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Smeg PIP264B-1

Smeg PIP264B-1

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Good product, however...

It works well, but it doesn't work by holding a constant temperature - it pulses. The settings from 1 low, to 9 high, are just how long the pulse is and how long between pulses, ie it boils, rests, boils rests, boils rests.... at varying intervals, and varying lengths of time.
I would have preferred it to hold a constant temperature, however the plus side is that nothing burns unless you're on high and you shouldn't be, because 9 is continuous.
It's easy clean, however I would have preferred the markings be sandwiched in or under the glass, they are painted or etched on top, and I can see it wearing away after a number of years. It's great to use for some/most things, but not if you want a constant temperature.
Like everything these days, you have to do a little study on how to work the controls. It's ok, but I think I'll be using my little portable induction plate for some dishes.

I honestly wouldn't buy Smeg again, due to another experience with an oven, and the way this unit works. It was a builder inclusion, and I can honestly say, I'd have 'brought my own', if I'd known these things.

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For simple, 'meat and two veg' style cooking, it's great - no way in heck you can use it for candy making/sugar craft, or split-prone sauces, or anything 'specialty' that needs a constant temperature - I'll be using my Chinese portable no-name induction plate STILL. Glad I also had a Smeg Domino 30cm 2 burner gas hob put in - that was SERIOUSLY over-priced, as well. Really wishing I'd brought my own cooking appliances. SO glad I went with a freestanding dishwasher space and went with my own choice of appliance there. Not overly impressed with Smeg, on the whole, though it's ok, nothing terrible. Nothing wonderful, either. By the way, someone told me that you can put baking paper between the hob and the plate to prevent wear/scratches etc. I may try it, tho it's not manufacturer recommended. This is in no way any advice, I just thought I MAY try it.

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Price (RRP)$1890
Cutout Width560mm
Cutout Depth490mm

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