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Sinchies Squeeze’ems Reusable Food Pouch

Sinchies Squeeze’ems Reusable Food Pouch

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Great transparent eco alternative, but can be tricky to clean

Sinchies are a terrific alternative to one-off food pouches you get at the supermarket fridge aisle. It’s pretty easy to make your own baby food if you have a food processor or stick blender, and reusable Sinchies are a compact and smart way to store your meals. They save money in the long run, but more importantly, saves our planet from single-use plastic. I bought a heap of them in different sizes while I was pregnant; used the icy pole tubes for homemade fruit blocks that I consumed during labour, and a small Sinchies pouch for coconut oil to massage my lower back. Still using Sinchies now for snacks and food, with Baby nearing 8 mo, and will undoubtedly continue to use them into toddlerhood.


Great designs, with a mix of kiddie and adult friendly designs


Easy to fill with a funnel

Haven’t had any leaks so far

Versatile, can also be used for sunscreen, shampoo and homemade skincare. Also good for people with special needs.

See through! This was the main reason I chose Sinchies over another popular brand. Transparency means these pouches are easier to clean thoroughly.

Terrific for travelling

Free of BPA, phthalates and PVC


Excellent choice for eco conscious parents who don’t want to add to landfill



Double zipper is great but can be hard to pull apart and close.

While the pouch itself is easy to clean, it's hard to clean around the zipper and spout.

Drying can take a while. I perch mine upside down over chopsticks in a sturdy mug.

Purchased in November 2018.

Other brands are superior.

I bought 10 of these last year, 3 broke by the zipper coming away from the plastic, 2 got mould under the plastic around the spout, it is impossible to clean under there and there should be a better seal.

The ones of a different brand that I bought 4 years ago are all still going strong.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

How great are these!!

We love love love our sinchies! Easy to fill, use and clean. Great for the toddlers and the big kids alike. We got the school lunch kit with sandwhich, snack and wrap bags well. Super impressed by all of them. Handy hint... If you lose a pouch lid, the aldi yogurt lids fit onto sinchies!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

It's ok but slow postage

Ok so originally I gave it 1 star but have changed it to 3. I purchased the product two weeks ago and hadn't received it. They Blamed it on Australia post however were not able to give me a tracking number. Not reliable customer service. It eventually came and they gave me a few extra hence my change in stars. It's ok but slow postage.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

I love Sinchies!

My son absolutely loves his sinchies! The independence it gives him is amazing! Very easy to clean, fill and seal. Fit nicely into his lunch box and are easy to take out and about. Recommend everyone to try! It's much nicer making our own food and controlling the amount of additives!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Such a great product

My first order, the pouches broke after one use. I emailed them and unfortunately the poor lady at Sinchies received a bad batch - She sent me some new ones and they have been amazing! So super versatile and easy to clean too using their cleaning brush. I did watch the video on their website as I couldn't work out the bottom of the pouch but realised there was a gussett which I hadn't opened. Now I know how I love them and think I've got an addiction. I've read the negative comments and think if you had PM'd or emailed sinchies you would have got replacements for the faulty batch.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great product - totally recommended

Unsure about why the negative reviews on this site so I decided to leave mine as we've been using them for several months and they're just great. They have free samples so feel free to try them before you buy and make up your own mind. They're very handy and totally recommended.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Zip lock almost impossible to close

The idea is great, but the execution could be better. I get that the ziplock needs to be firm to ensure the pouches are closed and don't leak, however I spend a good 10-15 minutes every morning trying to close just one pouch so that it is leak proof, and it is painful on my fingers. I am glad I only do one pouch a day four days a week! I would't recommend them

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Broken after 1 use

Out of the 5 bags I bought, 1 was broken before it was even used, 2 broke after 1 use. By broken I mean that the seal has come off the side of the bag and the contents have just come out all over the place instead. Stay away from it

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Broken after only a couple of uses

I'm not sure whether I was unlucky to get a faulty batch but mine broke after only a couple of gentle uses/hand wash with gentle detergent. The zip lock mechanism has come away from the side of the pouch, leaving a gaping hole for all the contents to leak out.

Idea great, rubbish manufacturing.

Bought these to use instead of store bought sugar-filled pouches. Unfortunately the manufacturing on these is so poor. The ziplock top is stronger than the glue holding the ziplock to the rest of the pouch. I have ripped four in a row trying to get them open, tearing the ziplock away from the pouch. So the ziplock is still closed but the contents of the pouch can pour out past it.

Terrible to clean, slow postage, unhelpful when asking questions

I would not recommend these products to anyone. You can not fit the required amount in the bag otherwise it overflows everywhere. Cery hard to clean. Small pouches very hard to fill. Ordered yogurt culture, took two weeks for delivery. Very unhelpful when asking questions. Not happy with products at all.

Love them!

I love my Sinchies reusable pouches, they are really affordable and so versatile. I mainly use them for my children's lunchboxes but have just started using them for my energy gu and homemade spice mixes. I love the fact that they are all clear so you can see for cleaning purposes. At first I wasn't sure how to clean them but Sinchies customer service was great and with the right advice they're now too easy!

Great idea, poor execution!

I have bought the 80ml reusable pouches. I do not understand why they are made so narrow, that you can't fit more than a teaspoon through the opening! They are just about impossible to fill with yoghurt, which is what I bought them for, and as another reviewer mentioned, they are also really hard to clean. I can't understand why they couldn't be a bit wider and shorter, so that you could actually open them and fill/clean them easier.

Cost saver and super versatile!

These pouches are wonderful. Working out at on average just over $1 each it only takes two uses for these things to start saving you money. Fill up to the spout using a funnel, the 1L Sinchie or spoon, seal and away you go. You can use these things for all kinds of things, not just food and drinks, sunscreen, shampoo, anything liquidy. I love being able to control exactly what goes into what the kids are eating and it makes for little to no mess. Some of our favourites are plain yoghurts flavoured with frozen berries, smoothies, fruit purees and crushes, flavoured milk or water, porridge, and the little ones love weetbix and milk in them. Best of all you can freeze them for lunches. Pretty easy to clean, albeit sometimes a little fiddly, just use a bottle brush and for those harder to reach places or stubborn bits a toothbrush is perfect, or just chuck them in the dishwasher. There are a good range of sizes, and choke-free lids available, and to top it all off their customer service is phenomenal.
inexpensive, reusable, good range of sizes, great customer service, versatile, BPA, Phthalate and PVC free, freezer and dishwasher safe
lids can go missing as not attached, little fiddly to clean,

Money saver but impossible to clean!

I bought these for my 1 year old twins who are obsessed with yoghurt but haven't quite master a spoon yet. I was spending a fortune on the yoghurt pouches in store and while it's saved me money that way it isn't really worth it for the amount of time it takes to clean them. Putting them in the dishwasher is a waste of time. It's so hard to get into the corners to get the yoghurt out even using a bottle brush. If you don't have time to scrub them every night then I do not recommend buying these.
Money saver
Too hard to clean

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Hi Amanda, Thank you for your review and sorry to hear that you are having a problem cleaning your Sinchies pouches - the Sinchies website (Hints and Tips) has some great tips for cleaning and also a video on How to fill, clean and dry your pouches which is very useful. We have found a bottle brush in warm soap water works a treat - supporting the base of the pouch, twist the brush around and that helps to remove any food right down the bottom. One reason Sinchies are all clear is that you can see for cleaning purposes. We are always willing to help with any problems you have as Sinchies are meant to be since to use ;-) Warmest, Sam

Questions & Answers

Where do I go to order squeeze 'ems pouches?
1 answer
The brand name is Sinchies - google that and you should find them. There are many products on the market such as this.

How much liquid do they hold and can they be frozen? Thanks
1 answer
They have 5 different sizes, 80ml, 120ml, 200ml, 500ml and 1L. I find they can generally hold a little less than the specified, or they can overflow when you close them. And yes they can be frozen! They can also go in the dishwasher.

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