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Shannons Bike Insurance

Shannons Bike Insurance

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Good to deal with. Can't fault them.

I hit a giant Roo on my lovely original 70's Harley. I didn't come off but he knocked it around pretty badly & it was unrideable from the scene.
Shannons were good from day 1, right through to the completion of repairs which were of considerable cost.
I can't fault them.

Insurance claim madeYes

Rude, Arrogant, Overpriced

Received new policy from Shannons as a former customer of Insure My Ride no longer existed. Let it go for a month then started doing online quotes as l always do to find a better deal as Shannons was quite high. Most insurance companies will do online quotes but not Shannons, you have to call them, as l did but they wouldn't do a new quote, they only wanted to go with over priced policy they sent me, found many more cheaper than Shannons. Wouldn't consider them.

Insurance claim madeNo

Avoid insuring with Shannons at all costs

Had a "Not at Fault" accident on my Hyosung GT650RL a couple of weeks ago. Paid the excess immediately as the driver at fault did not stop & no details recorded. Did not receive a single follow up call from Shannons at all in two weeks to keep me apprised of the situation. I have had to do all the follow ups! When the tow driver picked up my bike, he started it and it sounded very sick (I had not been game to start it after the accident as fuel was leaking). Quote from repairers came in at $4,070.54 according to Shannons. Agreed Value of the bike was set at $6,100. They didn't even follow up on the quote from the repairers until I made a complaint after two weeks of not hearing anything.

Received news today from Suncorp Assessor that he has decided to repair the bike stating "there was no structural damage" and "call the repairer for any more info". I am amazed they have chosen to repair the bike given how sick it sounded. Repairer says ETA is anywhere from 28 days to 10 weeks! I was stupefied that the assessor decided in his infinite wisdom not to write my bike off. He didn't even do an inspection of the bike, his decision was based purely on pictures taken by repairer, the repair quote & $$ value!

I will be taking the bike to a proper qualified bike mechanic after it is returned to me to get a proper check done to ensure there is no internal or structural damage that the repairer or Shannons is hiding. If anything like this is found, I will be asking why the bike was classified as "To be repaired", rather than a "repairable write off". May have to seek legal advice depending on outcome.

My advice to any prospective motorcycle insurance purchasers is to avoid Shannons at all costs. Customer Service is almost non-existent. They are quick to take your money and promise the earth but fail to deliver! I guess you don't know how bad an insurance company is until you have a claim with them.

Suffice to say, I will not be renewing with Shannons when my renewal is due and will avoid Suncorp companies at all costs as well.

Insurance claim madeYes
UPDATE on 23/06/17 - Received a call from the Smash Repair place this morning. Was told they do not start motorcycles or thoroughly inspect bikes that have been in accidents for any internal damage. They only perform a visual inspection of the damage and check safety items such as lights, indicators, brakes etc. Was given ETA of 6 - 10 weeks before completion as they have to order parts from overseas. Was also told the Yoshimura exhaust was not made for my bike & is not standard so will not be repaired as it is a mod which was not covered. Also received a call from Jeff, the Suncorp Assessor. Was the rudest person I have spoken to. Call started off with "You need to accept that the bike will not be written off and accept that it will be repaired". I asked why the smash repair place and insurer would not make sure they started the bike and do a thorough check. Response was "I have over 20+ years of experience with bikes. There is no way there is any internal damage to the bike from the accident. We do not need to have the bike started as I know from experience that there is no damage to it. Only way it would have internal damage is if you dropped it in a lake. If the bike sounds weird or not the same as before the accident, it has to be as a result of mechanical wear & tear which is not covered by us. I advise you not to take it to a qualified mechanic for a thorough check after you get the bike back as the repairs have a lifetime guarantee, If you are not happy with the repairs, we will get it re-done". I mentioned a responsible insurer would ensure a thorough check is done and he went off his head & was very rude to me saying "How dare you disrespect me and call me irresponsible". He said he was going to call the repairers and hung up on me. Called back again and advised "bike has been started, sound perfect & purring like it should". Needless to say, I am over Shannons and Suncorp! Complaints lodged but nothing will be done. I will get them to deliver the bike back to me as I am not game to ride an unsafe bike that has not been thoroughly checked by the repairer or insurance company. I will organise a thorough check from a more qualified bike mechanic and take it from there.Final Update - I received a call from the assessor's Team Leader Chris who apologised for the run-around I had received. Chris decided that it was wrong not to replace my Yoshimura exhaust and also added a few extra things to the repair bill. After he re-calculated the costs, it was decided that the bike will be written off and will be sold to Manheim Auctions as a Statutory Write-Off. I have nothing but good things to say about Chris as he explained everything thoroughly and wanted to make sure I was happy with everything. I am just happy that everything is finally settled now.

Unbelievable service, commitment and results.

I could not fault Shannon's. Unbelievable customer service. Supported me all these years and paid out insurance claim. Do yourself a favour and go with Shannon's. I can honestly say that from Debbie in Claims to Jason in assessment and to all the others I have spoken to over the phone in relation to my accident. I have nothing but the highest praise and respect for all of them. Shannon's dealt with my claim expediently and precise. Within 10 days of lodging claim, being assessed and having bike written off, Shannon's had paid out in full the agreed Market Value of my bike. This has always, I have found, to be the case with Shannon's. I won't be riding again most likely, but if the day does come around again, Shannon's will be the first people I call for Full comprehensive Insurance. No better way to go

Insurance claim madeYes

Premium rip off

Got a quote for motorcycle insurance and their quote was ridiculous was 400 to 600 dollars dearer than any where else .

Insurance claim madeNo

Avoid, yet another criminal Suncorp subsidiary

Should be negative 5 stars. After spending thousands on premium some company car smashed up my cruiser while parked. Got police report, security footage, the vehicle plates everything to the book. Still they are refusing to even considering looking at a claim All they tell me that I have to mail but they never reply and only ever talk on the phone as criminals with only first names. Because they are big they think they are imune under the law. Shame, shame, shame Suncorp you are the shame of the nation!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Motorcycle insurance - absolute rubbish

Just tried to insure my new Moto Guzzi with Shannon's, the same company that I have my classic cars with, and the quote came back at $900+ on bike value of $20,000. Compared with Swann at $336 for the exact same policy!

I'm 50yo, max no claim bonus, no accident history, bike stays in locked garage. So apparently Shannon's believe their policy is worth 3 times as much???

If you're looking for bike insurance, look elsewhere.

Insurance claim madeNo

Some stressful moments but generally fine.

My Ducati 748 was stolen from my garage and upon contacting Shannons got the insurance claim underway. There was hoop jumping I had to go through (including providing a photo of the bike) and at times I wondered if they where looking for an excuse not to pay. (isnt that normal for insurance companies). They were friendly enough on the phone and no one was particularly rude but after 4 weeks of not hearing anything I called and was told my claim had been approved and the cheque arrived in the mail shortly after. Overall things worked out fine but I constantly felt I I had the proverbial sword of Damocles hanging above my head.

Bike repair good experience

Crashed 883 sportster on old pacific hwy

They were great with everything
repaired bike with accessories and replaced riding gear
only delay was with parts arriving from the states
The people were very helpful

I think sometimes it can be a bit of a lottery as to which claims officer you get

I had a very good experience with shannons when it came time to claim.

Shannons Epic Fail!!!!!

I had my custom (iron horse) motorbike stolen 3-4 months ago and shannon's still has not made a decision on the claim. they have been rude, unhelpful, breached my privacy and trust. Thus far AAMI being their internal dispute resolution department have also been less than helpful. I would strongly advise anyone seeking insurance with shannon's, AAMI or suncorp to reconsider, and the people / companies with a current insurance policies to reevaluate their position.

"it will take as long as it takes." [name removed] from investigations shannon's

Better service than I could have ever expected of any motorcycle insurer.

I was involved in an accident on my motorcycle between Rathdownie & Kyogle in N.S.W. I reside in Brisbane. Shannons was contacted & they immediately organised towing of my vehicle. They contacted me at Lismore hospital & offered to help me with my own transport home & updated me regarding my motorcycle. My motorcycle was transported by them to a repairer close to my home,(Quality Bike Repairs) who are absolutely excellent (and I am extremely fussy). Another call was received from Shannons regarding my damaged riding gear. An email was sent to them detailing it & in some cases the value. I received a cheque from them a week later. Whilst my bike was being repaired, Quality Bike Repairs rang to update me frequently and in a matter of only a few weeks I received a call from them to ask when I would like them to deliver it. It was delivered that afternoon. The repair was faultless. I cannot recommend both Shannons & Quality Bike Repairs highly enough. If you have a vehicle you care about and you want excellent cover & repairs, you could not do better than these people.
Service, quality, helpful staff, good timeframe for whole process.

What a joke!

My husband was knocked off his beautiful R1, he was not at fault! The witness agreed, the driver admitted liability. Police report also reflects this.

So why can they not do there investigations professionaly and correctly? My huband still has to pay a $700 excess for something that was not his fault?

It has taken over 6 weeks to get answers from this company and yet still no joy. Couldn't even get to speak to a manager, or anyone with some superiorty.Insurance cancelled!! Don't go here people!

Bad service when claiming


far beyond the competitors on price (everything else (???)). don't go near swann for bike insurance, if you don't meet the requirements for these guys, go western QBE.
great for bike insurance. they don't insure risks, so prices usually better
none yet...haven't had need to test them.


They flew an assessor up from down south to Brisbane to assess the bike and took a couple off weeks to come back with the result and did not take into account the damaged apparel and had to wait for that department to access the gear. Not very professional, Must be better Insurance company's around.
friendly when signing up.
Taking a long time to process a claim,tried to talk me into canceling claim before giving me the full price all up with clothing and bike repairs.

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