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Smeg SFA6304X

Smeg SFA6304X

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3.6 from 10 reviews

Fantastic Oven

I purchased my Smeg oven a few years ago. Smeg have sold me, I will never look at another oven again. It is fast, cooks evenly, fans are quiet, cleaning is easy just wipe it out. Once you get use to symbols you will never look back.

Purchased in February 2015.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Product is used: Several times a week

Cannot do without

Well we're do I start, first of all know your oven functions, do a cooking course when you purchase your Smeg oven it's worth doing. And you'll never look back. Cooks everything to perfection. You will impress not only your family but your guests. Self clean function is everything a person won't. No hard scrubbing.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi Susan - we just read your review on your Fab Fridge. ! Glad to hear you enjoyed our cooking demonstration - it is a must when you purchase your Smeg Oven. Happy Cooking!! Smeg Australia.

Dont buy this oven. It will burn your face off

I have always been a smeg fan but this oven is awful. Firstly it wont operate without the timer being on. The timer is awkward to set as you have to bend down to get the time right (mine is under bench). When the timer goes off you hear a faint 'ding' and then the oven turns off. If you are in another room this 'ding' is impossible to hear. Opening the oven is a safety hazard. I wish i could upload a video. It almost burns your face off from the large amount of steam it emits. I rang the smeg rep with my concerns. My teenagers use the oven and i don't want them to get injured. I was told by the rep to slowly open the oven at about 5 cms for a while to allow the steam to escape. His solution for the timer turning the oven off was to set it to manual, in which case you have no timer. He suggested I buy an egg timer to fix my problem. I know it's bottom of the range but i expected a basic oven to cook safely. Very disappointing and dangerous. Don't buy this model.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Beautiful oven

Bought Smeg brand from reviews and it does not disappoint. Cooking is a dream and maintaining it is also good with the vapour clean option. The only disappointment is the grill inside the oven which is not practical and makes for stubborn stains. The other issue that needs mentioning is having to use the 3 knobs to turn on...the oven option, the oven temp and the timer, however great for when children are around

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

I disliked this oven after installation, and it has gone downhill from there

2 1/2 years ago when I bought this oven I quickly discovered why I didn't like it. - the ridiculous short timer which turns the oven off, so too bad if you are into long slow cooking; the need to look at the knobs at eye level (and I see other people have found that a problem as well) ; the temperature allocations which leave you to guess for the most frequently used temperatures. I have also noticed the other gripes - the blast of hot air you get in your face when you open the door, the cleaning function - a complete waste of time, unless you only cook cakes and scones - does nothing for a roast. Now I have more reasons to can this oven. I tried taking the door off to clean it, as per the instructions in the instruction manual. That required a visit from the serviceman, because I wasn't physically strong enough to get the door back onto the hinges, so the door doesn't get taken off now.
The latest disaster is the light globe - mine blew today, so out with the instruction manual, and levered off the glass cover with a screwdriver, as per the manual. Seemed a procedure fraught with danger, given that the cover is glass, fitted into an enamel side, but it eventually came off. I then I found that some genius designer in Smeg designed the light so that the globe of the halogen light points to the back of the oven, and the prongs that you have to fit into the socket are pointing to the oven door. Try doing that without being able to see where you have to insert the prongs, and wearing gloves, because of course, it is a halogen globe, and mustn't be touched by fingers. I had to use a mirror to see where it was supposed to go, and a torch and by then I had run out of hands. It eventually went in but as soon as I put the cover back on, it blew again, and so as far as I am concerned, its another visit by the serviceman.
This is a truly awful oven - it cooks and does what an oven is supposed to do, but I could have got that from a much cheaper product than a Smeg. Never again, but with my luck, it will go on cooking for years and I won't be able to justify getting rid of it.
Update: I was offered the opportunity to resolve my issue privately with Smeg, and took that option. I received a message from the National Product Manager, asking me to contact him by email, which I did immediately. Why am I not surprised that I have heard nothing, some five days later. Woeful customer service and care, another $75 service call to change the light globe in the oven because of Smeg's totally useless design - would I ever buy another Smeg appliance? Never

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Smeg Oven Brilliant

Great oven. Just love it. Cooks evenly on every level. Easy to clean. Love the removal glass to clean. I just need to remember to adjust the timer if Im cooking for a long time. If the timer is not on the oven is not on. Lots of space inside. Lots of racks and cooking trays. I haven't mastered the steam cleaning option as yet. Very good and quick grill. You dont have to wait long for it to become hot and start grilling. Love the dials. No more digital numbers that fade or are hard to read. The number settings are the ones I use for everyday cooking so very easy to turn dials to the settings I need

Date PurchasedOct 2017

a lot of features!

It cooks really well and has a lot of features. there's fan forced, fan grill, convection, grill and so on! and there's a timer that "tings" when it's done and the temperature setting's great! It's super spacious, comes with 3 wired racks and a tray that fits one of the racks. and has plenty of adjustable height

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Great Oven

Just purchase and replaced a cheap oven with a good one.
Cooking, cleaning and features are excellent.
Knobs on front panel don't feel super strong but I'm sure they will be ok.
Given time again i would probably have gone for flush press touch front panel (no Knobs)
but as an oven and grill it is excellent.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


I give the oven 4 stars because it cooks well, especially compared with my previous model which was quite old and leaking heat.

My gripe is this model needs to be installed at eye level and it should be sold as such. I chose it for the simplicity of its handles, but the operator needs to bend down and eyeball that the handle is lined up with the dot of the needed temperature or feature.

We purchased this oven along with a SMEG dishwasher and microwave. My assessment of the brand .... it is too difficult with too many knobs, buttons, or choices, as evidenced by the fact that if we have people in the house in our absence, we will have to leave out the instruction manuals.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Irritating Features

We recently purchased a SFA6304X to replace our previous oven a SF304X that we had for 9 years.

This new model has two very irritating features that we would love to remove...

Firstly, in order to use the oven without being dependent upon a timer you need to set the Timer Dial to manual mode. If this is not done the oven will not work and you will inadvertently discover this at the wrong time! This 'Feature' was not present on our previous oven, nor any other oven we have ever owned and becoming a slave to a Timer dial is more than irritating! We would love to find a way to eradicate this and allow the Timer in the 'Off' position to be the default for manual cooking use?

Secondly, the oven heating switches off once the door is opened! This is an issue for some heat sensitive baking and where we find it more of an issue is when using the grill function. We often use the grill with the door open as it allows us to monitor the cooking of items ensuring that we get the required finish/look/texture, etc. without over cooking or burning! Using the Grill whilst having to close the door has often become an on/off affair which is not helpful!

Also, there was no mention of these irritating features in the description of the detailed specifications - How convenient!

We selected this model and liked our previous model due to the simple interface - We didn't want to be inundated with features and functionality! Oven/Grill, etc. switch on to the required temperature and that is it. We only ever use about 4 functions, Convection, Grill, Fan-Assisted and Clean.

We hold the view that this oven meets the simplicity requirements part way but is impacted by the two 'features' I referred to above. We would recommend with caution as there are other products out there that focus on doing the basics well without feature bloat, which is where we shall be looking in the near future as this model is already becoming untenable - Smeg, less is often more! Give 'us' the choice!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Questions & Answers

I am considering buying an SFA6304X built in oven and a PA361XGH cooktop. A review I've read suggests says there are 2 (questionable) features that are not listed: 1) Programmability - that when using the oven without the Timer the Timer must be set to Manual Mode - there is no Timer Off switch, and, 2) when the oven door is opened to check on food that is grilling or baking, the oven heating switches off. Is this correct? Please be so kind to confirm the net capacity of the oven and explain to me what the removable roof liner is and what its used for. Finally does the top element tip down for cleaning? Thank you for your attention to the matters I've raised. I do appreciate the opportunity to ask such direct questions.
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Hi Kate, I suggest you call Smeg direct and ask these questions. All I can say is you will not regret buying a Smeg oven and cook top. I won't live without one.Hi Kate, Thank you for contacting Smeg Australia. I am more than happy to answer all of your questions in relation to your Smeg enquiry. Please feel free to call me directly on (02) 8667 4858 or email me at retailsales@smeg.com.au .Many thanks, Kylie.


Smeg SFA6304X
CategoryWall Ovens
Price (RRP) $1,590
Oven FuelElectricity
Type Conventional (Conduction)
FeaturesChild Safety Lock
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Dimensions 592 x 597 x 571 mm
Max Temperature250 °C
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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  • MPN: 35917158
  • GTIN13: 8017709206505

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