser.
Smooth, close shave, moisturises skin
Expensive refills


I still use and like this product but have misgivings about it as well. I only use it to shave under my arms and it therefore lasts quite awhile but when I first tried using it on my legs, I found the moisturizing block had worn away in about 1 week and I needed a new blade. The blade and moisturizing block come as one piece and the pack says the blade is worn out when the moisturizing block is gone but this happens way too quickly and it works out very expensive because of this. Overall, it is fantastic for just doing under my arms but is just way too expensive to do my legs.
Very easy to use, quick, has handy covers making it clean and easy to pack when traveling, don't need any other shaving cream.
The refills are expensive, the moisturizing block wears down quite quickly meaning you have to replace the blade often, the blade has always gone rusty within a few days of putting on a new one.


I always shave and have tried every womans razor on the market and I find this one to be up with the best. It provides a close shave and doesn't leave any nasty nicks. It is easy to maneuver and the built in conditioning solid makes it glide on my skin with ease, without it being neccessary to use a separate shaving cream. The blades are very sharp and I can even get a couple of uses out of it before it goes blunt. The refills are a bit expensive but no more so than any others that are available. A great razor for the girls who want super smooth hairless legs.
Good clean shave leaving soft hairless skin.
Expensive Refills.


I love using this razor you never need to buy shaving gel as it already has its own around the blade I only use it once a week some times every 2 weeks it is quit easy to use I like the smell of the shaving block round the blade. It is very easy to use last a little while not that long as other razors though but I would keep on using this one for as long as they keep on making it. I have never had shavers rash from this one which is good.
Love it
a little expensive for the refills


It wasn't worth the expense. I threw mine out after using the two supplied soap blocks up and got a Schick Quattro instead and went back to separate shaving cream again - much happier with that.
I like the idea of not needing to have shaving cream separate. Everything you need is in the one unit.
Once it's been used once or twice the soap block wears down quickly and unevenly. Nothing is quite like the first shave. The razor you are left with seems to be a bit like a cheap and nasty disposable. I got a of shaving rash with this razor. The refills are expensive.

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