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Sony A6000

Sony A6000

MPNs: ILCE-6000/B and ILCE6000B
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Great Little Camera to Start Photography

It's on the market for quite a while now but it still holds its value. It has good built quality, a nice grip and a perfect size to be carry around all day. This camera offers a lot of great features for beginner photographers to explore, but I had some difficulties to set it up to how I want it. It produces very good shots with prime lenses, the kit lens that come with it is not too bad either. It would be better if it comes with a filp-up screen like the A5100.

Purchased in April 2019.

The camera is ok, Sony is not

After buying the Sony camera I unfortunately gave them my email address. A lot of unwanted emails flooded my email inbox.
I did unsubscribe about 10 times and I still receive emails after a year. They don’t make it easy to do so either. Sony ZERO stars.
I won’t bother buying a Sony product again, thank you.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

A great camerea - better suited to enthausiasts

I love this camera. it takes amazing photographs, and coupled with decent software theres no reason why you cant get excellent photos. Way better than a cell phone.

I owned an a5000 and upgraded. On reflection it probably wasnt necessary. While the autofocus on the a6000 is snappier, the a5000 was perfect for my needs - which was really just to take nicer photos than my phone could provide while travelling. The a6000 is marginally bigger in the body too - I could fit the a5000 in my pocket with the pancake lens on, not quite with this one. One othere major advantage of the a6000 i the viewfinder, perfect for sunny days.

My only major gripe is the battery - you need a spare for a long day.

Overall it's a great camera, just more than I needed for the price. If you're more skilled with the technology you will appreciate the added features.

I take mainly city travel photos and piccies of the kids. Ive been able to use lightroom tutorials and online guides to help improve my shots.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

It's good until memory card error keeps showing!

We were very happy with this camera when we bought this in late Nov 2017, it is a great camera for our needs and takes great pictures. However, 2 weeks after the purchase and using it, it constantly comes up with "memory card error", "memory lock error" or unable to write error. We bought top of the range memory card so its not some dodgy brands that we bought, we have also tried changing memory cards but none works. It is not a consistent error, it comes up as and when it feels like (no, the memory card is not locked, I have checked the slide).
I have emailed Sony Support 3 weeks ago and still no reply. Bad customer service and a half-faulty product.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Awesome camera, easy to carry.

I have a Nikon D610, however that one is weight too much. Need a lighter camera, so I target on Sony a 6000.

A very capable camera indeed. It has a better sensor than contemporary Nikon and Canon APS-C SLRs. The size, handling, weight, etc. all are excellent. There is an extensive array of lenses (with many Zeiss ones) are available for the e-mount. The focusing speed is very very acceptable, although not quite as good as my D610. Unlike Canon M3, the Lcd screen cannot be rotated, so you can not use it to take a selfie. Overall, I'm very satisfied.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great camera for the price

Now I'm no camera expert, but this camera is perfect for my needs. It's small, light and easy to travel with. I use a simple small lens to take a range of photos from scenery, to cafes, to micro shots of accessories. Only issue I have is its software and accompanying app. Fine for transferring photos to your phone one off, but if you want to use your phone as a remote, it disconnects as soon as you leave the app for anything which is rather annoying if you just need to check something else but still want the remote control. The app also looks out dated and doesn't have all that many features. Thankfully the camera works perfectly fine without it

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great results for its price

Bought this relatively cheap ($500ish) on sale from Harvey Norman as it has been superceded.

It takes great photos for someone learning the ropes and is compact for its capabilities.

Built-in wi-fi makes syncing with my phone/google photos a cinch.

The auto-focus is ridiculously fast and I like being able to manually adjust thereafter.

Paired with a 50mm lens (sel50f18) it takes great portrait shots in lowlight conditions with lovely bokeh (blurred background).

Main con is that the sony lenses are expensive relative to competitors.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Love it.

Downgraded from a DSL to the Sony A6000 mirrorless camera. Great value camera that is light to carry around. The menu is easy to navigate through and easy to understand & plenty of room to navigate the function buttons without accidently hitting them in error. Sleek slim design right down to the hand grip which makes the camera feel comfortable when holding it, the SD card is next to the battery, battery is charged via a USB lead via a power point or computer. Sony need to start supplying a seperate battery charger so that you can have one in and one out of the camera. It has an electronic viewfinder and a LCD screen that tilts but it's not touch sensitive screen. Only issue I have is that the builtin flash could be better so that it clears a couple of the E mount lenses that are available.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great camera

I really like this camera.

- Super fast autofocus
- Nice automatic shooting mode
- Very high image quality
- Small/compact
- Viewfinder is useful in bright light (when the LCD screen is hard to see)

- Shutter sound is a bit loud (obnoxiously so when doing a panorama)
- Difficult to navigate menus
- Supposedly overheats after 10 minutes of video footage (search it online)
- Expensive lenses (I've gotten around this by giving up on autofocus ones, and going for MF with an adaptor)

All of the above cons are manageable, within reason. I'd highly recommend this camera for travel, but not any sort of film, nor as a camera for an aspiring photographer wanting to experiment with lenses.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Love this camera!

This Sony A6000 is one of the best mirrorless camera. It has fast auto focus and amazing image quality and most importantly is very affordable. It also has a built in flash and Wifi networking which is very handy. It is very compact and the pictures quality is comparable with DSLR. Overall I am very happy with this camera!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Love It

Well suited as a travel camera - the compact size means it doesn't take up too much room in my daypack. I have brought it with me to 6 different countries so far and taken a wide selection of photos. The menu isn't the easiest to use, but I am impressed so far.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Questions & Answers

Hi, my son is looking at purchasing this camera - the only thing holding him back is that he feels he needs extra zoom & therefore would need to purchase & carry another lens, which is not ideal when he intends to travel (backpack) for at least 6 months. He loves the size of this camera, but I guess that is negated a little by the need to carry the extra lens... does anyone have any thoughts on this that may help him?
3 answers
Hi, It comes with a stock lens which has decent zoom. I've found it sufficient for photography of people and architecture while travelling. What kind of photos is he taking? Will he be taking photos of animals far away? Keep in mind that it's not weatherproof, and that it can't film for more than 10 consecutive minutes.Hi Josh, thankyou for your reply! In the end he made the call & purchased it as he headed off a couple of days ago. I believe that so far he is delighted with it. Once again, thanks for replying. All the best... :-)There are two kit zooms available. Both take good quality pictures and are both cheap to buy and light to carry. There is the 16 - 50mm and the 54-210m. That focal range compares to 24mm - 300mm on a full frame camera. Should be enough for most people.


Sony A6000
CategoryMirrorless Cameras
Price (RRP)$899
Video QualityHD
Built-In FlashYes

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  • MPN: ILCE-6000/B and ILCE6000B

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