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Sony Alpha A7

Sony Alpha A7

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Time Wasting Camera

I bought the A7 because of the specs. Here’s what I found out on first usage and I don’t like: the mirrorless part. It’s strange looking through the viewfinder to see a mini digital screen; it’s not natural. I don’t like it. I prefer looking into a viewfinder and seeing a reflection of the world. Second aspect I discovered and loathe: the software that Sony want you to use. You know how with your camera you can just take out the SD card and put it in your computer and look at the photos and download them? Well you can’t do that with this Sony camera because Sony want you to download their software and only use their software to access your photos on your SD card. The software takes AGES to open and download photos. It has been nothing but an exhausting pain and I have no intentions of ever using a Sony camera again - because of this reason. Why do they want the process of downloading photos to be such a hassle? Here’s a rough timeframe on how long it takes me to get photos off my Canon: 1 minute. Here’s how long it took me to get photos off my Sony A7: 1 hour. And that’s the second time; the first took way longer because I had to download the software. Sony’s not worth the time. Maybe if their software was brilliant... maybe. But it’s not. And the A7 only works with the Sony software. I did not know about this when I bought the camera. Be warned. Happy shooting.

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Alpha A7
Price (RRP)$1499
Video QualityFull HD
Built-In FlashNo
Replaced bySony Alpha A7II

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