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Schick Xtreme 3 Sensitive Disposable

Schick Xtreme 3 Sensitive Disposable

2.3 from 16 reviews



16 reviews
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Brian ONeill

Brian ONeillSouth East Queensland, QLD

Very poor designed razor


I have been extremely disappointed with this product. I have found that after one day my stubble is coming thru, I don’t have a heavy growth , with other razors I can wet shave the next two days use an electric/ battery shaver. I also find that the razor head comes away too easily from the handle , if dropped!! Anyway in my opinion it’s poorly engineered and definitely will not buy another,
Brian , from NZ

Purchased in January 2020.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

DarylSouth West, QLD

Not very good Go back to the old design


Harder to hold Not as good a job Doesn't seem to be as sharp The old design was easier to use I have used the old style for years Go back to the old style

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles for A$499.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes


  • 2 reviews

This is as good as I could expect for the price.


I've been using these for several years now. I have a beard and only shave cheeks and neck 3 times per week. I shave using hot water but no soap/shaving cream. Each blade lasts me upwards of 2 months.
They used to clog a little but I found that tapping them sideways on the basin whilst flushing them clears them easily.

Purchased in August 2017 for A$10.00.

Value for Money
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  • 4 reviews

Such a magical start but have you ( deliberately? ) dropped the ball.


As with most here I have been using this product for years. Silky smooth shaving and a great price.
Of late though it appears that you may have changed your manufacturing process. I have no idea whether
or not there is a use by date involved but lately your blades have been a real drag with the occasional 'gouge'.
I haven't experienced any 'falling apart' but they certainly feel a LOT less sharp. Are you trying to prevent a second use by making the first shave unpleasant. Not sure but very disappointed.

Why, why, why did you screw it up!


I've used these razors for years and found them great ... when they were the old model (black and grey wiht a green lube strip).... now they've changed to a new one that is blue and grey with a yellow lube strip and they are horrible... like dragging a velcroed pillow across my face, rough as guts and shaves no closer than a butter knife. I can only assume they've changed to a cheaper manufacturer ... so disappointing.


beroccaSalisbury Park

Change of manufacturer


I have used these blades for years but no more. When they had the blue strip they were great. Since the change to the green strip they are terrible. They are worse than a blunt blue razor. Please change back to the old ones

November 10th 2018 Update: Doesn’t shave smoothly,scrapes your face. Earlier models had blue strip and were terrific

They have obviously changed manufacturers as the new product green strips and are very bad. Definitely will not buy again .I am now using a different brand and while not as good as the old xtreme 3 they are better than the new xtreme 3



  • 3 reviews

Schick Extreme 3 Disposable Razor


Self Destruct


Like many others I have been using these blades for years. But, since 2017 they have become sub standard. In a pack of 4 one fell apart whilst shaving. In a pack of 10 seven fell apart either after the first shave or the moment I put pressure on them. Better find another brand I think.

They fall apart.


I've used this razor for a couple of years without a problem but the last packet I bought are not good. Four of them have fallen apart, two of them I dropped on the floor and the other two while I was shaving my face. The head just broke apart into three pieces. I am taking them apart before I use them and super gluing them together. It's a pain but it works. Obviously I'm looking for an alternative.

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After using other brands I thought I would try these. First try the whole blade part fell out . Thought ok then next one halfway through done exactly same thing. I think just the no frills brand put in schick packet



  • 6 reviews

Worst razor I’ve ever used


This razor is literally the worst I’ve ever used. It starts off well, however the hairs get stuck in the blades and are impossible to get out. Then after I tried extremely carefully to get the hairs out as I always do (this time without success), the blades just stopped working. They must have moved slightly.

I only got through half of ONE leg before I threw the razor out. Can’t believe how badly designed it is.

Great razor so why change it?


I have used this product for years and loved it but now after the changes it's like having a shave with a cheap steak knife. The handle is terrible and the blades are worse which unfortunately means I will have to find an alternative.

Charles T


  • 7 reviews

Worst Ever


These blades now self destruct under the slightest pressure.
I have around 10 of them from a multi pack that have sheared the head when applying slightest pressure. They have changed design/plastic/manufacture, but they are now not the blade that they used to be...

Mark Sims

Mark Sims

  • 26 reviews
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Good news and bad news


ArgydubbayaFinch Hatton, Queensland

  • 8 reviews



Don't know how Schick can do it. These "disposable" razors last a long time giving a close shave day in day out. I shave in cold water without a shave cream or soap, never cut myself. My wife loves me more for my sexy smooth face.

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ap6uteNSW, 2159

  • 9 reviews

A pleasure to use.


I bought a 4 pak of these whilst on holidays and have been using them for the last 3 years.
Give a nice close shave without leaving your skin dry, sore or oily even if I shave upwards. No beard rash. and last about 6-8 weeks.
A pleasure to use, good quality, well balanced and excellent value for money.
Who would of thought a disposable would be this good.
Nice close shave. No beard rash.

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