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Sentinel Spectrum Blue (Large Dog)

Sentinel Spectrum Blue (Large Dog)

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  • Side Effects Short-term illness (1)


CathyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Sick dog


I gave this to my Aussie Bulldog for the first time last night and she has been vomiting ever since. She keeps arching her back like she has a sore tummy and is lethargic. So annoyed as this cost $140 for 6 months worth and we won't be using it again.

Purchased in August 2019 for $139.00.

Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeDog

Been using this for years its amazing!



NatalieMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Easiest method to avoid Heartworms, Intestinal Worms and Fleas


Feed it to your dog with a full meal just like a treat. My dog would not know what a flea was, and has never had intestinal worms. Easy, quick, fuss and mess-free this is the simplest method to keep your dog Heartworm-free and never know a flea. It is a once-a-month chew, and the dog loves it. The product is highly efficient, and you will never have smelly or sticky fur on the back of their neck again. My Belgian Shepherds have never experienced nasty side-effects and each month they all think that it is "treat time". I have used this product since its introduction to the Market and have never had a problem.


MarkMelbourneGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 19 reviews

Convenient and effective IF you control adult fleas first




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It works - I just wish it covered ticks as well


It is a great product. I have been using this product on several dogs since 1999. I have found it effective in preventing fleas and the worms it claims to control. A couple of my dogs have disliked the taste of the chews, but I find that cutting the tablet up and coating it in something the dog likes, such as vegemite makes the chews more palatable for the dog.

This KILLED my dog 3 years ago! I have always used heart guard and never had a problem. This was a n


This killed my dog! Stay away from it. She was only 4 years old. My heart is still broken. This was the first time I used it. Stay away from this killer medication.





my collie was extremely lethargic, wouldn't eat and only got up to vomit for days after eating this chew. Never again and probably should be labeled not to give to collies!



Never again


After swapping to this treatment my dog suffered terribly, it did not prevent fleas at all. My dog did NOT have fleas, the treatment i was using work magnificently, however i purchased sentinal as it was a bit cheaper, a week after first chew i noticed her scratching, by week three she has bad flea allergy sores all over her, she has hair missing off her tail, she is super sensitive to fleas, has cost me twice as much buying creams and a cone. Will never again use this product and would warn others about the experience I've had. Back to my regular more expensive brand...revolution.

Highly Recommended!


My retired Greyhound has been using this every month for 6 years. She eats it as a treat and really seems to enjoy it! So easy and convenient. No fleas or worms or any other issues or side effects to report so it must be doing its job...

The only downside is the high cost but we always buy on special so it works out well. We have just adopted another retired Greyhound who loves these new 'treats' too! We will ALWAYS use this fantastic product and would also highly recommend to other dog lovers!


bretannMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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My Labrador hates them!


I'm nearing the end of my patience trying to get my dog to consume this very expensive medication.
I've tried hiding them cut up fine among her food, but as soon as she smells it she walks away from her food no matter how hungry she is.
How can this company claim a dog will readily accept them whole and chew them up
She won't accept Canex either (same method) which apparently does all worms except heartworm
Is there a better alternative my dog will actually accept?

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.A tasteless product in all aspects


A chewable product that dogs can't stand how stupid is this company, follow up withsome basic research you can clearly see how toxic this product is..An absolute unacceptable extremly over priced product.

T137652  Deb

T137652 DebPerth Western Australia

Not a nice product


After having given a chew to our dog about 14hrs later found my beautiful fur baby on the kitchen floor having a grand mal seziure it was so scary when she came to took her to the vet bloods done etc and release with meds to help her she has the same routine every day and this day the only thing different was we put her on sentinel as my daughter had got the wrong brand we didnt think it would harm as the other product had not the vet said she could not rule out that my fur baby has a a reaction to the product then after reading other reviews Im shocked as they say dogs are vomiting and other symptoms will not be giving this to my dog any more
steer clear of this brand

Can't please everyone all of the time!


I have used sentinel spectrum on all of my dogs 1. rottweiller 2. American bulldog 3.neopolitan mastiff and now my miniature schnauzers it is a fantastic product. Regarding the fleas, in all my years of using sentinel I have seen fleas on the schnauzers once and this was due to them playing with other dogs that had fleas. The fleas jumped onto my dog however they could not live on my dogs they died a quick death.
This product really is very convenient as it treats several things at once and I am not constantly having to think what pill is due at what time..



My GSD loves it!


I have been using this product for my 3 year old GSD for the past 2.5 years and never had any issues with fleas or worms. My dog thinks of it as a treat and as a result sits and wags its tail waiting for it.

Heather F

Heather FCaboolture

It always works


I have had 4 German Shepherds on Sentinel and they have never had a single flea on them. It does exactly what it is suppose to do. Kill fleas and and control worms. The only complaint I have is it doesn't make one for the larger dog over 50 kg.

Still Hungry

Still Hungry

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What a waste of money. Don't bother.




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Too expensive - Not worth the Money

Chez J
Chez J

We haven't had any fleas for many years definitely does get rid of fleas, doesn't kill the adult flea makes them infertile so they can't breed.

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