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I Cannot Wait To Take It Back!

Despite reading the instructions I have found that I cannot set the time. It’s to say the least a very complex process of pressing tiny buttons at the rear and I just couldn’t get it set!
Also setting the radio station via a minuscule window is another impossibly!
This device is a very big DUD!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Brilliant compact digital radio clock

This DAB radio was recently purchased as a replacement for another digital radio clock. It far surpasses what I had in terms of operation and quality of operation. Simple, easy to use, lovely little radio. Has an option to lower the brightness of the digital time display and to set five favourite radio stations on both DAB and FM. I was fortunate to purchase while it was on special - saving quite a bit which enabled me to purchase a better quality unit than previously purchased.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Display problems

Intermittently the display screen turns very dim, and the toggle bar won't fix this. The only way to fix the problem is to turn the unit off at the wall plug switch and turn it on again. This has to be a design fault, but for $147 it's a bit surprising Sony has not met its quality control standards before releasing this unit.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

This is a very expensive piece of junk!

My other half and I have owned several Sony Dream Machine clock radios over the years and have been happy with them, so when the display recently died on his, we went out to purchase a new one. His job involves shift work and extremely early starts and a good alarm is imperative. We were attracted to this one, due to the time always being right because of the DAB+ Radio and our previous experiences with the Sony brand. We got the first one home, the volume button wouldn't work, so back it went. We then got the second one home and thought that it worked, until the other half tried to set the alarm. We found we couldn't set Alarm A at all and Alarm B wasn't much better. This will be joining the previous one as a return, that's if we don't hurl it out a window first. It is a $149 piece of junk! The buttons are also extremely small and fiddly. Avoid!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Everything you need in a clock radio

This is a really good clock radio. It isn't particularly breathtaking in design, it's just a cube and it is rather expensive. However, it has all the features that make it worth considering.

It is DAB, it has 2 fully customizable alarms, including adjustable volume which comes on gradually (very important if you don't want to be startled awake). It is relatively easy to use, there aren't heaps of buttons and menu systems to figure out. The display has a few dimming levels which is great, I tend to put it on bright during the day so I can read it and dim it at night so I can sleep. The size of the time display is big enough so you don't struggle to read the numbers and you can also chose to show the day and date underneath. There are a few display options: Alarm info, radio info, date or off.

Using the alarms are easy. If they are on you will see an 'A' and/or 'B' in the display. Resetting them for the following day is as easy as hitting one button to turn the alarm off and leave it ready for next time. The snooze button is spread across the top of the unit so you don't fumble around trying to find it. It goes off after 10/20/30/40/50/60mins depending on how many times you press it. It also counts down in the display when it is going to sound again.

It is compact which means it doesn't take up much room on your bedside table and there is a USB charger on the side of the unit. The speaker is small but if you're only using it to wake you up, it's fine. It doesn't sound bad, it's just not stereo. It seems well made, it's got a slight brushed steel effect on the sides which makes it less of a dust magnet and it has a backup battery. What more could you possibly want?

There are a lot of clock radios to chose from out there but I think this one is excellent.

**6 months on and I thought I would add a note to my original review. The display has actually disappeared a couple of times. The alarm still came on as expected and it obviously was keeping time however there was no display. To fix it, I unplugged it from the powerpoint and plugged it back in again - very strange. Everything else is great, still extremely happy with it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Questions & Answers

Display has turned off
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The clock I purchased updates automatically for daylight saving changes and keeps the correct time at all other times. Love the clock and now that I've worked out how it works, it's a little treasure, alongside my bed. I particularly like the function that allows me to reduce the brightness of the displayed time and the ability to set the alarm at a lower volume than normal. If you don't have instructions you can download them from the internet. Worth getting to know and understand to benefit from your investment.

Hello I bought one of these recently and I see some people asking questions about the 'auto-time sync' as far as I'm aware that doesn't work on this clock in Australia because we do not have an atomic clock broadcast. Unless I am incorrect? Another question, is there 1 push button on this clock so I can adjust it for daylight savings?
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If the radio is “live” on any digital station it will sync with the official time in your zone. Therefore it adjusts to/from ST and SST.Hi real buyer. My clock updates itself automatically for daylight saving when I turn it on to listen to the radio.Ah, that might be why it is not updating to me, I have not been listening to the digital radio stations much. I will try it and see. EDIT: Tried that and it didn't work. I guess my radio is not 'live' on any digital radio station. I do not know if I have any access to 'digital radio' but one of the radio stations I can get displays it's name and website on the digital radio. I checked my postcode on this website, titled "Can I get digital radio." :http://www.digitalradioplus.com.au/can-i-get-digital-radio It came up as: No Reception. That's probably the reason why my radio can't auto-update for daylight savings.

Can someone please tell me if they have had an issue with their alarm going off at midnight when it's not set? It suddenly started doing this so as it was under warranty we took it back and the new one is also doing it. I can't turn it off either. It alarms for a minute then turns off. Please help if you can. It's driving us crazy
1 answer
When this problem is occurring, have a look and you are likely to find that you have unintentionally turned the alarm on. Press it, note whether it's on in the front of the screen and all should be fine. I have had this as well and have now learned how not to cause it. Good luck.


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