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Sony Bravia A1 Series

Sony Bravia A1 Series

KD65A1 (65") and KD55A1 (55")
4.2 from 13 reviews

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Sony Customer Service a Joke!!

Like Mark A, I to had this unit 3wks before I did the update as requested by the TV. Up until this point the tv had been great. Once updated (latest software/firmware) it was crap. Lost channels, internet dropping out, remote not always working unless I unplugged the tv and restarted it again...the list goes on! After almost an hour on the phone, which included Sony customer service (oversea's) I had answered all questions asked. This was then reconfirmed by email to them upon their request. Sony customer service team emailed me a number of times asking the same questions over and over, all of which were answered within 2hrs (roughly). Sony's final email was:......
quote "Also please be noted, this is the 3rd time we are unable to reach out for you, thus the case will be closed till further notice." unquote. I never received another email again from Sony or any other kind of contact from them!!

Had it not been for the vendors involvement/help, it would of been a long and drawn out issue.
The vendor contacted a different part of Sony, who agreed to have a their nominated service engineer to call to my home. Once they attended, and I advised them of the issues, they checked to see the current firmware/software. It was the most recent/up to date. I advised them that a new tv would be the only option I would accept being as this tv was only 3wks old before the problems started. They confirmed that Sony always send out new tv's (boxed and sealed), and this would be their recommendation. A week later another tv was delivered and installed. However, the box was not sealed (open box) and the only item in the box was the panel! Nothing else. It was later found to be a 2017 model which also had french apps on it. A refurb in my opinion, and possibly a french unit or motherboard.
Again, thanks to the vendor who was appalled by the whole scenario, gave me a refund.

Sony really need to live up to what was a excellent reputation. Unfortunately in this case, they failed miserably.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

The best TV ever

Honestly we have had this TV for years, it's the perfect TV range in my opinion, no matter which Bravia series you select.
Have never had any issues with any interface on the bravia, and there are so many various interactive options to choose on the menus and additional features that you can integrate all your home studio equipment with.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Excellent TV

Fanatastic Television!

Great size and the clarity is exceptional!
The features of the television are excellent.
The picture and volume are clear with no static like other cheaper brands have.

I have had Sony TVs for years, this one is no exception in its exceptional clarity!

Highly recommend this TV for everyone.

Date PurchasedJul 2018


We held off for some time before upgrading to a smart tv. Worried that hubby would struggle as he’s not very tech savvy, this televisions ease of use is fantastic. He is able to navigate between channels, Austar and Netflix with no issues. Quality is superb, crystal clear picture. Sound could be tweaked and improved for when listening to music, nothing a little surround would wouldn’t fix tho. Over all very satisfied with this product

Date PurchasedJan 2018


EXCellent sound for any channel,CDs,DVDs of music.Beautiful,satisfying colors esp nature,wildlife,& travel shows.In a small room is not to big,in a large room,not to small..A unimposing size that can fit anywhere,,and has feet stickers to be in a home of children,it can't be knocked over..nor damaged easily,a bonus point amongst TVs.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Couldn't be happier

Very easy to take out of the box (there is even a video on this) and to set up. Being android i did disable a few of the settings, But the TV is quick and i have it connected via ethernet to my Telstra Gateway Max. There is no lag with netflix. The remote feels better than the last couple but no where near as good as their "monolith" ones from a few years back. I would even pay say an extra $200 or so for a better feeling , weighted remote. Say made out of aluminium or the like.
Picture quality is great. I have it hooked up with a Samsung 4K BR Player and the TV can control the Samsung Player with the Sony Remote.
Sound is exceptional given its coming from the screen.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great veiwing

The Sony has a great picture Very clear , for example when I watch the Rugby on HD you can see the blades of grass of the field. Easy to program for the internet. It also has very clear sound which is very important. I can recommend Sony to any buyer.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Superb picture and sound but some teething troubles.

Picture quality and colour reproduction are both excellent. However did experience some minor problems post installation (eg; could not change channels.) However, I am pleased to report that Sony responded promptly.
By far the biggest let-down with this rather expensive product is the poor remote. Having man-sized fingers I find this remote irritatingly difficult to operate. Would be great (in view of the premium price paid) if Sony could recall the remote and issue owners with a quality version the TV deserves.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Best TV I've ever laid my eyes on, design and picture quality.

Without a doubt the best TV I've ever looked at, both in the visuals and design aspects. Price is a little to high but that's the case with 'new' technology I guess. Playing my PS4 on this is a pleasure and watching 4k content always shocks me with how great it looks. Highly recommend this TV for anyone wanting picture perfect quality.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Sony A1-65..avoid! Sony Customer / Warranty Support..deplorable, non existent!

This $7000 TV, barely out of box, (<3weeks), stopped working whilst watching, could not restart despite following recommended troubleshooting procedures. Customer support, despite several calls made (overseas centre), failed to resolve situation, now two weeks later!! Authorised repair centre, after relaying their problems, ordered a spare part, despite request to simply replace this product outright. STILL awaiting response from Sony customer team, despite being assured, several times this would occur within 24/48 hrs..re: replacement tv??!! Simply a schmozzle! Having purchased several Sony products, this experience has demonstrated the disconnect Sony is prepared to tolerate with its good customer base, and its fall from being a reliable, proud, market brand leader! Also its TV flagship, the A1 OLED is a dud! Buyers please beware!

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Further Sony woes..technician arrived today, without panel for replacement, as indicated previously! Also noted audio issues and subsequently returned to service centre, to advise further action??!! This TV issue was reported to Sony on the 06/03/18...still no resolution. Simply replacing TV with a new one, (as mine was) to appease a long standing, once loyal, customer, appears beyond Sony’s grasp!?

Amazing picture quality for movies and games.

Upgraded from a 2008 Sony XBR6. Needless to say, the picture quality is amazing and the onboard speakers pack a decent level of bass. This 4k OLED currently supports HDR10 and I am looking forward to the update that will allow this TV to support DolbyVision.

- Silky smooth picture quality with top-notchcolour reproduction, excellent for movies, games and TV.
- 1080p upscaled content is flawless, no noticeable pixelation.
- Google OS is serviceable, voice commands are very handy when it comes to navigating apps and TV inputs.

- Needs to be placed in a dark room as the glass surface catches glare really easily.
- Difficult access to input ports (HDMI, TV antenna, USB, headphone jack) as they are all located in the bottom end of the easel stand, underneath the speaker grill. Cables with large connectors will prevent the speaker grill from sitting flush
- Tricky setup of the stand.
- $1000 more than a LG C7.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Now I know what clarity is!

This TV is just something else. OLED is now in an excellent stage of having wide colour volume, adequate luminance, and it really makes the 4k resolution pop. The contrast afforded by inky 0 cdm2 black levels gives so much depth and colour accuracy even rewatching movies is like a whole new experience. HDR content is something to seek out and must be seen first hand.
I do wonder what the bright beasts like the Z9D look like. Daytime viewing on the A1 can sometimes lead to the desire to shut the blinds to get the picture quality of a night time. But boy the night time picture quality is worth it.

Reasons I got the Sony over the LG and Panasonic alternatives? Well quite simply it is to do with superior upscaling, smooth gradation, low light detail and of course motion handing. Sony is king of image processing with the X1 Extreme chipset and it leaves nothing wanting when watching all kinds of content. Motion settings allows you to choose between black frame insertion and frame interpolation to get the detail and clearness which sport requires.

Tip : grab a chromecast ultra so you can get youtube in hdr and enjoy an increasing number of top notch videos.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

what a great product

First thing I would like to say I don't work for Sony or any other company connected with them I am not been paid to write this review. We have brought this TV we are so happy with this TV the best TV we have Eva owned now there is a lot of controversy around OLED TV about burn in or image retention some people are saying they are as bad as Plasma TVs.
The truth is or the short answer is no we watch a lot of TV son plays games but not that much heavy use TV watching TV movies streaming we have not seen any sing of burn in image retention before I go on I know Sony I am sure other brands have a setting to clear image retention we have never had to use it I have had more burn in on our 106 cm LCD LED screen on our security system and that even goes away after a while.

Truth is if you look after your OLED TV you won't have any trouble and it has got that feature to clear it don't leave one static picture for long periods of time set your screen Screensaver I all so have it set to sleep after a couple of minuets when no activity its like everything you look after it will look after you.

Am i going to say that OLED don't screen burn or get image retention Now that would be lying I have noticed there is a lot of people that put OLED down and say they are crap most of them people don't own an OLED TV there are people that push the limits and complain when they get image retention screen burn and some that are unlucky and it happens anything made by man has got the potential to fail low end and high end this TV has a three year warranty.

At the end of the day it's your choice whether you buy one or not my advice is talk listen to people that own them and people that do tests with a non bias opinion I am not going to say they are the best TV out on the market my option is yes but that's my opinion because I am the owner of and i have not had any problems. Well I hope this helps you to make your decision in the future

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Questions & Answers

We had security cameras installed at 4 points around our property. They worked beautifully on our Samsung. Upgraded to KD 55A8F OLed and cant connect them back. We lost a channel totally. Took a technician and many calls to Sony to get that back but still can't get cameras to work. Sony have washed their hands of the problem and advised we go back to supplier. Anybody with similar problems connecting cameras, dvd etc. Or any advice please. Thanks
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I had same problem. Turned out that the security main unit reverted back to non 4K definition. To resolve it, I did a complete re-set with the security system in 4K mode. After this it worked fine. Its actually on youtube the very same problem.


Sony Bravia KD65A1 (65")Sony Bravia KD55A1 (55")
Category4K Ultra HD TVs4K Ultra HD TVs
Price (RRP) $7,499$4,999
Screen Size 65"55"
Type of TVHDR CompatibleHDR Compatible
Wireless OptionsBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-Fi
Refresh Rate 50/60Hz50/60Hz
Number of HDMI Ports44
Number of USB Ports33
Wall MountableYesYes
Weight29.8 kg25 kg
Operating System Android TVAndroid TV
Dimensions (without stand) 834 x 1451 x 86 mm711 x 1228 x 86 mm
Dimensions (with stand) 832 x 1451 x 339 mm710 x 1228 x 339 mm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)

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