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Schick Quattro

Schick Quattro

2.5 from 4 reviews

Wont even complete 1 shave without becoming clogged & useless

I used to use Schick blades over 20 years, then changed to Gilette & have been using Gilette ever since. I went to buy some more Gilette blades, but they are so expensive.

Since I couldn't remember why I stopped using Schick, & their blades are much cheaper I thought I would try them out again. Well what a total waste of money, & I now remember why I stopped using them. I didn't even get to complete one shave before the blades were clogged with my whiskers, & totally useless, just gliding over my facial hair without cutting anything at all. No matter how often & how vigorously you rinse the blades, you cant stop them from clogging.

I never have this problem with the Gilette blades, because their blades are open at the back, & the whiskers rinse straight through. The Schick blades are closed at the back, so there is nowhere for the whiskers to go but to get stuck in between the blades. Why is Gilette the only blade manufacturer to think of this? Other blades I have tried also have the same problem! Do they have a patent on the idea or something, because it would seem to be a no brainer! Even if they did have a patent on the idea, surely it would have expired by now!

Well Schick, you have lost me as a customer (again)! I have no choice but to go back to Gilette & their over priced blades. No wonder Gilette is the market leader despite their higher prices.

It won't cut you, but it wont shave you either. Clogs instantly and can't be cleared.

Gave it more than 1 star because it wont cut you.
In fact it is almost completely useless. A single swipe longer than 25mm will clog the blades and then it wont shave.
It is also impossible to dislodge the hair between the blades once it is there. Some razors you just tap harder and the hair dislodges. This one the head comes flying off when you tap it any more than lightly. You end up a clogged razor head flying into the sink or worse, across the room and likely getting damaged.

This is the most frustrating razor I've used in my 25 years of shaving.

Likely great for 'thin stubble'

This razer gives a close shave and is quite sharp. However I find that the wire strips that run across the blades and the closeness of the blades causes whiskers to get stuck in the blades which cannot be dislodged by rinsing, swishing in water, or tapping the razer. Didn't have this problem with the Hydro or the Mach 3.

I believe the stuck hairs cause an uneven shave as stubble looks patchy.

Good but appears to have design problem

have had problems whilst shaving as the blade comes off the razor head 2-4 times per shave,only need to angle the blade on my face or touch angle of my jaw and the blade falls off. does not appear to have faulty catch on examination.otherwise very good shaves with it,best shaves I have had apart from the nuisance of blade falling off continually.
trimmer useful shave excellent quality blade
the continuosly falling off of the blade from the razor

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