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Smeg SAI95

Smeg SAI95

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3.2 from 12 reviews

Just so pleased with this cooktop

I was looking for an easy clean surface ..tick
Then ease of control, and am delighted to say it is as instant if not better than gas... tick
I am cooking rice using absorption method just so easily, no boil overs and perfect cooking...tick
My one ‘complaint’ is not being able to leave pots and pans and on the surface when not using. This has somewhat reduced my landing surface for getting things from oven, or even just leaving a pot sitting to resume some cooking later.
That’s the nature of induction though, so I can live with that.

Purchased in April 2019 at Winning Appliances.

Fantastic cooktop - so glad we got the Smeg

This 90cm replaced an older 60cm induction cooktop. Induction is great, but the Smeg is fantastic! The larger size allows for plenty of space between pots, and the controls are super responsive. My favourite part is the dual-zone linking where two panels can be joined together as a single big one. Love the keep warm settings too. The minimal design looks great (but make sure you take the time to read the manual to find out what all of the buttons and combinations do). We use a special ceramic cooktop cleaner (from supermarket) once a week or so to keep it looking nice. Great product.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Pan Size

Can I use a 32cm chef's pan on my induction cook top, I had a reply from my previous review from Smeg, they sent out a services man, he told me I had purchased the incorrect chefs pan, so I went back to place of purchase, HOUSE and they happily exchanged my pan for a new one the same, she explained sometime the pan can be faulty, I took the pan home a boiled water and I could see the heat was only in the middle, I used the small frypan that Smeg supplied and it boiled all over in the pan... Really is it that hard to get a 32 cm Chefs pan that will cook evenly!!! I really want to like my brand new induction cooktop but I am really struggling ...

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Wow! Amazing cooktop.

We have had the Smeg SA195 installed for a week and are still being amazed at the different features we are discovering. We had been hesitant about switching from gas but had heard good things about induction from friends who had made the switch from older electric appliances, although none had changed from gas. The speed and ease of cleaning are the outstanding features. The cooktop is so easy to clean and sleek against our black granite cooktop. There are no fiddly trims or anything to catch spills or pans. The high cooking temps are great for chips.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
Spoke too soon. Woke up yesterday morning with the cooktop flashing error code Er47, whatever that means. Switched power off and back on to no avail. Can't use it at all which is very disappointing for something only a few months old..Hi Lou - I am the National Service and Spare Parts Manager for Smeg Australia.Error ER47 , does mean that the hob is not connected to the network. Check the connection and reconnect the hob. If this does not work, Can you please email me direct - steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your full name, address and a contact telephone number so that we can discuss this matter direct. Thank you STEVE CULLENThank you Steve for your quick response and resolution. Today we got a new replacement cooktop fitted and are looking forward to cooking up a storm. We didn't realise how much we loved this cooktop until we had to go a week without it. Thanks again Steve and SMEG. (5 stars for customer service)

A shocking SMEG experience

We purchased this induction back in Dec 15 and installed in March 16. SMEG have been out to our place at least 10+ times (and failed to show up as many times). We have had issues from the noise coming from the cook top through to malfunction on half/all of the 5 cooking areas. I can't help feeling that the service people that SMEG send out are between a rock and hard place - they say the right things then we never get a resolution. My recommendation on my experience do not go near them.

Date PurchasedDec 2015
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Hi Mark. Sorry to read this review, I would really like to assist you with this matter, I am the National Service and Spare Parts Manager for Smeg Australia. Can you please email me direct with your full name, address and a contact telephone number. Once I have this information I will be in direct contact with you to discuss this matter. Regards Steve Cullen. My email address is: steve.cullen@smeg.com.au

Love it.

I am a serious cook and have used the whole gamut of cooktops. This Smeg 90 cm induction is my favourite. It’s responsive, slick to use and so easy to clean. It was a fairly major job to have it wired correctly but it is so worth it. There is room for my larger pans and saucepans. Induction performance is enhanced by great quality cookware and this cooktop deserves the best.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Disappointed in the quality of the glass top

I bought this model at the end of March 2015. It was great, cooked well and fast with the boost function. Only 2 yrs later the glass cracked with the smallest tap of a spoon? I can't believe this as I've had other brand glass cooktops and I've never had this!
$3000 for this... ever so disappointed. Too much money to spend for only 2 yrs :-(

Date PurchasedMar 2015
Dear Robert D, could you please email our National Service Manager, steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your details and the problems you are experiencing with your appliance. Once he has this information, he can ascertain how to best rectify the problem. Regards SmegDear Robert, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address and contact details and photograph of the crack. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve Cullen

First Impressions

Purchased yesterday this Induction Cooktop, and is my first depatrure away from Miele appliances in some 30 years.
I know i am probaby nit picking, but when you spend some $3000, you would expect a better user manual.
The manual, especiallty the installation section looks like it was written by a 10 year old, then shoved through a Google translator for English.
Once again, i know i am being pedantic, but first impressions means alot to many people.

Message to SMEG:
Get someone to rewrite the manual, who understands proper English and Grammar.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Glass top cracked

Just wondering how to rectify broken glass in cooktop. This is my second smeg cooktop and both have broken(not through misuse).
I do love the product but two out of two I'm thinking of changing to another brand. As paying almost $3000 after saving up for it then breaking another top not sure I should continue with Smeg.

Any recommendations for either replacing glass or purchasing another brand?


Date PurchasedMar 2014
Dear Chris,I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your details and also the previous history re the appliance. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve CullenI would like to thank Steve from Smeg. Steve organised a replacement glass and within a week it was all sorted out. The wife and I are extremely happy and appreciative of Steve and Smeg. Back to cooking great sauces etc on the SMEG induction cooktop. Regards Chris

Not as good as it advertised

We bought this induction cooktop when we first moved into our new house few month ago. It works fine until we had a problem and we got a new replacement after that. However, we begin to notice the induction cooktop wasn't working properly. The left zone used to heat up really quick but it failed to do so after the replacement. The middle zone became even worse then it wouldn't even heat up when we were using one of the left or right zone. The on/off and power button became very insensitive. We will have to press many times to get the power that we want. It wouldn't respond really well. So we called good guys and they send a technician over but when he came in he was complaining about the cookware that we used wasn't the right one. But we were using the exact same one before, and he insists that the cooktop replacement was a new one. I was really disappointed at the technician that he can't help us with the problem. We hardly cook but when we cooked we are quite frustrated at the problems. We spend heap of money on this induction but the induction cooktop doesn't even work properly. After all, think twice before you buy SMEG induction. Sometimes expensive doesn't guarantee good product.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Dear Tiff, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your details and also what are all of the issues. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve Cullen

An absolutely excellent cook top

I was wary of getting an induction cook top. Most people I spoke to had only bad experiences however I decided to give it a try anyway. The Smeg SA 195 has been a dream, easy to use and amazing response to control inputs. I have previously had gas, ego hotplates, ceramic cooktops and the old fashioned coils, none of them were very satisfactory, being variously slow to respond to changed settings, unable to generate much heat or unable to achieve a slow simmer. The Smeg has been excellent in all of these functions. The boost function is brilliant, a 6L pot of water boils within 5 minutes from cold start! It was also a very easy proposition from the installers point of view, needing very little allowance for ventilation. After 3 months, I am extremely pleased with the decision.

Regret buying this cooktop

Do not buy this cooktop!!! After this cooktop was installed, I began to notice that there was a problem with the middle cooking zones. If I had the left zone & one of the right zones turned on, the back middle zone would not work at all. If I turned the back middle zone on by itself, it would work fine, but if I added a frypan onto the left zone, the middle zone would stop working, but only if the frypan was sitting directly in the middle of that zone. If I moved the frypan to the left, off centre of the zone, the middle zone would start working again. So I contacted Smeg & they sent a serviceman to inspect my cooktop. As he was walking into the kitchen, he asked me if I had the instruction book. Although I thought that was a little weird, I got it out of the drawer & he then stood there going through the booklet while I explained the problem with the cooktop. You would think that a Smeg serviceman would know the Smeg products that he is supposed to be able to service, but apparently not. I told him that I could demonstrate what was happening, but when I started to get my induction compatible Bessemer cookware out he became insistent that my cookware was the problem. Even though he got out a gadget that confirmed that my cookware was induction compatible, he was still insistent that it was the problem. At this point I became quite dismayed as he seemed totally uninterested in my demonstration of the problem with the cooktop. He wouldn't give me an answer when I asked him why my cookware worked just fine on the middle zone until I tried to use the left zone, he simply said that he would fill in a report & I should wait to hear from Smeg sometime during the following week. He also advised me that if I wasn't happy with the cooktop that I could return it to the place I had purchased it from & they would be obliged to give me a refund!! I have since been advised that Smeg intend to take no further action regarding this fault. I am totally stunned & disgusted with their worthless warranty service.

Dear Dani, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your details. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve CullenI am very pleased to say that my faulty cooktop was replaced & the new cooktop is excellent !! A huge thank you to Steve Cullen & Leon at Smeg.

Questions & Answers

We have SMEG induction cook top at our old place for over 10 yrs and just recently found out from a tenant that the cook top has cracked across to one of the circle zone. Is the glass/ceramic top replaceable or we should be looking to get a new cook top as it is not worth replacing the glass? What option do I have?
No answers

Why does my smartsense cooktop only heat half the saucepan?
1 answer
Hi Neil R thanks for your question. There could be numerous reasons for this to happen, It is difficult to say without seeing the actual cook top. Can we please suggest that you check the following: 1. Are you accidentally using the "bridge" function, This function allows the use of 2 cooking zones at the same time (left zones, middle zones, right zones) with the same features as a single cooking zone. 2. Are you accidentally using the Keep warm function, This function allows the reach and automatically maintains at the temperature of 42, 70 or 94°C. This function ensures that liquids will not overflow and stops anything from fast burning at the bottom of the pan. 3. Is the saucepan a small saucepan? ( if so, check underneath and see that the induction pads are covering all of the bottom of the saucepan) If none of this helps, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Department direct on 02 8667 4833 and we will discuss further. Kind Regards. Smeg Australia.

I have just used my smeg induction cooktop for the first time and there is a ring mark where the frypan sat What’s the best way to/remove clean it?
2 answers
Hi Steph, We suggest using a product called Cerapol. It is a glass cooktop cleaner and can be purchased from any local supermarket. Regards, Smeg Tech Support.Cerapol cream and wipes are brilliant.


Smeg SAI95
CategoryInduction Cooktops
Price (RRP)$3190
Cutout Width810mm
Cutout Depth490mm
Control PositionFront
Release dateSep 2014

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  • MPN: 35902538
  • GTIN13: 3760120863479

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