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Hi does this model crack and stain easily I have a long crack across mine with staining and I’m just a tenant. My Real Estate agent is blaming me for it was just wondering if anyone has had the same issue with this particular stove. Smeg is a good brand I don’t deny it but just wondering If im solely to blame
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Hi Jon - no, I have not had nay issue with cracking so I think perhaps it is lack of care by you a perhaps a previous tenant. Did you not see and report this crack when you first moved in ? Do you know how/when the crack appeared ?Hi no I didn’t notice the crack until last week when I was cooking and saw that it had crack through and then I traced it and saw it at the corner a small tiny chip. Been using it for close to 2 years now. Staining was obvious delevoping over time. Been reading the manual online and things like surface of cooking ware and etc can damage the surface.. clearly I was not given a manual when I started renting and taking over so no precaution was given. Was just taught how to turn it on and off.

Hi, My smeg cook top SA312XA is showing an error CA L when I turn it on and it won't let me use it. I've tried resetting it, cleaning the surface thoroughly and read the manual countless times. How do I either reset or clear this error and use the cooktop again? Please help.
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Thank you for your enquiry. It could possibly be a PCB error, can you please email us direct with your full name, address and a contact telephone number - our email is: service@smeg.com.au once we have this information we will then be in direct contact to discuss this matter. Kind Regards SMEG AUSTRALIA

Absolutely furious. My new SA611XA Smeg ceramic cooktop is showing a visible and disfiguring ring after its very first use. Useless. How can this product be considered fit for purpose if it has disfigured after first use? I notice that my complaint is not an isolated case. Please advise as a matter of urgency.
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Hi Suzie, This discolouring ring is generally caused to food/oil residue on the bottom of the pots. As the pots heats, so to does the residue, leaving the marks. We suggest using a product called cerapol and a razor blade scraper to remove the marks and make sure the base of the pots/pans are clean. Regards, Smeg Tech Support.

Do you still have your Smeg cooktop? I am considering buying one and would love to know how it's held up. Did you used any special cleaning or seling products? Thanks.
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Yes i still have the Smeg cooktop, still works ! great design with no knob control so cleaning is very easy, very quick heat up. looks great no need with special cleaning product, they are overated, wife just use warm/hot soapy water to take off any oil/grease splatter etc, than wipe over with dry clean cloth ( and windex if you want to ) so theres no streaks, don't use that Jiff thing with rough paste, it'll scratch it if " food stuff " is stuck to the glass top, the cooktop came with a flat knife scraper, use that with hot/warm soapy waterThat's great. Thanks for answering. :-DI am considering buying one of these and want to know how it compares to gas cooking? does it take longer to boil a pot of water than gas or is it quicker?

Hi, is 1800W good enough for cooking which require high heat such as Wok ? I have SA611 which has max 2400W range and thinking of replacing it with this model since I sometimes have problem with knobs sitting on the way when I cook..
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i can't answer that as i haven't use a wog on it, sorry, i think you should ring Smeg and ask them the questionsI have cooked in woks for years on old-school "coil" elements from the seventies on without any great probs. Using the SA661X version I can say that almost any zone/element, but especially the big dual zone element, easily gets much hotter than all those! This unit is installed where the user does not do wok cooking and I have not tried it personally on this unit but it certainly seems to easily get way hot enough - but if I was doing a lot of bashing and tossing with a wok I would consider alternatives to ceramic tops - even the best will shatter! I would also add that wok cooking with just the small flat bottom of a wok contacting a small flat surface is not really using the wok in an ideal manner - sometimes the heating of the sides of the wok more important than direct heat on the wok's bottom. There are gas and induction units that would do "real" wok cooking better even though the elements/zones on this unit will get hot enough! See also suggestion by "stick on Jun 7, 2013".

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