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Schweppes Lemonade

Schweppes Lemonade

2.7 from 18 reviews

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Matthew Brown

Matthew BrownSydney, NSW

Schweppes Lemonage, more like sweet water!


Lately I've been drinking an old favourite thirst refreshment Schweppes lemonade it just isn't the same I've noticed that it is more like sweet, bubbly water. I don't know what has happened but please Schweppes go back to the original it just ain't the same.

Purchased in September 2019 at Coles.

Schweppes Sars. Flat


I have found that Schweppes Sars in plasctic bottles low on gas and flat tasting. Flavour is OK. The best Sars I have tasted came from McMahons in Ipswich who I believe was bought out by Schweppes.

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths.


BeaverPeel, WA

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Best zero sugur lemonade


This is by far the best zero sugur lemonade on the market today & tastes great so doent really last long in the house hold so always have to buy more & its always a great price keep up the great work

Purchased in February 2019 for $1.00.

No fizz seems sweeter tastes vile


I prefer RWhites lemonade however i cant always get it so get scweppes. Definately doesnt taste like it used to absolutely vile better off with a cheap brand more fizz and tastes like lemonade instead of sweet water lol

David. S

David. SMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 5 reviews

Downsizing !!! Again


I might be wrong but i have noticed that there seems to be a reduction in the size of the bottles. Noticed in Coles. DOWNSIZING !!!! 1.25 lt bottles, no more !!!!! !.1 Lt instead. but of course price remains the same !!!! this might start a trend by the other companies !!!! Noted Woolworths have still got 1.25 Lt bottles but have to wait and see !!!

No fizz at all


Yet again trusted the label but no better no fizz no lemonade taste 2% lemon I don’t think so very poor.



Flat lemonade


No matter how tight we put the lid on, it goes flat really quickly, we have even had unopened bottles , with not much fizz, very disappointing.

Where is the fizz?


There is virtually no fizz in either bottles or cans. Has been a favourite for years but about to stop buying! Schweppes can you please fix this ASAP? It’s almost just like drinking water... so disappointing!



What have you done to your product


I have been buying Schweppes lemonade for as long as I can remember. The taste has changed, it has a flowery taste and no fizz. I have often thought it was a bad batch or the heat in different countries have made a difference but no. After buying about 8 different bottles they all taste the same.



On the slimline lemonade it clearly states ZERO SUGAR , ZERO CALORIES!! yet when you read the label it states 5 calories per 250ml. Which amounts to 40 calories per bottle??!!!.......





I’ve been drinking swcheppes lemonade for years now, but the last few months I’ve been disappointed as soon as you open the bottle it looses its fizz which is very disappointing because it didn’t before, the worst thing is it’s not cheap but the cheap lemonade stays fizzy longer very disappointing something needs to be done about this.


JOE GORTsouth windsor

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different flavours went from 1.25L TO 1.1L yes i noticed.I might only BE one customer but won,t be buying this brand now.THEY TAUGHT ME A LESSON.


GlenGold Coast

  • 13 reviews

Best sugar free lemonade for me


Best sugar free lemonade for me.

Cans are nicely made, they're not excessively sweet as I'd expect from a diet product, i can have 2-3 in a row and taste is not disturbing or overwhelming.

Strangely.. very hard to find.. i have to make many trips to supermarkets and keep an eye on shelves hoping to find them.
Also no picture in their website for the cans, i tried to find a link for this review but couldn't .. I hope productreview.com.au can find it.

Amanda Norris

Amanda NorrisAdelaide

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Short Fizz


I beleived Schweppes took pride in the amount of fizz in their drinks, but im fed up with buying them when the next day there are no bubbles. Are we meant to consume it within a short time period.
Im not kidding the next day no matter how hard you put the cap on the next day it is flat.

Flat the next day - no bubbles


Leighanne53NSW, 2032

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I always buy the sugar-free version. It is lovely on it's own and also great as a mixer with Juice. My children enjoy it too as a special treat. Refreshing and not sickly. Tastes like lemonade should! Can be quite expensive but Coles often have it on special so I try to stock up!
Can be expensive if not on offer.



  • 59 reviews

Yummy lemonade


My favourite Lemonade. It has a lovely refreshing taste. It is light and full of bubbles. Doesn't leave that sickly sweet taste in your mouth that some other brands do. Well priced
Inexpensive, tasty


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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sassy65356ACT, 2601

  • 77 reviews



I find that the drink is good for sensitive teeth and I find that the drink is too sugary (I often add water to dilute it). Otherwise, it is good to have at parties because it is a crowd pleaser.
It is a sweet soft drink available at a reasonable price.
After drinking the regular version of this product, my teeth got a big build-up of plague and my teeth felt really strange. This is not a good product for those with sensitive teeth. And the sugar free variety is equally as bad for you as the regular variety because the use of sweeteners only mean that you will be eating more high calorie food to compensate for the lack of sugar/calorie from the regular variety.

Questions & Answers



Why has Schweppervescence disappeared. I always paid the extra for the Schweppes fizz that used to last till the last drop, regardless of glass, plastic, or aluminium container. Schweppervescence is no more. It has gone. Why, Schweppes?

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